Buff Suggestion Yay or Nay: Corvus Glaive

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Corvus is the worst champ in the game. He needs a buff. All suggestions are merely additions and will not replace Corvus's abilities

**New Abilities (in addition to Current)**

- Bleed/Shock/Incinerate Immunity
- Permanent True Strike and True Accuracy
- Special 1 buff steal + life steal (% based on # of Corvus Spores) + gains unstoppable + power sting + inverted control
- Special 2 power steal 100% of opponents power + heal reversal + inflicts Corvus Spores and damage when in proximity + gains unstoppable
- Heavy has a 40% chance to bleed
- Attacking block has a 0% chance to inflict poison, but increases per bleed
- Inflicting a bleed when opponent is poisoned inflicts a GlaiveToxin. Opponent is stunned when expires
- Auto-block when low health
- Unstoppable when dashing forward
- Phases when dashing backwards + shrugs off all debuffs except armor break. Lasts for 2 seconds
- Corvus evade (triggered when hit while stunned). Inflicts degen
- Holding down heavy causes a Glaivequake that damages the opponent
- Heavy inflicts 8 second armor break
- Auto evade
- Every hit that lands permanently reduces ability accuracy by 2%
- RockGlaives is added when struck by opponent. 15 RockGlaives triggers unstoppable
- A random debuff is inflicted on opponent for existing. Each debuff deals damage and is shrugged off if opponent lands 10 consecutive hits. 6 debuffs trigger Enter the Glaive
- 70% chance to shrug off all debuffs
- Real Corvus comes out upon death and gives Corvus max life, amped damage, and a poison debuff he's immune to anyways
- Power gain
- Regen
- Armor up
- Crits have chance to bleed and armor break
- Holding down block builds up Electroglaive charge for up to 20 charges. Well timed blocks inflict damage according to number of charges.
- All hits reflect 40% of damage
- Healthpool increased comparable to RoL defenders
- Energy damage taken is absorbed and turned to enery
- Reduced opponent special 3 damage
- Ignores block
- Increased perfect block chance (he has a shield now made of Corvanium)
- Special 3 inflicts every debuff in the game onto the opponent

**Awakened abilities**

- Gains additional power when striking bleeding opponents
- All debuffs reduce ability accuracy
- Corvus pre-fight ability can now change his class to any class he wants
- Fury buff for every 0.01% damage Corvus takes. Stops at 99 furies
- Specials 1 and 2 stun
- Start the match with indestructible. Gain one once timer for it stops + inflicting GlaiveSnap
- Evade all projectiles
- CorvusSpores deal damage


- Himself: Automatically clears Act 6
- Anyone: Corvus assists once in the fight and awards an invincible when teammate is at 1% health

Buff Suggestion Yay or Nay: Corvus Glaive 34 votes

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Yay again
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    New weed in da town!!!!
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    I think that somebody doesn't have a Corvus

  • SarreySarrey Posts: 20

    - Himself: Automatically clears Act 6

    now that is on another level.
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    I am sure that 6.3 will now have a Corvus boss with all these abilities through nodes. Half as local nodes, a quarter as linked and a quarter as Global.

    Remove 2 linked per path and the easy path will allow you to remove the Global node as well.
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    Yay again
    you forgot to add that every one of his attacks are projectile attacks, and cannot be parried, as well as doing 200% block penetration
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    Where is the spam button when you need it :neutral:
    Dude just stop, the first one was actually a bit decent but this is not worth the read
    If you really want to suggest champ buffs, go to the suggestions part of the forums so you don’t clog the general discussion
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    Yay again
    Idk, still sounds pretty meh tier to me.
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    Please stop making posts like this. This is why we need the Spam button...
  • DPXFistheGOATDPXFistheGOAT Posts: 258
    @DaywalkerUK No? This is a real buff suggestion
  • DPXFistheGOATDPXFistheGOAT Posts: 258
    @SquishyjrThe_4TH nah this one is different. Corvus is in dire need of a buff
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