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Community's Choice: Champion Update Poll



  • Lokpobiri80Lokpobiri80 Posts: 17

    Iron Patriot. We have enough mutants who are useful. Let’s give some love to tech

    Lmao what about sparky and queen ghost they are tech...we need more mutants...colossus all the way
  • vrtovrto Posts: 218 Content Creator
    edited May 2019
    A bit disappointing majority is voting on buffing a defender, but it is what it is, cheers! My vote went towards Logan, should be a special champ, always!
  • Cryptic_CobraCryptic_Cobra Posts: 532 ★★★

    Colossus is going to win by a long shot.
    Im still hating this idea, but he is not going to be worth it.
    Im telling you, he. Will. Def.
    Only useful in ally def.

    More then likely, but most of the community wants to use the r3-4 2015 mutant gems they have laying around. I don’t think collosus has much potential at all for being a good attacker, but as a defender maybe, and a defender is a better use for the gem then on nobody.
  • ZMode45ZMode45 Posts: 11
    Let's Go! Colossus #beastmode
  • Cryptic_CobraCryptic_Cobra Posts: 532 ★★★

    Lets face it, SEATIN has just too much influence. He could have said VTD and he would be leading just the same.
    (Although, I do agree somewhat with the choice, I am just glad they let US decide.. Well Seatin anyways.. lol)
    Love You All my fellow mcoc community!!! Game ON!!

    If seatin said VtD I think it would be a little closer, but this land slide is not purely seatins doing. Most of the community just NEEDS someone to use the 2015 gem on.
  • polalphapolalpha Posts: 17
    Vote some XL champs for variant 2 is it obvious?
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 18,657 Guardian

    @Kabam Zibiit Im serious about voter fraud, look at all these new accounts that have been made to support Colossus

    You realize people had to create accounts to vote, so alot of lurkers just made accounts now right?

    Nope, has to be fraud.
    nope dont try it, its obvious, they are all posting the same thing and I dont believe people so invested in this wouldn't already have a Kabam account on their device that they could use for the website
    That's a bit backward. I'm not saying that some vote-botting can't be happening, but the purpose to doing things like the community vote is in large part to encourage more people to participate in the community. You're saying any attempt to attract more people to the forums can't work, because anyone who would respond to an attempt to draw people to the forums would already have a forum account. That seems to be false on its face.

    It is well known that the vast majority of people who read community forums are lurkers: they read, but they don't register and they don't post. Polls like this are in part an attempt to get them off the sidelines and participate.
  • ChRoNiC243ChRoNiC243 Posts: 11
    You have to log in to vote but before I logged in. I could have seen the results on who was leading
  • NickBates10NickBates10 Posts: 59
    Netflix daredevil
  • abiew78abiew78 Posts: 20
    I am so Groot
  • Definitely colossus! By far the worst champ to pull! Make him better!
  • FroJo34FroJo34 Posts: 20
    Colossus is just the more Popular character in "Marvel" of this list of characters. All of them need a buff but Colossus will win because everyone knows who he is and he is an OG Champ in MCOC who has always been mehhh. If this list was some more popular names then colossus may have lost but it is like the drum gun in fortnite, everyone was gonna vote for it even though the tac smg might of been the better choice. Can't wait to see what they do I hope they change his Sp3 animation to "Fast Ball Special" and include Wolverine in the animation!!!
  • I choose Collosus because his duped ability is tied to him getting hit. So if you are a good fighter, his ability is completely nullified.
    Kabam please let him armor up when he hits people also. Too easy
  • darkhumourdarkhumour Posts: 29
    Vote For Groot
  • TwoZeroNineTwoZeroNine Posts: 5

  • Mr_EMr_E Posts: 129
    Well the meme is dead
  • Colossus? Really? Anyone, even oml over colossus.
  • Daddy3of5_Daddy3of5_ Posts: 1
    He was my first5 star... I thought that a five star would be a game changer... That was almost 3 yrs ago... Cross my fingers to see if it pans out now! Lol
  • SłєiρηirRødSłєiρηirRød Posts: 37
  • GroundedWisdomGroundedWisdom Posts: 36,235 ★★★★★
    I'm so anxious. I wonder who will win? XD
  • NelsonCVNelsonCV Posts: 2
    ¡Vamos Coloso!
  • VandalKingVandalKing Posts: 1
    edited May 2019
    I really wish we had a 5 or 6 star Wolverine. O wait we are currently wasting our opportunity at one because we are listening to a bunch of streamers and voting for what’s best for the most elite instead of what’s best for the community. Having a good use for a 2015 Mutant rank up gem should surley outweigh the needs of the many.
  • LicuadoLicuado Posts: 2
    Voten por Kamala
  • SpiderCoolsSpiderCools Posts: 615 ★★★
    edited May 2019
    Savio444 said:

    Groot can still win, we just need to make 3000 new forum accounts.

    you guys could do that, and somehow still loose...
  • _Rogueyy__Rogueyy_ Posts: 25
    I dont think anyone thought this out logically, they just hopped on a bandwagon and kept riding
  • Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 237
    I voted for Venompool because I already know colossus will get the buff lol
  • QuantumBobQuantumBob Posts: 162
    Magneto 😅
  • GeneconGenecon Posts: 9

    I voted for Venompool because I already know colossus will get the buff lol

    VP for Prez
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