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We are aware that some alliances encountered a bug during this last AQ that would not allow them to start maps on certain days. We know this has impacted your rewards.
We have been looking into the cause of the problem and once we have resolved it we will explore how to make things right for the impacted alliances. We will provide any additional communication in

this thread.

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Ultron isnt a robot anymore?



  • Captain_KandiceCaptain_Kandice Posts: 219 ★★
    edited June 2019

    For me it was only AQ and the skill & cosmic & science drones. Using Blade/GR synergy and no boosts. Not sure if it got fixed yet because I don’t think I bled any of them today. Yesterday I was getting 3 or 4 stacks. I recorded one of my fights as well if you need it.
  • Maldroit2Maldroit2 Posts: 739 ★★★
    Ultron is bleeding with me as well. Medusa can bleed Ultron for some reason. I fought him in master unstable atlantean rift, with no boosts, and full inhuman royal synergy. I have the current version, and am on android. Please look into this.
  • Doc_HollamonDoc_Hollamon Posts: 173

    What is this none sense?
  • The_Beyonderer0The_Beyonderer0 Posts: 14
    😂 Sorry. I just had to share this.

  • TerraTerra Posts: 6,557 ★★★★★
    Nice 5* Venom
  • Hey there!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I've flagged it with our team!
  • The_Beyonderer0The_Beyonderer0 Posts: 14
    Terra said:

    Nice 5* Venom

    Thank you

  • The_Beyonderer0The_Beyonderer0 Posts: 14

    Hey there!

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention! I've flagged it with our team!

    No problem. I just was caught by surprised to see him getting stacked bleeding. 😂

    My Ghost Rider just placed a bleed buff on Ultron in Master quest.
  • Jackd1989Jackd1989 Posts: 389 ★★★
    I was in AQ the other day using the holy trinity and fought an ultron drone, used blade and parried one of the attacks and it applied the bleed debuff - I've checked and the Ultron Drone's do have robotics so shouldnt bleed.

    don't know if a bug or a new feature for blade?
  • Jackd1989Jackd1989 Posts: 389 ★★★
    Thanks @Mirage_Turtle I wasn't aware there was another thread open
  • 54patriots1254patriots12 Posts: 126
    Android. Galaxy s8. Wifi connected. Most recent app update.

    Aq map 2. Blade, mephisto, corvus glaive.

    When blade parried mystic drone, it caused a bleed effect.
  • Has this been fixed yet with a server-side patch ? Doesn’t seem to be in list of fixes with upcoming July version either.
  • @SummonerNR I guess we shall see. Makes you wonder if they've identified what's the cause yet. Seeing as how they haven't announced it yet, gonna guess no. Not yet at least. Might be dealing with leaky Ultrons for another month if that's the case 😂.
  • WerewrymWerewrym Posts: 2,830 Guardian
    Well, it's not like we didn't see this coming...

  • Toyota_2015Toyota_2015 Posts: 293 ★★
    Savio444 said:

    They’re leaking oil, not blood. Cheap Ultron bots.

    He didn't spring for the premium option, went with basic.
  • MasuzaraMasuzara Posts: 20
    Map 5 AQ.
    All the Ultron Drones can receive bleed stacks.

    Robotics might be affected by ability accuracy modifiers as it was only happening with Blade.

  • MasuzaraMasuzara Posts: 20

  • MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 3,999 ★★★★★
    Still happening! You have to laugh, right?

    I've updated to version 24; using Blade with only the Mephisto synergy (i.e. no danger sense) and he still makes Ultron bleed:

  • CtuchikCtuchik Posts: 352 ★★

    The other day in Unstable rifts.
  • Newman0067Newman0067 Posts: 53
    edited July 2019
    Thought I would add my own experience
    No unique masteries
    No synigies
    Master atlantian rift
  • Kirito_kunKirito_kun Posts: 14
    edited July 2019
    Lol why is Ultron taking bleed damage ..
    Is this happening to everyone? or only to me?

  • LordBeaverbrokeLordBeaverbroke Posts: 285 ★★
    Ultron doesn't run on oil. in the comics, his body is made of pure Adamantium, and he moves it with on a molecular level by using an internal molecular rearranger. In the MCU, it is implied that his body runs on Stark Arck Reactor Technology
  • Tkspr1992Tkspr1992 Posts: 12
    😂 n
    Definitely not supposed to happen
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