• I claimed the 3M I got. Much more generous than I expected, but still a reasonable amount. Guess I'm getting banned.
  • But there was also a gap between when they ran out of Civil War champs and when the next event started. The CW 5* crystal will be around until after the Punisher event ends. Either: - CW crystal/timer is a mistake - Going to have 3 feature champ crystals - No Punisher 2099
  • Exactly. Want to know how long I have left until the garbage gets added!
  • Exactly. They nerfed Archangel hard twice in a row and didn't say a word. Complaints in the spotlight thread went unanswered and now it's lost in forum oblivion. Nebula remains broken, absolute silence on their end. Same thing here. They won't change him, they won't say anything. They'll ignore it until it goes away.…
  • Some ideas: Option 1: - Make his sig a flat power gain rather than something that scales with bleed duration (especially since maintaining that bleed is so hard). - Make the second part of his sig scale the 0.5s bleeds up to 20s based on how long they've already been bleeding. Option 2: - Make his 0.5s bleeds trigger on…
  • I can't edit my post above, but disregard. Just tested 4.3.6 Venom again and staggering a buff does still trigger a heal.
  • This is definitely not how it was previously. I got him when he first came out and was disappointed that replacing a Stagger didn't count as expiring. However, a Stagger getting removed by blocking a buff DID cause a heal. If this has changed intentionally, it's a huge silent nerf and you guys need to own up to it. Video…
  • Hood L2 has never done heal reversal, maybe you're thinking of Guillotine? Fate Seal only nullifies and blocks new buffs for the duration.
  • Wholeheartedly agree. I'm biased because I opened 3 Nebula crystals and got nothing. I absolutely would have waited if I'd known about this.