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Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • Patriots1993Patriots1993 Posts: 12
    I think that a thor endgame or infinity war should be added as well as a updated loki he isnt that good and in order for him to compete he needs harder damage output with some armor breaks or evade. The next character i would love to see in game would have nova, angel,warlock, and of course odin should have already been in game!
  • Lelouch2000Lelouch2000 Posts: 5
    Adam Warlock,world war hulk,Nova,Galactus.
  • AnkalagonnAnkalagonn Posts: 535 ★★
    Nova, Adam Warlock and Beta Ray Bill please... specially the last one
  • br0k3_boijbr0k3_boij Posts: 1
    Tags: Size:S,Hero

    Signature ability:

    The sword of Valkyrie will inflict heavy cuts on the enemy with a 12% chance, inflicting +187.5 bleeding damage for 6 seconds.

    Energy Damage Resistance - Passive

    Having lost 10% of basic health, the Valkyrie gains a gain of 839.7 to resist energy damage that cannot be undone.

    Critical Hits

    32% chance to cast a "Weaken" effect, which reduces an enemy's attack by 27% for 6 seconds.

    Heavy Attacks
    100% chance to increase critical strike chance by 839 for 6 sec.

    Special Attack 2
    The first strike uses an unblockable Valkyrie sword.

    Special Attack 3
    The last two strikes are performed with the sword. Each with a 21% chance can cause bleeding, which deals 152.6 damage over 4,5 seconds.

    Synergy bonuses

    Hela: All champions get +70 armor

    Thor: All champions get 4% health.
    Hulk: All champions will receive +65 critical damage.
  • Denslo500Denslo500 Posts: 903 ★★★
    Civil Warrior: make his base damage equal to vision.
    make his Offensive Ability Accuracy Reduction into plain Ability Accuracy Reduction

    Groot: just increase his base damage substantially

    Yellowjacket: make his awakened stun part of his normal ability. New awakened ability: 1 bar power drain with stun on specials.

    Rogue: let her crit on specials like everyone else. change her awakened ability to: making her SP2 not give power with each hit (like Magik)

  • AgentVenom1776AgentVenom1776 Posts: 4
    Danny Ketch


  • SettimoSettimo Posts: 35

    Bio -
    Arcade's back story, up to and including his real name, remains largely unknown. According to the man himself, he was born into an extremely wealthy family and murdered his father to inherit his vast estate. Bored, Arcade then became a freelance assassin, traveling across the world, killing people in rather mundane fashions, and amassing even more wealth. Discovering an aptitude for technology, Arcade designed and built his first “Murderworld”, a subterranean evil lair disguised as an amusement park. From this base, Arcade reemerged as the world's most expensive hitman. For the price of $1,000,000 he would tailor Murderworld to exploit the specific weaknesses of his targets and then watch as they are killed by a variety of colorful deathtraps strewn throughout the facility. One of his "gimmicks" is that he always deliberately leaves each target a very small chance of survival, just to make things fun.
    Shortly after the Collector was imprisoned, Arcade was gifted a section of the Battlerealm by the Grandmaster, who took a liking to his brand of whimsical murder. Freed from his crystal prison, Arcade was promptly placed in the Grandmaster’s employ - to build for him the most insidious iteration of Murderworld in the Multiverse... just for the Summoner!

    Appearance -
    Arcade is a small man with a big grin and even bigger bow tie, who sits in the torso of his favorite new toy - a discarded Sentinel with a fresh coat of paint, a disturbing grin, and retrofitted with a giant mace on one hand.

    Class -
    Arcade relies on elaborate traps and a huge robot exo-suit fashioned from the discarded husk of a trashed Sentinel to kidnap and eliminate his opponents, therefore he should be classed as a Tech Champion.

    Tags -
    #Metal #Size:XL #VillianOfTheContest #Mercenary #Offensive:Control

    Signature Ability - “Jackpot!”
    Arcade gains the ability to activate a second and third Murderworld Trap when launching his Special 3 attack. The chance to obtain the second Murderworld Trap ranges from 45-75% based on signature level. The chance to obtain the third Murderworld Trap ranges from 10-45% based on signature level.
    Duplicating a Murderworld Trap causes its effect timers or damage outputs to stack.

    Abilities, Attacks & Animations -

    Unique Environment - “Murderworld” -
    Arcade only fights in his Murderworld Environment - it is a part of his Character. If Arcade is being used by either the Summoner or the AI, then the fight must take place in the Murderworld Environment - which has the appearance of a twisted amusement park.

    Unique Ability - “Murderworld Traps” -
    Arcade starts each fight with 1 Murderworld Trap active. Activating a Special 3 can change which of his Murderworld Traps are active.
    Arcade has 5 different Murderworld Traps that he can make use of. Murderworld Traps are assigned at random, each with an equal chance of activation when starting the fight or launching a Special 3.
    1 - Static Shock Trap -
    Whenever the opponent dashes back, they lose 10% of their Maximum Power Meter. If the opponent dashes back but has no power to lose, the opponent instead incurs a Shock Debuff. Each stack of Shock deals 0.1% of the opponent’s Maximum Health as Energy Damage every second for 3 seconds.
    2 - Magnetic Wall Trap -
    #Metal Champions are unable to dash forward. If the opponent is #Metal and tries to do so, the dash will fail and the opponent will be left Stunned for 0.5 seconds.
    3 - Hot Coals Trap -
    Every 0.5 seconds that the opponent is standing still (idling/blocking), the opponent takes Direct Incinerate Damage equal to 0.3% of the opponent’s Maximum Health.
    4 - Poison Mists Trap -
    Whenever the opponent is knocked down, they incur a Poison Debuff. Each stack of Poison deals 0.1% of the opponent’s Maximum Health as Poison Damage every second for 3 seconds.
    5 - Power Dampener Trap -
    If the opponent activates a Special Attack they incur an Inverse Controls Debuff for 7 seconds. If the opponent activates a Special Attack while under the effects of Inverse Controls, the Inverse Controls Debuff timer restarts and they incur a minor Power Sting Debuff that lasts for 10 seconds.

    Unique Ability - “Violent Tantrums” -
    Arcade throws Violent Tantrums when things don’t go his way. Violent Tantrums provide Arcade with Buffs that can sway the battle in his favor.
    Violent Tantrum - “Cheater!” -
    If a Murderworld Trap’s effects fail due to an immunity (or lack of #Metal), Arcade shouts “Cheater!” at his opponent, and obtains a Power Gain Buff for 5 seconds. If Arcade becomes Stunned for any reason, he immediately loses the Power Gain Buff.
    Violent Tantrum - “No Fair!” -
    If the opponent at any point has a higher percentage of their Maximum Health than Arcade does, Arcade shouts “No Fair!” at his opponent, and obtains a Passive Fury Buff until the opponent has a smaller percentage of their Maximum Health than he does.

    Unique Ability - “Power Overload” -
    If Arcade stays at Full Power for more than 5 seconds, he initiates a Power Overload Effect on himself which inflicts 0.5% of Arcade’s Maximum Health as Direct Energy Damage against himself every second until he activates a Special Attack.

    Basic Attacks & Animations -
    Basic Attacks -
    Same animations as Sentinel.

    Heavy Attack -
    Arcade hits his opponent with an uppercut from his robot suit’s mace hand.
    Successful hits from this attack have a 75% chance to inflict a short Bleed Debuff.

    Special 1 - “Fun and Games” -
    Arcade’s mace hand falls to the floor, connected to the rest of his arm by a chain. He spins the mace around at an alarming speed, striking the opponent 3 times, before recalling the weapon back to his arm.
    Each successful hit from this attack has a 75% chance to inflict a short Bleed Debuff.

    Special 2 - “VIP Treatment” -
    Arcade blasts his opponent with confetti from his arm, and then follows up with an overcharged, Unblockable version of the Sentinel’s laser eye attack.
    The confetti blast deals no damage to the opponent, instead successful hits from this part of the Special Attack have a 100% chance to inflict a Disorient Debuff on the opponent reducing the opponent’s Defensive Ability Accuracy by 50% and lowering the opponent’s Block Proficiency by 50% for 9 seconds. The confetti blast can be blocked.
    The laser eye attack utilizes the same animation as Sentinel’s Special 1, however because Arcade has augmented this Sentinel, the effects of this attack are different. Firstly, the laser eye attack is Unblockable. Secondly, this attack deals True Damage ignoring all of the opponent’s Armor. Lastly, if the opponent is under the effects of Bleed Debuffs, this attack has a 100% chance to Cauterize them - instantly removing all stacks of Bleed on the opponent and increasing Arcade’s Attack by 50% for each Bleed Debuff removed for the duration of this attack.
    Because this upgraded version of the Sentinel’s eye lasers requires more energy, Arcade becomes Power Locked for 3 seconds after using a Special 2 Attack.

    Special 3 - “Park-Hopper” -
    Arcade laughs and motions for his opponent to look down. The opponent discovers that they’ve stepped onto a trap door with a large red “X”. Just as they look back up at Arcade, the trap door opens and the opponent falls down into a new area of Murderworld. Shortly after the opponent hits the ground, Arcade lands across from him in front of a huge neon sign for Murderworld that spews sparks and confetti while Arcade laughs maniacally from within his robot suit.
    Arcade’s Special 3 only does damage equal to his heavy attack (without the Bleed). This attack’s utility comes in the form of the Murderworld Traps that are activated by it, making the fight more challenging for the opponent through each Murderworld Trap’s effects, rather than having the Special 3 deal direct damage to the opponent. Activating Arcade’s Special 3 is the only way to change Murderworld Traps. At least 1 Murderworld Trap is guaranteed to activate upon launching this attack, with a chance to activate a second and third based on Arcade’s Signature Level. The effects of Murderworld Traps last indefinitely unless Arcade activates a Special 3 attack again, in which case new Murderworld Traps will be selected at random. Murderworld Traps and their effects are Passive and cannot be Nullified or made to fail from Ability Accuracy Modifications.

    Synergies -

    “Gainfully Employed” - (Red Skull & Kingpin & Sentinel & M.O.D.O.K. & Iron Patriot) [Unique Synergy - Only affects Arcade]
    Teamed w/ Red Skull -
    Damage from Arcade’s Traps is increased by 200% whenever facing a #Hero with the tags #S.H.I.E.L.D. or #Avengers.
    Teamed w/ Kingpin -
    Damage from Arcade’s Traps is increased by 200% whenever facing a #Hero with the tags #Defenders or #Spider-Verse.
    Teamed w/ Sentinel -
    Damage from Arcade’s Traps is increased by 200% whenever facing a #Hero with the tags #X-Men or #X-Force.
    Teamed w/ M.O.D.O.K. -
    Damage from Arcade’s Traps is increased by 200% whenever facing a #Hero with the tags #NewAvengers or #A-Force or #NewWarriors.
    Teamed w/ Iron Patriot -
    Damage from Arcade’s Traps is increased by 200% whenever facing a #Hero with the tag #Thunderbolt or #Illuminati.

    “Adrenaline Junkies” - (Ghost Rider & Arcade)
    Ghost Rider -
    When taking damage from an Incinerate Debuff, all of Ghost Rider’s attacks are Unblockable.
    Arcade -
    When taking damage from a Shock Debuff, all of Arcade’s attacks are Unblockable.

    “Crazy Rich Mercs” - (Goldpool & Arcade)
    Goldpool & Arcade -
    Whenever Goldpool or Arcade win a fight, whatever Gold they would have received for the victory is Tripled! (This only affects rewards for the individual fight, and does not count towards any Rank or Milestone Rewards or any Quest/Chapter/Act Completion or Exploration Rewards).
  • Eviscerator_2099Eviscerator_2099 Posts: 4
    Agents of Shield should have had more love from games by adding characters such as Agent Coulson (who should have been Nick Fury as he got literally all Coulsons feats), Deathlok, Graviton, Absorbing Man, Yo-Yo, Robbie Reyes, Lincoln Campbell and Lash.

    Agent Coulson (skill) should have gotten the shield icon block and the DAPG in his SP3 instead of wasting them on Nick Fury.

    Absorbing Man (science) would be a cool asset to the games perhaps having different immunities by having different skin applied under certain debuffs eg;
    If he begins to bleed, he should become Steel which Grant's bleed immunity, if her was then armor broken, he would revert to skin, if he was originally armor broken he could turn to diamond then have unstoppable bluffs. If we turned wood he could be incinerated etc.

    Deathlok (tech) should be a high crit based champ with botched ranged bleed based strikes and close range armor breaks.

    Lash (cosmic)should be an InHuman powerhouse who nullifies mystic effects and has immunities to mystic powers as well as bleed and shock, while being tanky but not immune to incinerate or armor break.

    Lincoln Campbell (cosmic) should be an InHuman Electro. High levels of shock damage output but should have something similar to Omega Reds death field by having Lincoln get angrier during the fight he begins to build fury which create a passive electric field around him dealing damage based on fury.

    Yo-Yo (Cosmic/Tech) would be speed based increasing critical and armor break abilities while having slight stun immunity due to her speed. Specials would be a treat to watch and be a real spot for her to shine.

    Graviton (science) should be one of the stronger characters in the game at all costs. As he fights he builds Graviton charges, which increase special damage but damage him in the process due to his massive power output that he cannot control.

    Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider (mystic) should be super powered, massive physical damage that builds armor breaks on basic attacks while also having a chance to incinerate targets. Fire should heal him so incinerate champs would fall flat, and he should get a nice little synergy with Quake to boost both their power and damage.

    That's my Agents of Shield list.
    Honorable mentions go to Agent/Director McKenzie 'Mack', Grant Ward, Agent May, John 'Clairvoyant' Garratt, Aida, Hive, Cal Johnson, Bobbi 'Mockingbird' Morse, Lance Hunter and Fitsimmons.
  • JosmanxJosmanx Posts: 70
    I would like to see Master Mold in the game, he would erase mutants...
  • CalvinstaffkCalvinstaffk Posts: 11
    Maybe Shuri
  • Dhaval_45Dhaval_45 Posts: 6
    Paper Potts From Endgame.
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 732 ★★
    Dhaval_45 said:

    Paper Potts From Endgame.

    You mean rescue
  • elgaberinoelgaberino Posts: 74
    Flip said:

    I know I am on the wrong thread [but] It’s stupid to [require one] specific champ to 100% a quest. Captain America is not biohazard immune even tho he has the soul stone . . . money grab. . . I quit.

    Yep, wrong thread. But good news: you're also wrong about the content. It's shaping up to be pretty easy, not a money grab. Don't quit. Use Iron Man for the Mind Stone lane, etc. You'll see. Look up YouTube vids on how to do it. Also, you can use your Infinity Stone boosted champs to get the successive stones you need. I cleared a lane of Epic in the quest for the Mind Stone using a 2* Cap (buffed by the Soul Stone), and I'm no pro-level skill gamer.


    These are just for fun, but I feel like no one reads them, which is the whole point of making these Character Creations. If I post them, they get closed. Whats the point anymore? My work dosnt get noticed and if it does, it gets shut down. Oh well. :(

    Plant no hopes here. You cheat your imagination. Nobody is checking this thread for new character ideas.

    You sound conflicted. First you said they were just for fun. Then you said the whole point was that they get noticed. Sounds like you're undecided on what your goal is. You will be happier if, before you put your heart into a project, you identify a goal (what you want), and then set about finding out how people normally achieve that kind of goal.

    If you want to write stories and characters, do so. Don't worry what anyone thinks.

    But if you want an audience, then learn, maybe by trial and error, how to write to attract an audience. Maybe befriend an artist and a colorist. Self-publish some comics online. (Don't use Marvel ideas.) Work hard on your ideas, if you think your imagination is worth the effort. (Do you? You worked out some stats. But your backstories and editing are lazy. Still, you seem to feel your ideas merit someone's attention and effort. Why not yours?)

    Whatever you do, don't waste your imagination on half-efforts, bored corporate marketing people, and dead message boards. You're right that there's no point in that.

    Here's some first impression feedback on your characters.
    • Your "Voltage" is Voltage with Wolverine's name, Iron Man and Cardiac's backstories, and a sword.
    • Your "Inferno" gives Inferno a different backstory, a different power basis, and a sword.
    • Your "Dieskrad" sounds like a tribute to DC's Darkseid with some of Havok's powers.

    It's okay to borrow concepts from other characters you like. That's part of how creation works. But if I were you I'd think about working harder to differentiate your characters and their personalities and backstories. Why is Sid angry? How did his brother suddenly know how to build super-suits on an island if he wasn't already an inventor? I think you have some good ideas mixed in the details. Explore your original ideas more, if it's worth it to you.
  • shadow_lurker22shadow_lurker22 Posts: 3,243 ★★★★★
    Dhaval_45 said:

    Paper Potts From Endgame.

    Well I haven't seen the movie so thanks
  • Normax_XNormax_X Posts: 540 ★★★
    A NEW STORMBREAKER THOR, i have a post on my account about that check it out :)
  • TheSovietDJTheSovietDJ Posts: 55
    Are we going to pretend that kabam actually reads this?

  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,360 ★★★★
    Three Mystic Champion:

    - Wong
    - The Ancient One
    - Kaecilius
    - Nightmare
    - Clea
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 732 ★★

    Three Mystic Champion:

    - Wong
    - The Ancient One
    - Kaecilius
    - Nightmare
    - Clea

  • Fanboy23Fanboy23 Posts: 4
    Spiderman symbiote need buffing a long time now
  • Fanboy23Fanboy23 Posts: 4
    Sentry need serious help its like he is not even in the same lvl as the high champs
  • W737w7iiwiW737w7iiwi Posts: 74
    edited May 2019
    Definitely he should been in the game since when age of untron came out

  • W737w7iiwiW737w7iiwi Posts: 74
    quicksilver since scalet came into the game
  • W737w7iiwiW737w7iiwi Posts: 74
    Beta ray bill.
    Charles Xavier
    The mandarin
    Captain falcon
    Wonder man
    Kraven the hunter
    Jean Grey blue team
    Red she hulk
    Kity pride

  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    Black Cat

    #Offensive: Burst #Defensive: Utility #Villain #Spiderverse #Size: S
    Stats (Based on a 5/50 4*)

    Health: 10,892
    Attack: 1,297
    Critical Rating: 21%
    Critical Damage: 181%
    Block Proficiency: 57%
    Armor Rating: 6%

    It’s Complicated (Spider-Man (Classic)) Unique

    Black Cat: Increase all power gained through passive abilities by 50%.

    Spider-Man: Generate 100% less power in opponents suffering from a Weakness debuff.

    Sticky Fingers (Yondu) Unique

    Black Cat: Armor stealing now extends to all buffs.

    Yondu: Stealing an Armor buff also instantly deals 100% of Yondu’s Attack as direct damage.

    Who’s Side Are You on Anyway (Venom) Unique

    Black Cat and Venom: Gain both +5% Block Proficiency for each Hero on the team, and +10% Special Damage for each Villain on the team, excluding Black Cat and Venom.
    Sig Ability: Bad Luck lv 99

    Black Cat psionically manipulates probability fields in stressful situations, reducing the opponent’s ability accuracy.


    - When the opponent activates a special attack, reduce their offensive ability accuracy by 90%** for the duration of the attack.
    - Reduce the ability accuracy of the opponent’s True Strike and True Accuracy effects by 70%**.

    **Depends one sig levels


    - Up to a 50% chance to evade all incoming attacks based on stored power.
    - Evading attacks or using the Dexterity mastery instantly grants Black Cat +5% of her maximum power. Cooldown: 1 second
    - Reaching a power threshold refreshes any active Taunts on the opponent.

    Dev Note: The evasion chance shouldn’t grow proportionately to stored power.

    All Attacks

    - Black Cat’s burgling expertise and manipulation of probability fields reduces the chance of triggering enemy abilities by 15%, +10% if at or above 1 bar of power. This chance also gets +75% against Evade and Auto Block abilities.
    - 30% chance to steal the opponent’s Armor buffs.

    Dash Attacks

    - Black Cat’s cat-like senses and agility grant her dash attacks +15% Critical Rating and the ability to ignore 100% of the opponent’s armor and resistances.

    Critical Hits

    - 40% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 1,308 damage over 5 seconds.

    Special Attacks

    - Gain +15% Critical Rating for each Bleed active on the opponent.

    Special 1

    Black Cat knocks the opponent off balance with her whip, then takes advantage of their bad footing.

    - 100% chance to Nullify any Unstoppable buff on the opponent.
    - This attack gets up to +74% Critical Damage Based on how big the opponent is.

    Special 2

    Black Cat leaps forward with an acrobatic display of her claws.

    - If Black Cat evaded used the Dexterity mastery within 1 second of this attack, refresh all Bleeds and increase their potency by 200% for the rest of their duration.

    Special 3

    Black Cat taunts the opponent into attacking, then trips them with her whip, nimbly finishing them off.

    - This attack Taunts the opponent for 5 seconds. Taunted opponent’s have their Attack reduced by 40% and are 70% more likely to activate a special attack.
    - Increase Black Cat’s evasion chance to 100% for 5 seconds.
  • kelinouyeacd_12kelinouyeacd_12 Posts: 1
    edited May 2019
    The seven new champs I would like to see added at some point are Mcu. Versions of black widow(captain America civil war,or iron man 2) scarlet witch(avengers infinity war), Valkyrie(avengers endgame),and pepper potts(rescue),Colleen wing ( Netflix iron fist),white tiger (Ava Ayla:Disney xd’s ultimate spiderman),and finally sif (Jaime Alexander :Thor,or Thor the dark world)
  • RatedAwesomeRatedAwesome Posts: 16
    Character wishlist:
    Nova - Cosmic
    Red Goblin - Cosmic
    Spider-Man 2099 - Tech
    Crimson Dynamo - Tech
    Unslaught- Mutant
    Strife - Mutant
    Kraven the Hunter - Skill
    Bullseye- Skill
    Scorpion - Science
    Dr Doom - Science
    The Mandarin- Mystic
    Adam Warlock - Mystic
  • SłєiρηirRødSłєiρηirRød Posts: 37
    For October, Satana and Daimon Hellstorm
  • Please add Sandman (science) and Fat Thor (cosmic)
  • ShalomShalom Posts: 16
    i think mantis should be added
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