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hi Kabam,

in regards to the new announcement concerning the class and rarity gates, i am a bit worried about being able to complete the chapter 2 and well any other chapter there after.

I have a descent roster of 5 stars (nearly 60) and 6 stars (8) for a non-whale summoner but it's clear that i don't have 4 5 stars Rank 4 in each class. Mainly due to the fact that Tiers 2 alpha catalysts are very rare and difficult to gain.

you change the rate of Tiers 1 alpha by adding 1 to all rewards of 3 days events and that was a great thing. Can you do the same for Tiers 4 basic catalyst and Tiers 2 alpha ?

Perhaps not adding a full catalyst but some shards of each in the rewards ? That will change nearly nothing for the spender that are able to rank up nearly any new 5 stars they get, but for the majority of us, that would give us the possibility to have Rank 4 more rapidly


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    I agree with this, I feel the game caters heavily to brand new players, and endgame players. They don’t offer much to help mid tier players reach endgame status.
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    The game needs a injection of T2a and t5b

    T2a arena ( fragments not fully Formed )


    Epic daily proving grounds for t5b ( small amounts per day )
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