Unhealthy Alliance War Match Making

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It seems kabam still has no solution for this, We are high on G1 and expecting to reach to P3 but in today's war, we found our opponent is double than our current rank. Is it really bad matchmaking? My alliance is fighting with the alliances much stronger than us. Despite Kabam assured us that the matchmaking will be equivalent, but this really doesn't seem so as we never expected to have an opponent as more than a double PI rated than us. Any reaction and remunerate would highly be indebted. Our alliance tag is [67450].


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  • JAYDEEP_18JAYDEEP_18 Posts: 3
    After some war victory now today We are facing double rated allince in allince war
    How could this possible
    We are suffering and can't do anything
    Please give your positive reply on this
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    Please look into that matter ASAP before war get over, we do too much hard work to reach at this level
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    Lol. War rating looks correct. It’s as intended.
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    @xNig yeah but someone plays very sincerely throughout offseason and during the season and while some alliance does tanking during to offseason to face lower-rated opponent is not genuine for the game and game lover. Kabam should take care of those alliance who does the same.
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    Disagree. As much as it’s unfair for the lower alliance, compared to having Alliance Rating, or Prestige for that matter, being factored into Matchmaking, War Rating alone is a much better system.
  • Occasionally this is going to happen. I have to ask, how many in a row did you win? If you're amidst a solid win streak, matchmaking eventually throws you a match that's VERY difficult. Or, considering your war rating, there may not have been an Alliance that was close enough by war rating AND by overall rating when your Alliance came up for matching. Maybe the other Alliance just had a rough couple and this is the system throwing them a bone so to speak.

    We're high Gold 1 too. We started out in low P3 and had a series of close runs but got edged by 150 points in a couple cases. If you've been on a solid win streak, it's only a matter of time before you get bonked by matchmaking. We've had it happen many times. It's just the luck of the draw unfortunately. They can't overturn this match up if that's what you're hoping for. Be happy you got matched and didn't get screwed like a few Alliances did with no 'bye' taboot. Do the best you can and move on to the next one.

    When you climb into the top 5% of AW war rating wise, you're going to have to deal with some rough matches sometimes. That's just par for the course unfortunately. Which is what your Alliance is currently experiencing. A rough match. Wish y'all the best of luck. Just gotta push through in cases like this. Otherwise, incompletion will ultimately result in plummeting in the ranks.
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    My concern is @Kabam Miike we invested so much to keep winning and trying for P3, if we matched with those sort of opponent, our total resources which we spend so far will get useless, kabam is not offering many rewards for that long season, though they are planning something better from the next season but loosing a win streak with any unfair matching and ruin our chances of P3 after that much hard work is not what any alliance would be looking for. @SiriusBreak yes mate, I am not expecting this war to get cancel but they should either compensate the resources and/or they should take care of those unfair matches. @Kabam Miike should take action against those who deliberately loses war during the offseason to get lower-rated opponents during the war season.

    This is just my/our personal opinion, personally, I lost interest in wars from this war and game with their bugs and newly updated maps. They should even test their maps in the beta version before launching. In the last AQ, map5 mini-boss was CG with more than 7K armor rating. It's really hard to kill him without much damage, felt like its way tough than the main boss.
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    You’re a 12.8m ally trying to rank in Plat 3?
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    That's exactly what you saw there @xNig, hope you not believe that we need to have our roasters upgraded rather higher tier and multiplier
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    It’s pretty hard for you to get Plat with a 13m alliance. Just being frank here.

    Your multiplier and tier is high, and that’s probably what got you high gold mid season. But as war rating equalizes, you’re bound to meet higher rating alliance at that same war rating and start your losing streak. It’s perfectly normal.
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    @xNig agree with that, though we ended with G1 fortunately, we used to win most of the wars if not all during the season. But totally agree with your point
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    I’m rank plat3 we wher 20m. Tier4. Only lost 2 war so can say if we had lost more that 2 in tier4 we wil be gold1 to.
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    Winning and losing, of course, are a part of the game but my concern are when they play unfair, I would like to highlight two very recent examples. As season 10 got over two days ago. I would like to showcase the best part. We all know who toped this time in Season 10. They are Jedi knights, good wishes to them but what was just happened on the very next day with them? They being Master - Rank 1 of season 10 with war ratings 3356 and they so suddenly their alliance member ratings bring down to 21,625 only, I mean what below 22K? See here, see they are table topper but see his top members ratings and see here their last members ratings .

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    They are the topper, they should set an example for the MCOC community, rather they are increasing their haters, now I respect my alliance more than those so-called champions.
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    See our today's war opponent
    they are 19M with average member ratings are 653K but see what they have placed their champions in today's war
    They haven't placed their boss and mini-boss, do they forget to make the placement? OK! let's see their other nodes

    Are they not hurting our MCOC community? We wish all our heart plays a fair game, whether during the season or off-season while they play an unfair game and win with big margin during the season. I would like to ask @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra @Kabam Porthos if this is allowed and no actions gonna taken against them then you should never punish any MCOC player despite how unfair they play and if you going to allow this, we too will start doing this. I hope you guys agree with me now @xNig @Gamer @SiriusBreak

    That's all I would like to say.

    - MCOC lover
  • @ParvChamp just as a FYI, Miike and Co are moderators/administrators on the forum. They cannot take action for or against anyone in the contest. Now on to your latest subject matter.

    Yeah, it sucks. Is it against the rules, no. But it does suck. Same nonsense, only worse, happened to us today. Here's the thing, war ratings are locked. So win or lose, it doesn't matter in T5+. I wish we had been matched with you. Sounds like we would've had some fun with a legitimate war instead of ridiculousness. No Boss placed = No defense Tactics. No DT = no experience gained. Here's my post on a similar situation.

  • However, it would've been a nastier match as we're 21 million rated, lol. Just the same, the Bosses in our defense were placed and we setup for a legit war. I tend to wonder how many did this. Then I remember, what difference would it make if I actually knew and then I move on. You guys are doing well all things considered. Just be aware that it gets rough in T5+. Alliances of your size start becoming few and far between. So you may have plateaued progress wise. It happens from time to time.
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