Champs are getting way too complicated.. yes you Ebony Maw

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I have read the abilities for Ebony Maw like 5 times now... way too much to remember. I don’t even fully understand it TBH. I don’t mind having to practice and gets reps in against a new champ.... but this is insane.

As an alliance officer, it is going to be hard to get 30 team members knowing abilities like Maw’s stream of conscious during war. I have defeated him a bunch of times in uncollected and still don’t fully get what is happening (Just intercepting with Hyperion’s L1 again and again... sometimes it goes through him... sometimes it doesn’t).

Kabam... If you feel you made Corvus or Ghost too strong, simply give rank down tickets and adjust them.... don’t create mega complicated defensive champs just to mess with them specifically


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    Fjolnir said:

    There's all the time in the world to get to know him, plus a wealth of information from other Players. We don't need to get everything the moment it's released.

    Oh yeah? Explain all of taskmasters abilities without looking them up. Go!
    I didn't say I know all Champs. I haven't used him much. That's kind of the point I'm trying to make. I like having Champs to discover. It gives substance to the game.
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    I don't know, I'm a huge proponent of some Champs being complex. It makes it that much more fulfilling to get to know them. One of my favorite things is discovering something I never realized about a Champ that's been around a while.

    I totally agree with u gwidsom. The only disadvantage I find on having more complicated champs is the game meta because of the newer champs mechanics may be disfunctional with older champs or vice versa. I think that releasing one champ per month would give the programmers more time to roll out complicated( which I personally like) and functional champs instead of malfunctioning and broken.

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    Zuro said:

    The_Boss9 said:

    Zuro said:

    Why are people mad that ONE champ counters Corvus like what do you expect ebony maw is a mystic therefore he should have an advantage over him people are acting like Corvus and Ghost are the only two champs in the game lol

    Cough cough mr sinister. I’m fine with counters that are somewhat bearable, but ebony is 100% corvus immune. That’s a bit over the top
    He is not fully Corvus immune just wait for Corvus to run out of charges
    If you can’t hit him you can’t run out of charges, you only lose charges when you make contact with his glaive. Thus he is corvus immune
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    Zuro said:

    Oh I never knew the attacks missed but I mean you can parry and use the light attack that doesn’t use his Glaive or just not use him

    Yeah all his crits mis. He can usually counter you after you miss him so unless you’re extremely skilled with light intercepts it’s an almost unwinnable fight for cg. @Zuro
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    Zuro said:

    Oh I never knew the attacks missed but I mean you can parry and use the light attack that doesn’t use his Glaive or just not use him

    You can only parry his first light.
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    Savio444 said:

    I dont know any science champions with guaranteed crits, apart from MODOKs every 7 hits.
    Might have well just put in the description "good luck Corvus and ghost"...

    Unfortunately MODOK’s Guaranteed Crit doesn’t work, since the last update.
    Yeah, real package of an update this has been. With only 40 days left.
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    The_Boss9 said:

    I’d much rather kabam just straight up nerf champs like ghost and Corvus and give us materials to rank them down rather than making champs that are literally created to counter them.

    That's the foundation that the game is built on. Some Champs counter others. No Champ will dominate everything. There are always strengths and weaknesses. If the goal is to Rank Champs that will be on top forever, I'm afraid that won't be this game.
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    eh i dont get him either so i just one shot hammer him with sparky lol
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    Modok wont suffer from a miss because he has class advantage
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    The only thing that I pay attention to where fighting ebony maw is concerned is:
    1) you can only parry stun his 1st light attack
    2) don't use corvus/ghost against him
    3) use a heavy attack on him every now and then to break his focus
    4) if I happen to falter, don't attack for 3 seconds
    5) you can block the throwing stones part of his sp2 even if unblockable

    Everything else I don't think is important unless someone can give me insight.
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