Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    Itsy Bitsy= (Science/Skill)

  • Felipe300Felipe300 Posts: 78
    Jack O'Lantern= (Mystic/Skill/Science)

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    Lambda-Zero/Stardust= (Cosmic)

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    Pyreus Kril/Firelord= (Cosmic)

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    Terrax the Tamer= (Cosmic)

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    Lambda-Zero/Stardust= (Cosmic)

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    Amahl Farouk/Shadow King= (Mutant/Cosmic)

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    These are characters you’re gonna want to add to the game.
    1. Riot (venom movie)
    2. Mecha rhino (amazing Spider-Man 2)
    3. Scorpion (Spider-Man ps4)
    4. Rescue
    5. Dr. Doom
    6. Scorcher
  • Quicksilver (Science)
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    Quicksilver (Science)
    Reptil (Mutant)

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    Franken-Castle= (Tech)

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    Werewolf by Night/Jack Russell= (Mystic/Skill)

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    N'Kantu, the Living Mummy= (Mystic)

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    Cloak and Dagger= (Mutant/ Mystic / Skill)

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    Sunspot= (Mutant)

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    Holocaust= (Mutant)

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    Man-Spider= (Mutant)

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    Blink Inner Circle= (Mutant)

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    Madame Web= (Cosmic)

    Since we have so many Spider-men
    Madame Web, in this case
    be a kind of challenging of the spiderverse.
    Just like Kang and Collector ...

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    Ichisumi/ Pestilence: Horsemen of Apocalypse= (Mutant)

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    Sanjar Javeed/ Death: Horsemen of Apocalypse= (Mutant)

    Disease Projection: Sanjar has an ailment aura. He has the power to transmit a spectrum of terminal diseases (such as the Black Death).depending on what variety of metal he touches. He can infect his victims with lethal diseases. He can target multiple people at once.

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    Krugarr= (Cosmic / Mystic)

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    Entropy = (Cosmic)

    Entropy is the son of Eternity and is part of a small cosmic pantheon that represents the three essential forces in the birth and death of the universe, with Entropy personifying the Big Freeze, and the Big Bang and the Big Crunch being represented by Explosion and Gravitation respectively.

    Once, he sought to destroy his father, thus ending all of creation. He allied himself with Genis-Vell, with whom he succeeded in his plan and destroyed all of creation, leaving only himself, his sister Epiphany, Genis and Rick Jones. Entropy began to regret what he had done, since the prospect of spending the rest of eternity in an empty void was not all that alluring. Rick Jones suggested that he try creating something. Entropy did, and with Genis-Vell's help, he re-created the Universe, thus becoming the new Eternity. As Eternity, he revealed that this was all part of his life cycle.


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    Not related but I messed this one up (I was sending a bunch of images) and I had to edit it like this instead of deleting it
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    Gwenompool (yes, she’s a real character)
    Red She-Hulk
    White Tiger
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  • SADDANSADDAN Posts: 20
    Team Worthy (Kuurth, Nerkkod, Nul, Skirn, Angrir, Mokk, Greithoth)

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    (*= subject to change)
    ( {0},{1},ect. are individual amounts that increase with level and rank )

    Punisher Last Stand (Older)/Punisher Buff (Skill of course)

    Body Armor-
    Enhanced armor nullifies to Shock, Incinerate, and Bleed Debuffs and passively increases Physical Resistance by {0}%.

    Once it nullifies 20* of those debuffs you lose immunity and lose {0}% Physical Resistance and take 200% increased damage from those debuffs for the rest of the fight but gain a 200% Fury buff that lasts for 40 seconds.

    Punisher has spent some time in jail and every 30* seconds can scrounge up a Shiv

    When a Shiv is ready, launch a Heavy attack and you will deal {1}% extra damage and if you don't do 3%* of the opponents and do a guaranteed 3%* damage instead

    When you activate a Shiv go into a Offensive Frenzy buff for 10 seconds

    Every time you use a Shiv all Frenzies active gain 5 seconds in duration

    Punisher goes into berserk and while in Frenzy Punisher gains {2}% increased attack, {3}% increased attack rating, and {4}% increased special damage per Frenzy.

    Depending on the Frenzy you gain some different effects;
    Offensive- every hit deals a Bleed dealing {5} damage over 6 seconds
    Defensive- refresh Body Armor duration and until this frenzy is over you don’t lose Body Armor (If you have the Fury you don’t lose it)
    Evasive- Every hit you take give a Evade passive gives a {6}% chance to evade attacks
    Primal- Double all of the Buffs (attack, crit damage, special damage)

    Refresh all Frenzies with a Heavy attack

    Special 1:

    Gain a Defensive Frenzy for 15 seconds
    Incinerate the opponent and deal {7} damage per second for 5 seconds

    Special 2:

    Gain a Evasive Frenzy for 30* seconds
    This attack can not be evaded

    Special 3:

    Gain a Primal Frenzy for 30 seconds
    Gain Unstoppable and Unblockable for 10 seconds if every Frenzy is active

    Signature Ability:
    Last Man Standing

    Per every dead ally gain a persistent charge
    If you have;
    1- Increases Body Armor charges by 10*
    2- Frenzies Last for 5 extra seconds
    3- {8}% increased attack rating
    4- Gain Vengeful Frenzy for the entire fight

    Vengeful Frenzy- Increases effects of Bleeds and Furies by {9}%

    Reflections of Young and Old (unique)
    Punisher- Deal 1% damage extra per hit on combo meter (max:300) Punisher(LS)- Frenzies last 2 seconds longer
    Punisher 2099- Deal 200% increased energy damage

    Destroyed Futures (Unique)
    Punisher (LS)- The opponent suffers from 10% Ability Accuracy reduction per Frenzy
    Old Man Logan- Since there is a buff coming out I don’t want to put anything yet

    Gods of Death (unique)
    Hela- Dash back and hold block for 1.5 seconds to double any Furies you currently have and for 10 seconds consume no Spirits (1 use)
    Punisher (LS)- When you lose Body Armor gain two 150% Furies (Instead of a 200%)
    Archangel- If you don’t dash back during the fight during the next fight do double neurotoxic damage

    Cause of Destruction
    Kingpin, Taskmaster, Crossbones- -15% decreased ability accuracy
    Punisher (LS)- Double all the increased attack rating, crit damage, and special damage from frenzies
    (All characters must be present from this synergy to activate)

    I have a bio but thats for later
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