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[Android] 24.2 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation

Hi Summoners!

Our team is working to identify and address performance issues in The Contest and we need your help as we gather relevant information.

As part of this process, it is important for you to understand that lag and game performance are affected by a host of factors including: device, operating system, connection and even Champions or maps. Complicated issues such as these involve an equally complicated investigation process, due to all of these variables. Your contributions to this thread will help in that investigation. This, however, does not mean that there is one single “fix” coming that will address all concerns for all players. It is an ongoing process of improvements that the team is continually working toward as the game progresses.

If you are experiencing crashing, lag, unresponsive controls or performance problems in the Android version of The Contest, please reply using the template below.

This thread is for Android users only.

In-Game Name: Please include your in-game (not forum) name.
Device and Model: (Example, Galaxy S6)
Device Operating System: (Example 8.0) You can find the operating system version on Android by going to Apps, then Settings and “About Device.”
Cellular or WiFi: Does this issue happen when you are using cellular data, WiFi or both? If on cellular, what is your mobile carrier?
Game Version Installed: To check which version of the game you have installed, go to the Google Play Store and confirm that you have the latest version installed which will show you the number. This thread is only for those on the 24.2 version of the game.
Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
Description of the Issue: Please include a full and complete description of the lag and performance issue you are experiencing with as much relevant detail as possible. This includes any specific Champions affected and how long you’ve been experiencing the issue.

Replies to this thread must use the template below and provide relevant, constructive information about the issue. This thread is for information gathering and not one-on-one support. Off topic posts, requests for status updates and general complaints will be removed according to the forum rules.


  • StateNMEStateNME Posts: 9
    In game name: StateNME
    Device name and model: Razer Phone 2
    Device OS: android 9.0
    Cellular or wifi: both
    Game version: 24.2
    Game mode: dungeons/all

    Something is causing random heavy attacks when not requested during attempted combos. This started when version 24.1.5 was pushed to my device on August 22nd. This occurs in all game types, and all heros, producing unwanted heavies.
    the problem is so bad I failed on a Tier 4 Basic run. the unwanted heavy get dodged then get countered or just straight countered over and over. New update same problem. Game is unplayable in current state
  • renatosouzarenatosouza Posts: 19
    edited September 2019
    IGN: Nats Man
    Device and model: Xperia Xa1 Ultra and Xperia Xa2 Ultra
    Device OS: 8.0 on Xperia Xa1 Ultra / 9.0 on Xperia Xa2 Ultra
    Cellular or wifi: Both
    Game version installed: 24.2
    Game mode: Event Quest
    Description: Lag when fighting Vision (Aarkus) in Master and Uncollected Event Quest.
  • IGN: Batman 26 2019
    Device and model: Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
    Device OS: 6.0.1
    Cellular or wifi: wifi-definite, data-mosy likely will happen (Carrier-Tracfone)
    Game version installed: 24.2
    Game mode: Time After Time Quest
    Description: extreme lag when fighting Vision (Aarkus) in the event quest, game ran smoothly for the full quest, then lagged and basically insta-died
  • HavelocchHavelocch Posts: 1
    In game Name: Havelocch
    Galaxy S7
    Android 8.0.0
    Happening on both Wifi and mobile data
    Version 24.2
    Game mode: None. Happening in menus
    Issue: often when I am moving from one screen to another it stops working. The current menu goes away leaving the background (animation still working), but the new menu screen does not appear. From this point I can't click any options, all I can do is use Android functions to close the app. First noticed ~16 hours ago, still happening after the emergency maintenance from an hour or two ago.
  • renatosouzarenatosouza Posts: 19
    IGN: Nats Man
    Device and model: Xperia Xa1 Ultr
    Device OS: 6.0
    Cellular or wifi: Both
    Game version installed: 24.2
    Game mode: EQ
    Description: Severe lag when facing Vision (Aarkus) throughout the whole fight. Doesn't happen with any other EQ champ
  • IGN: Batman 26 2019
    Device and model: Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky Pro
    Device OS: 6.0.1
    Cellular or wifi: wifi-definite, data-mosy likely will happen (Carrier-Tracfone)
    Game version installed: 24.2
    Game mode: Time After Time Quest
    Description: extreme lag when fighting Vision (Aarkus) in the event quest, game ran smoothly for the full quest, then lagged and basically insta-died

    Edit: Lag spike in AW as well, lost the fight, not blaming entirely on lag, though.
  • Name: TwentyBlood
    Device: Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F)
    OS: Android 8.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both (Cellular Orange)
    Game version: 24.2.0
    Game mode: Alliance Quest and Alliance War
    - Dropped/Missed inputs :
    * Block doesn't work every time
    * Evade doesn't work every time
    - Sometimes, long loading times and slow item reveal
  • aiktow4uaiktow4u Posts: 72
    in game wreckmaster 8 9
    samsung galalxy note 9
    game mode...EVERTHING
    description. as above with addition of my champ just standing there blocking while im trying to attack only to then drop the block so the opponent gets a 5 hit combo and wipes me out. Parry is messed. just every time an update comes out, the programming is screwed. Multi-million dollar company and cant hire a decent script writer. what a joke....Maybe Disney will come out with a version and i can dump kabam
  • In game name DylanCarr1993
    Device name Galaxy J7 Crown
    Cellular network straight talk
    Device version 8.0.0
    Game version is the newest update
    Game mode All mode are affected [I am experiencing some glitches in my fights to were the AI seems to always have an advantage and sometimes it will after I win just out of nowhere loose signal/ after claiming victory just today in the alliance war it happened with my 5 * rank 4 max unduped killmonger against a medusa idk wasn't sure of the level anyway I drop her she knocked me down to 50% health I win claim victory goes to load screen and loses signal goes back and I'm still at 50% and medusa is back to 95%] just a example it and the person I fight seems to basically disregard any actions I take to try and win as if I have no control of my champions I have many glitches accuring on mine and do believe my account needs some fixing and pluse the emergency matinence wasited some pretty good boost I was using they were the very strong ones health boost attackboost and champion boost all they would be a nice thang to have been able to have used I didn't get one single fight in with them after I activated them the system went down.......Thnx for the help
  • In-game name:Grimmreaper-25
    Samsung Galaxy 7
    8.0 Oreo
    Lag in arenas and Alliance quest. Constant get logged out of arenas and in Alliance quest Champs move slow by the time my Champs catch up with my screen moves the sentinel kick my ass.
  • SmeisterSmeister Posts: 6
    In-Game Name: Smeister_
    Device and Model: Google Pixel 2 XL
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: both (Google Fi when not on WiFi)
    Game Version Installed: 24.2.0
    Game Mode: All modes.
    Description of the Issue: since the latest update as soon as I start playing my phone starts heating up and eventually gets REALLY hot. Shortly into playing the fights lag at seemingly random moments throughout the fight though almost always just as the fight starts when trying to trigger a perfect block and right as I'm about to land the winning hit but just before it lands. Between that it's just constantly stuttering. I can't tell if it's a random pattern but it seems to mess up perfect block timing, throws in unintended heavy attacks because it thinks I've been holding attack during the stutter, and generally makes it difficult to time anything.
    It isn't limited to any particular game mode or champion.
  • In game name : NIKITA ROSE
    Device name : ASUS_X00TD ( asus Zenfone max pro m1 )
    Android version : 9
    Internet data : cellular
    Mcoc version : 24.2.0
    Game mode : event quest / facing same problem in all other modes also .

    In every fight i facing atleast one time unresponsive control for abt 3 seconds .

    Suddenly my champion release heavy attack. it happens in one fight out of two fights ie. (1/2)

    Hope you will take a quick effective action.

  • buenas kabam mi cuanta se llama cronnos26 termine irreconocible y no me llegó el título esperó que se arreglé este problema
  • Cronnos26Cronnos26 Posts: 12
    edited September 2019
    nombre en el juego: cronnos26
    nombre del dispositivo: Huawei p9
    versión de Android: 6.0
    datos Internet
    versión mcoc 24.2.0
    modo de juego irreconocible

    problema termine irreconocible y no me dieron el título de irreconocible
  • I face problem in AQ some time my champions don't move block don't work face it since last update
  • FreeToPlay_21FreeToPlay_21 Posts: 1,594 ★★★★
    IGN - Mirirelind
    Device - OnePlus 7
    Android version - 9
    Cellular or WiFi - Both
    Game version - latest update
    Mode - All game nodes after the update
    Description - Dash back and block inputs are dropping like crazy. With every Champion and in all game modes.
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