How To Get Infinite Streak In 3 Star Basic Arena?

FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,129 ★★★★
Is it possible to get infinite 3x multiplayer streak in the 3 star basic arena? (The one in which you can only use 2 and 3 star champions)


  • SteveMSteveM Posts: 57
    I use max 2* up until round 9. Then 2 Max 3* and 1 lowest 3* up until round 13. After that I use all max 3* for rounds 14-21. After that I keep the Team PI around at least 1500. That's worked for me. I'm sure there are other ways
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    If you have enough 3* that are at least 3/30 or 4/40, you can use them as full teams the whole way up past 7 thru forever. Until you hit Streak=15, those will generate max opponents, but fighting against opponent just one rank higher should be easily winnable.

    But if don’t have that many, then as previous stated you can use 2 strong and 1 weak on teams up until Streak=15. And then after that just keep to 3* 3/30 and 4/40 (maybe intermix them so that no team is all your lowest 3/30's).
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    Sorry to revive this old topic @SummonerNR but when you mention "enough 3* that are at least 3/30 or 4/40" you mean just to build/keep the streak until 15? Can one use any 3* champ after this or this literally means if one takes only 3/30 or 4/40 we don't even need to care about building the streak in this arena?

    Also, do you know approximately how many champs 3/30 or 4/40 (in the least number of cycles) one needs to complete all the milestones on this arena?

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    @pedroteixeira07 , no, I mean than you can continue on forever using high enough 3* heroes every match even above 15. Everyone could experiment to see HOW LOW of a Team Rating they need to stay above in order to maintain a Streak. But I would generally think that whole 3-man teams of at least 3* 3/30 would be fine. So long as when you select a team of 3/30 you pick some from the higher range as well as from the lower range of rating (might not be able to use 3-man who all are towards bottom of your 3/30 list). Or throw in a 4/40 when including couple other lower end 3/30 on a team.

    As for “How Many” are needed.. Do a full round of your 3/30+4/40 (once you are in 3x Multiplier) and see how many points you get. Then see if you would be able to do enough “rounds” during the 3 days to reach about 1.2m to 1.5m (to get a New Hero, alternating Old Hero week’s are of course much lower).
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    This is precious information. And yes, got it and makes sense! Indeed a 3/30 in gameplay where 4/40 is the ceiling, is still a beast. And in theory, an easy win. Thanks for the feedback :)
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    The more Max 3*s you have, the better your chances. I haven't really needed a formula in a long time but have enough to make it to 21+, and that should do it.
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