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  • I haven't read most of this discussion, and I'll admit that firstly. I'd have to imagine that it isn't too pretty, though. I digress. Honestly, I don't mind the Sigil if it stays at the current price. Whatever. I'm not adverse to paying that amount for those advantages. What I want to do here is actually put a suggestion…
  • I could say a lot about this write-up but I think I'll leave it at this: absolutely excellent. That is a fantastically well thought-out opinion and I agree wholeheartedly. And as much flak as everyone gives Kabam Miike in the forums, I'd like to take a second and commend him as well. First reply to this post is a moderator…
  • I'd wait. See what that Colossus buff actually is before you use the gem on either of them.
    in Fate? Comment by Coachidite May 2019
  • So here are my thoughts on this matter, not that I'm an expert or anything. Hard gating 4* champions from Act 6 content is shady. A lot of players who are beginning to tackle Labyrinth use a 4* champ or two on their roster strictly for synergies. Heck, there's even footage out there of somebody taking a 4* ægon to Maestro…
  • Hello! I would like to participate in both the beta test and my alliance quest/war but I cannot due to the fact that my game is stuck on the Havok (not even the Sinister) loading screen. My wifi and data are not the problem here because I can do everything else with no problem. Thanks.
  • This thread gave me dyslexia
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but Guillotine gets one soul every 10% of total health you take off the opponent.
  • I will maintain that any boss that can be taken down by a 2* is not "too hard". There are videos of a 2* Cap IW doing it
  • Respectfully, man, this EQ is a lot easier than a lot of the others we've had recently. That definitely isn't a bad thing - on the contrary, this felt like the fairest EQ in a long while, which is why I don't feel too bad saying this: if you can't handle the highest difficulty of EQ, perhaps it would be best for you to…
  • God tier first pull, and then absolute **** for the next two years.
  • So, it seems to be working for roughly half of the people in this thread... That's odd. I wonder if it has to do with what phone we're all using? I'm on a Pixel 1, I don't know what the rest of y'all use. For those of you still struggling with the game, I'll be watching for a speedy resolution to you too. Any word on…
  • Well shoot, I didn't see that one coming. Good on Kabam for resolving this issue. However, it should not have happened in the first place. Many summoners, myself included, missed out on the grind for Proxima Midnight and (though not as impactful) a handful of days to work through Epic UC.
  • Oh, they definitely know it's an issue. They're merging threads left and right about this. I'm hoping that means they are actively communicating with their team about a fix for us all and don't want to preemptively say something that could be wrong. However, we must address the equally likely possibility that they just are…
  • This is extremely upsetting to me. I hadn't even explored UC 100% when I decided to update my phone. I had no clue about these issues for people with Android 9. Really, really hoping for a speedy fix to this issue because I would absolutely hate to see all the hours and money I've sunk into this game go down the drain.
  • Every time I log in and try to go into a quest or alliance event, this is what I see: I can't move or fight anyone. As you can imagine, this is a slight issue for me and I would appreciate a swift response. Thanks! More screenshots: My champion roster: My event quest (I can't even click past the dialogue): Device: Pixel 1…
  • It's all good. Thanks for the tags, mate!
  • Just to be extremely clear, I have uninstalled and reinstalled four times now and restarted my phone thrice. I also factory reset my phone last night, so it probably isn't that.
  • Alrighty, so here is my strategy for dealing with gold symboid, without Blade. I do have a 4/55 Blade, but I realize that not everyone does, so I'd like to try and provide answers that people may not have thought of. 1) The obvious answer is the Symboid. Yes, this means that you can't just do Epic difficulty right out of…
  • Blade, Black Widow, Crossbones, literally anyone with ability reduction is a great fight against Electro.
  • I think we're all being a wee bit too harsh on this dude. Yes, the idea is absurd (even though we would all love if it actually happened), but the poor guy got absolutely dumped on by the FGMC drop rate. Let him rant just a bit. Oh, and press F to pay respects.
  • It's absolutely not just you, Lunar. I've noticed the same thing and actually mentioned this in my alliance chat. The AI is harder now - much harder, bordering on cheap and, to my knowledge, we weren't told about that.
  • Rank-down tickets are too serious of a deal to be given out because players regret ranking up champs. Tickets are for when champs get nerfed out of the blue, like Scarlet Witch, Star-Lord and Dr. Strange were in the 12.0 update or, more recently, how Archangel's stun got pretty drastically changed (I still think…
  • I completed the entire Ultron fight with a 3* 4/40 Loki and only used one 20% revive because I screwed up and dashed when I shouldn't have. It's not exactly a hard fight if you know what you're doing. And the fact that you have a freaking Nebula at 3/45 means you should be sweeping that fight.
  • Yep, we're still in Normal as well. Not sure if that's a bug though bc of peak milestones.
  • This is an actual issue, though. Not just with the Blade synergy. The first time I checked my Wasp out to see what she could do, I was greeted by this: It also happened once on my Masacre, but I didn't get a screenshot of that. EDIT: oh wait, I guess I did get the Masacre pic.
  • Mate, just don't. Do NOT burn that gem on Carnage. Honestly, I'd save it for Medusa if you don't have her.
  • Hey mate, I'm not gonna say anything that hasn't been said already, but I will reiterate a few points that I think are vital. Your masteries aren't good - I can see that just from the PI of your top champs. The good news is that is an easy fix. Take points out of masteries like XP and the Gold ones - they're effectively…
  • ...They're good. Really good. I really would like to see Kabam keep this type of small-scale multiplayer around permanently - this first night of grinding the Dungeons with my friends and alliance mates has been more fun than just about anything I can remember recently in this game. And I know a lot of people agree here:…