How hard is this month's uncollected event quest?

ddomddom Posts: 275
How hard is it to 100% this month's uncollected event quest? Any big roadblocks like in past months?


  • 1_ShuNeu_11_ShuNeu_1 Posts: 375 ★★★
    So far easier than last month
  • Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 635 ★★
    Pretty easy. Lots of energy though.
  • ZuroZuro Posts: 2,023 ★★★★
    Very easy but mysterio was a bit annoying at first
  • ReferenceReference Posts: 1,576 ★★★
    I opened 5-10 UC battle crystals per week yet I seldom get energy refill, yet epic class trip costs you 4 energy unit per step.
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 6,641 ★★★★★
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    ddom said:

    How hard is it to 100% this month's uncollected event quest? Any big roadblocks like in past months?

    This month is really easy. I didn't see any roadblocks. Haven't seen any in awhile though...
  • Tim1234Tim1234 Posts: 126
    Stance said:

    It's one of the easiest I've had. Quake easily did all bosses except for Mysterio which Hyperion took care off.

    Venom was my MVP .. then Hyperion and iceman
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    Not bad, just don't hit Mysterio after his S1 until the timer disappears or you'll get wrecked.
    Also don't rush in to punish his S2, there's a 25% chance to miss.
    Armour break or poison immune champs and you've won the fight
  • I haven't been uncollected for long and I have almost 100% all of uncollected. Just on the chapter 3 now. But everyone was right, if you have venom then you are pretty much set.
  • ddomddom Posts: 275
    If I dont have venom, any advice on generally good champs?
  • ddom said:

    If I dont have venom, any advice on generally good champs?

    Killmonger or anyone who can use true strike. The evading is what can get ya and do ya dirty this month.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 11,431 Guardian
    ddom said:

    How hard is it to 100% this month's uncollected event quest? Any big roadblocks like in past months?

    I'd say it is comparable in difficulty to the past few months, which have been lower than average for a while.

    I think the biggest headaches are not understanding Mysterio's strike back and working around unstoppable spidey, and maybe the invade path. You want poison immune champs for Mysterio and you want to make sure you first bait SP1, then explicitly not attack into him after SP1 until the timer expires. If you can do that, you can probably bash him to death. Unstoppable spidey just requires some discipline and you can kill him with anything, or you can use unstoppable counters (I presume: I didn't). And the invade path is just a case of controlled aggression, you just play the entire path like it is unblockable and when you hit them into block you cut your combo short so they can't strike back at the end of a full combo.
  • DNA3000DNA3000 Posts: 11,431 Guardian
    ddom said:

    If I dont have venom, any advice on generally good champs?

    Venom is a nice to have but not a must have in my opinion. Without him you just have to deal more tactically with the various spider-people who can evade you. Really, for most of the maps including the bosses you can just bring your heaviest hitting champs that you personally play well and you can probably muddle through if you read the nodes carefully and bring your A-game. For a lot of the non-boss grind-a-thon fights I just used Blade, just because Blade erases a lot of careless mistakes.

    The only thing I strongly recommend is hard hitting poison immune for Mysterio. You can probably beat him without poison immunity, but that's way beyond my skill level.
  • SirmacoolSirmacool Posts: 365 ★★
    Just watch agent venom. One chapter 3 I think he has unblockable sp1. It will do some big damage. Other than that I’m on chp 5 no revives yet.
    If you miss and get hit with spider Gwen special and paralyze. You are toast.
    So far that’s the hardest I’ve seen. Mysterio on master was simple enough. Defensive not aggressive worked for me.
  • PrathapPrathap Posts: 558 ★★★
    My Blade with GR is laughing all the way 😂
  • ahock101ahock101 Posts: 103
    I used corvus Glaive for almost every boss with no real issues, for spider gwen I used archangel, as others have said this is a fairly straightforward month
  • phillgreenphillgreen Posts: 2,114 ★★★★
    I think the evade mechanic isn't as hard as it was, many more options to deal with evade.

    I cant comment on how easy it is over all but I explored chapter one and completed chapter 2 this month and haven't got past 2.1 in the last few with no exploration. No items, only one 4/55

    AA, CB and ghost have made dealing with evade happy bosses reasonably easy.
  • SeraphionSeraphion Posts: 1,081 ★★★★
    ddom said:

    If I dont have venom, any advice on generally good champs?

    Ghost and corvus are perfect this month as well. Thor works good vs the last boss
  • Elad17Elad17 Posts: 322 ★★
    Not hard at all. Only thing I will say is bring someone who can armor break Mysterio or die real fast. Cap IW did just fine
  • ddomddom Posts: 275
    How is the stealth suit spidey? Any issues/tips for him? I think for Mysterio Ill be fine since I have R4 5 star cap iw and hulk ragnarok as well as 5/50 Hyperion
  • Rolo_maxRolo_max Posts: 57
    I have been uncollected for 1 month, last eq was completed but not explored (hated the invisible woman), this month I just completed the eq, and exploring (done the first chapter, now I'm in the sym spidey). I took down mysterious with venom and symbols spidey the heavy attack break his helmet and play really slow waiting for the sp1 timer to go down, took me 3 revives to understand it, but then was a really slow fight (at least for me). My venom *4, rank 4 not awakened and my sym spidey too, so they were not a really heavy hitters,
    Im completing epic now, to practice a little bit more and then try to make a exploration for uncollected, and in the invasion path that I took by mistake used my sym spidey, he doesn't bleed or anything, first I took my starky and got death I his SP2.

    Im waiting to see the difficulty to the class trip, because seems a little bit annoying and was wondering if the difficulty would be higher in the next weeks or not.
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