Should I replace Miles?

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The team I currently use the most is 4* Blade, 5* Killmonger, 4* Sparky, 4* Iceman, and 5* Miles Morales (for his synergy with Sparky). While the synergy for Miles is pretty useful, I want to put a more useful champion in his place. Any tips? Any champions I have that aren't upgraded can be upgraded.

Here are my 4* and higher champs:

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Should I replace Miles? 27 votes

Keep Miles in your team.
Spity68RoOOtsCharlesWasTaken 3 votes
Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
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  • ToxicBladeToxicBlade Posts: 62
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    You have way better champs than miles. Switch him for Venom, Spider-Gwen, or Thing
  • BlackJ4zzBlackJ4zz Posts: 239 ★★
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    Yeah there are alot of better champs like sentinel, Venom and even The Thing
  • Silver_SagaSilver_Saga Posts: 140
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    Another vote for Venom, he's so much fun to play and so valuable, especially this month. Would be far more useful. No idea about the synergy though.
    Also, if you can awaken Scarlett Witch, she's still insanely good.
  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 2,106 ★★★★
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    Literally anyone because mm sucks
  • Woody15Woody15 Posts: 260
    If you like playing with Miles keep him in. You got a lot of fun champs to play with. Like people have said, Gwenpool, Scarlet Witch, Venom are all good choices. I like Ultron, OG Black Panther and Yondu also
  • Narwhal52xNarwhal52x Posts: 432 ★★
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    Venom is a good option
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,407 ★★★
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    I think Venom will surprise you the most. No more worrying about the spiderverse heroes cause they can't evade him.
  • blurblotblurblot Posts: 9
    Venom is a heavy damage dealer and will help a lot if you can rank him up.

    if resources are an issue, Angela is a hugely underrated champ, does heavy damage and very simple mechanic.

    other strong champs on your roster that you should focus on ranking up:
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★
    Switch out Miles for [blank] (please explain)
    Miles is a really dofficult champ to play, because if you dont intercept All the time, you Re gonna use parry and if you parry and He autoevades, then you May not be ready for that, you get the Auto evade and you get smashed. And a sentinel gwennpool, Thing or crossbones are definitly more useful!
  • Toyota_2015Toyota_2015 Posts: 152
    Thanks for the advice everyone! I decided to go with Venom over the rest. It's turning out great!
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