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  • Yep rushed. fox had to make another f4 movie otherwise the production rights will revert back to marvel
  • Yes I was. I guess. i should reset my mastery. Thanks guys.
  • I hope some of the players here would stop complaining about the rewards. It's just a very short quest but it rewards a full 5*. I'm an F2P but I also understand those spenders why they have their demands/complaints/concerns/requests, and I'm thankful to you guys because your contributions enable Kabam to continually…
  • Will sunspot be in his energized state all the time or will it be like a pre fight ability, or maybe similar to the hood's invisibility where you dash back and hold block for a certain duration
  • Champs in the game are ISO-8 enhanced so basically they all have a shot against Galactus
    in Silver Surfer. Comment by JCBR July 2019
  • What I remember is he only loses 1 charge of indestructible no matter how many hits he's getting from the sp3 because sp3's are considered as "single source" of damage
  • Maw was like the first one I saw turn into dust after Iron Man's snap
  • Gotcha! I'm not really sure if this is correct but based on what I've observed, once a recent champ is added in PHC pool, that champ is also added in featured crystals. Let's say there's the spider man stealth suit featured crystal. Of the most recently released champs you can get, excluding the featured one, would be Nick…
  • I guess it depends on the featured champ. If the featured champs is a new one, let's say spider man stealth suit, there is a small chance for that champ but you are guaranteed at least a 3 star and a chance to get a 5 star. Now for champs that are already added in PHCs, I think the featured crystal would say "Increased…
  • Personally, I don't think investing units in PHCs is worth it. Better use it on masteries or if you really want to spend units on crystals better go uncollected. Those special crystals have better drop rates
  • Event quest: Gwenpool - agent of CABLE
  • Yes Domino did appear in the Deadpool 2 film but look at the design, it's the comic Domino, not the one portrayed by zazie beetz
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • Let me be clear if I'm not. Next month's new champs will be related to X-Men/X-Force/Mutants however the design won't be drawn from the Dark Phoenix movie. Let's look at this game's history. Nightcrawler, Domino, Beast, Archangel, Psylocke - these are just some of the characters that were released the same month an X-men…
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • Like, which champs? and you mean like from Fox's X-Men Franchise?
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • I'm not sure what your point is.
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • What I meant is that if the movie isn't part of MCU, Kabam won't release a character whose design is based off that movie. Never has there been any movie-based character looks that were from non-MCU films.
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • The guy is right, around 1.2 m but take note that a lot will be grinding in for him due to the special objective "Get a 3-star avenger". Even veteran players might grind for him as most of them had gotten all the avengers except Ronin.
    in ronin arena Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • What is?
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • Kabam is owned by Netmarble and Netmarble is a direct partner of Marvel under Disney. That means that any characters that are somewhat related to a film being released in the same month will not be derived from that movie. Remember Fox's Deadpool 2, Kabam released a comic version of Domino and a Deadpool inspired Masacre.…
    in June Champions Comment by JCBR May 2019
  • The 6% increase in attack is actually nothing compared to the debuffs void can inflict. I suggest you keep miles morales away. Don't mind the increase in team rating.
  • I mean, 6-star featured crystal
  • Is there already a 6-star featured champ that contains ronin?
  • I have acquired 3* Hulk multiple times from crystals, especially back then when there were only few characters in the game and that was 3 years ago
  • When was the last time you released a champion whose abilities aren't hard to understand?
  • This month's EQ doesn't sound so exciting. Hope the endgame quest will feature something new and very enjoyable... tired of getting the same kind of rewards each month.
  • I have a question. Are Masacre and Massacre 2 different characters? The Massacre I knew in the comics was a Spider-Man villain, but I don't remember him wearing a Deadpool costume, and his origin is entirely different form what I was in the game.
  • I don't have any good mystic champs so I just used Quake for master difficulty. I was able to fully explore it with the use of 1 Level 1 revive and 2 Level 2 revives.
  • Every time they release a new character it's too OP. I miss the days when all champs can basically compete with one another
  • He's not serving as an Avenger in the movie but in the MCU Hulk and Gladiator Hulk are no different. Did you hear Hulk called WWHulk in the Movie? No. He's MCU Hulk whose outfit is inspired by the WWHulk storyline. If Gladiator Hulk was based on the comics, the tags would be different, but it's the exact same Hulk from the…