We are aware of the issues surrounding collecting items from an in-game message(s). The team is working to resolve the issue and is hoping to have it sorted by the end of the week. More information and future communications will happen here.
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  • Do we have any information about when is Act 8.1 launching ?
  • Like someone mentioned Air walker is probably the next easiest fight. You will get half of shards and resources. If you don't run suicides void isn't bad
  • Tigra should not take Sp3 damage if she is holding heavies. That would be very helpful for her aggressive play style.
  • They have released two contents. One is for end game player with skills. Once is for people who want to do the event for fun. That's more than 99% of the player base. So yeah. They need to focus on the larger player base as well. I seriously don't know why are you complaining about the nerf ? If you want to do it with 4*…
  • You can still use your 4* in this fight. Even better, use 3 or 2 star and prove your skill. This nerf is for the people who needs that 3k 5* and Gold to improve their account. There is no need to be salty about it and blame other people.
  • Kabam will give us a falcon :lol:
  • Probably he is coming in the upcoming featured 5* crystal. Kabam wants to see some quick money by selling him in exclusive crystal.
  • Exactly. I had the same feeling today. Used to pull 5* shards and T4b frequently. Now I only pull gold and iso for the past week. Not sure if it's a silent nerf or my luck is bad.
  • How about scaling your server for couple of days if you know prior there is gonna be a spike in traffic ? It's something happens frequently whenever new content drops. You don't want your users to get frustrated. I don't defend the trash comments at all. But they should do something about it rather than letting their…
  • I find 6.2 Champion fight is the hardest one in game and I don't care if it's easier for you or not. You said it's a bug. None of the indestructible ability says the attacker won't deal any damage. It simply says they won't take any damages. For the 100th time... Damage Dealt is not equal to Damage taken. MS and BWCV…
  • Exactly. It's NOT A BUG at all. if they are gonna make the change they should admit it is a nerf. If it was a bug the champion would have been taking damage. But that's not the case here. They simply want to call this interaction bug because it helps people to deal with a hardest fight in the game.
  • Do you read before commenting ? That man is literally telling MS is dealing damage just that Champion boss isn't taking it. MS ablity just says she will Regen 50% of damage dealt not the Damage defender is taking. If it's wrong, explain what caused these interactions in the first place.
  • Damage dealt is not sams as Damage Taken. With indestructible charges champion doesn't take the damage that doesn't mean the attacks doesn't deal any damage. This is the reason in the first place BWCV and MS was able to Regen. Because they are still dealing the damage. It's just that Champion is not taking them. so it's…
  • People rank up champions to finish one fight because they are the better counter for that fight. I suppose if they use it for one fight or all fight shouldn't be any of your concern though.
  • Do you even know how much money people spend on this game ? If they are disappointed they have full rights to tell that in an official forum. You don't get to tell people when they should move on from a game.
  • This month is a win-win for all that level of players. People who enjoy difficult content can go for Epic and get acrons. People just became Uncollected can do master and get all the rewards. That's a good thing. I hope kabam does more of these kinda events in the following months as well.