Upcoming Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw Balance Changes



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    This is pretty upsetting. So many people spent valuable time in the arena and loads of hard earned cash for this guy. Words can't express this sinking and helpless feeling. Sure the money spent, we can get back, but all the time spent in acquiring the champion and resources - will be gone forever.

    Kabam, please step in our shoes for 5 seconds and try and see how this feels for us.
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    dot_ditto said:

    When you have a Champion that wildly outdamages other Champions,

    Proof please ... if you're going to make claims like this, back it up with PROOF .. please.
    Otherwise we'll just assume you're making stuff up on the spot in a lame attempt to justify some random action.
    They have the data. They need to prove what exactly?
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    WingTSE said:

    Why not just make champs that can counter balance those champs rather than constantly nerfing champs?

    When you have a Champion that wildly outdamages other Champions, and we start making content to counter that specific Champion, this harshly punishes every other Champion in game, and every Summoner that does not have that Champion.
    How? All it takes is a buffet node and all Thanos favor charges disappear at the start. You don't need a champion to combat, a node will do make Cull almost worthless in any fight you don't want him to be effective in.
    IDoge said:

    Lvernon15 said:

    IDoge said:

    Damn the community is wild. Yall need to calm down. They never said that they would nerf him to the ground. Please look me in the eyes(metaphorically) and tell me a 400k sp3 every fight is balanced. You can't. Their goal is to balance him to the point where he is still the strongest damage dealer in the game but not as much. Yes I know his block proficiency is low but his utility is no joke. He can counter evade and autoblock, has armor break, and can parry projectiles. His ramp up is not even hard yall just need to get the champ for once or get good. Stop begging for everything to be easy and go your way. Hell they could even bump up his block profiency which would be a win win.

    Proxima can do that and she takes ramp up, is she op? Nope, cull is just as impractical to ramp up as her in 6.2 and he required heavy attacks like proxima
    You say this like you know cull obisidian so well
    @IDoge I believe this is it
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    This really stinks. Anytime kabam makes a solid damage champion you come behind and nerf them into the ground. Any experienced cull player knows while is damage is awesome the grind to get that said damage takes a large toll on your items. He doesn’t need to be tweaked or needed unless you wanna give him more block proficiency.
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