What should happen now that kabam slipped up a little

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As many already know, some players got an extra 10k shards from the boss rush quest due to an error that refreshed the challenge. What do you think kabam's next step should be?

What should happen now that kabam slipped up a little 274 votes

Take back the shards
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Compensation is due
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Nothing at all
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Something else
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They did what????!
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  • DrZolaDrZola Posts: 4,585 ★★★★★
    Something else
    What @CoatHang3r said.

    Dr. Zola
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    Compensation is due
    If they simply increase the rewards to 20k this would solve everything. But be real,probably either nothing will happen,or kabam will take back the 10k. Be real.
  • XdonreXdonre Posts: 133

    Then you have people who just beat it and only got 10K shards. I say let everyone beat it twice and get 10K on both tries to even it all out.

    Great idea ... mistakes happen ...your solution seems fair for everyone directly or indirectly impacted.
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    Something else
    Leave the boss rush under Daily open and reopen the one under Even Quests. Those who have done both have their 20kk shards, those who did the original can still get their second ten and even those that hadn't started can get the 20k.
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    Something else

    What about the people that ran it once already?

    Where’s the option for players shouldn’t waste their time thinking about it?

    Best suggestion I heard was leave as is and increase the rewards to 20k for people who haven’t completed it yet.

    Then they run it again for the refreshed 10k. If Kabam have already taken away that option awat it’s best to just let it go; sucks to miss out but sucks more to let it ruin your day/game.
    I don't need to let this ruin my day to find this unfair and think some form of compensation would be appropriate lol.

    What this situation is and how it should be handled is different from how we should react to it emoitonally.
    So you would be happy to do the quest twice, I presume, provided they keep it open for everyone. I mean, surely you aren't saying that players who can't beat the quest all get 10k free shards for doing nothing?
  • Marri_2Marri_2 Posts: 577 ★★★
    Something else
    Masterdux said:

    10,000 shards for everyone who already beat the challenge.
    20,000 shards for everyone who hasn't.
    Nothing for those who took advantage of the extra 10,000 shards.
    It's pretty simple actually.

    Are you crazy? That would give anyone, even those that couldn't ever beat this thing, free 5*? Fair would be to keep the first and second boss rush open. If you want the same rewards, you can complete the same content. That's fair.
  • ChrisA19978ChrisA19978 Posts: 55
    Seems like compensation is the talk almost everyday. Just play the game for fun and free. Mistakes happen can’t cry for compensation every time like what happens here all the time.
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    Nothing at all
    So some people get more shards than others. Not anything people should continue making posts about.
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    Something else
    I ran it once this morning, heard about the extra shards but didn't run it again so as not to fall afoul of kabam.
    I suggest kabam takes the mistake in good faith and give every one the chance to run the event for the full 20,000 shards some have already gotten.
    The event is quite easy for those with stacked rosters but it's hell for majority of mid tier players. The extra 10k shards won't unbalance the game as it's still the top players that can do this without whaling out.
  • Nothing at all
    I don't really think this requires compensatio. A mistake happened and then fixed it. Some people got a little extra and others didn't. I still haven't ran it full year first time but hey, I misses out on an unintentional bonus
  • Something else
    Not our fault if we do completed it early and have it again today. But it would be nice if they put it as a daily quest lol
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