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Definition of an End-Game Player



  • Gert1s_Da_guruGert1s_Da_guru Posts: 66
    Im in plat1 alli.4 5* at 5/65 top 250 aq,done at least a path at lab act 6 variant.i consider myself pretty end game.also no money spend.after that u go from end game to get a life and a wife mate game
  • GoDlyZorGoDlyZor Posts: 150

    Elders bane. And you dont have to have done a path LOL in my mind either, but you would have to have the skill required to do so without spending thousands and thousands of units. Personally i found LOL extremely boring. Thats why i look forward to back issues! Just giving a certain amount of health and attacked sure it worked for ROL. But LOL was just a bore imo.

    Can't really be an end game player if you haven't done a path of LOL imo. It's super easy to do first path and anyone that is capable of doing it or someone that considers themselves endgame should be able to knock it out with a few hundred. Took me 400 units to do easy path and rewards are well worth it.
  • NiteAndDaeNiteAndDae Posts: 670 ★★★
    To me, end game is:

    Act 5 & 6 explored 100%
    ROL and LOL 100%
    Variant 100%

    Basically, if you completed ALL static content, you're end game for sure.
  • GoDlyZorGoDlyZor Posts: 150

    Primmer79 wrote: »

    I don't want to make this a leading question, so I won't have too many details leading up to it.

    Pretty simple question. "End-Game Player" as a term has been used across video games for awhile. What do you, as an MCOC summoner, consider an End-Game Player? Whether in general or in relation to the game, and provide reasoning why you feel the way you do.

    Elders Bane + Legend title + 1 million rating + OG 5*Ultron tucked away in the stash pretty much sums up what you can do in the game

    Legends title is a waste of time and resources not to mention quite impossible for majority of Android players due to time between loading screens. 1 million+
    Rating is just if you spend a lot or have ranked a ton of lower level toons. I only have 500k rating 1 6* r2 and sitting on 3 t5b. Have 2 paths of LOL left, cavalier, variant completion, elders bane and will have all of that 100% well before even hitting 600k rating.
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