Why is Ghost Rider not immune to incinerate damage

This is my first ever post, and it's because this has got me fired up (pun intended) that a skeleton that is literally on fire can take damage from FIRE. Is there anyway kabam can change this if you guys are listening


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    Oh boy... Ohhhhh boy... He really is a burning skeleton isn't he??

    Why has no one ever suggested that???
  • This was already discussed, more than 100 times on different threads about it. If you search you will find everything you need to know.

    Since its fiction, anything can happen. Being made of fire or apparently having fire on the head don't necessarily make someone immune to fire damage. Fiction goes either way here, there is no absolute answer to it.
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    Has kabam actually responded to any of those forums though?
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    I didn't waste your time, your the one who clicked on my forum
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    I mean you guys don't HAVE to respond
  • The best you could do is to disregard the visuals, and how the character looks like. The model is irrelevant to the abilities.
    So every character is equaland looks exactly the same as thr other. The only difference are the abilities each one have.
    So for champion X, he isn't incinerate immune. That's it, no need for an explanation or a reason here
  • Hey guys, we've already addressed this topic HERE. To help keep the Forum tidy, I'll go ahead and close this discussion.
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