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  • For a second there I thought you meant that your spine broke.
  • Had the same problem just the other day. I was going for 2 tier-3 skill catalysts and was constantly rewarded fragments. I think I was going almost an hour just repeating the quest over & over again...I was close to spending cash on units, but i…
  • You shouldn't be expecting any form of punishment whatsoever. The reason being is that "beta testers" had already gone through this new update for AW, and believed that everything was good to roll out, however, that was the complete opposite after h…
  • Try throwing 1 - 3 hit combos. Keeping them short and expecting his evades will have you on your toes and ready to block or parry (if you're lucky) successfully. I got the hang of it when the "Web-Slinger Challenge" was present around July.
  • I was thinking about something like this a couple days ago! Perhaps a sorting option like "last used" champions should be implemented, showing you the specific champions you used in the arena in a specific order. Not sure how that would work out in …
  • Mordo's AI can definitely be tricky. From well-timed attacks to waiting for an L3...most fights will typically be just as a annoying, or it can run smoothly. The champion you use does not matter from what I've seen so far - just watch out for champi…
  • Not to mention that most syms are completely idle even though their PI is over 10,000+. Typically, it's usually best to bring regenerative champions - the likes of Wolverine, the Iron-Men, or even block proficient champions like Quake, Captain Ameri…
  • To add what Grinder has said - make sure to scroll all the way down on the avatar selection to save the picture you have chosen. Most people forget to do that as it's kinda hidden away from our sight.