The game team has resolved this issue. Keys will be distributed via in-game messages and the quest timer will be extended.
More information and timeline here.
*This includes currently unclaimable keys as well*
As previously announced, the team will be distributing an additional point toward milestones to anyone who completed the Absorbing Man fight in the first step of the Winter of Woe.
This point will be distributed at a later time as it requires the team to pull and analyze data.
The timeline has not been set, but work has started.


  • I took a aq fight with no masteries in anything last week when they were free to change… couldn’t work it out for a second but had just forgot to put them back on. Glad it wasn’t aw. Also had a 0 point match in battlegrounds that I didn’t feel that good about 😂
  • Mate, if u said the night is dark u would get dislikes here. 😂 not sure what it is that’s to dislike to ask for some information regarding this. If we didn’t make it then cool. No one wants something they don’t deserve (apart from the cheats).
  • I’m not too sure they have gone back all the way yet as I got compo for pergatory but have yet to receive any for herc and kitty featured (I finished 10 places or under out of top 100 for both and considering some have risen like 20/30 places in some arenas I’d have thought we would have had at least 10 cheats for them…
  • Mmm feedback from what? u don’t know what it will b like with the filters yet so it’s defo not fact. It may still benefit u. Best wait till we c what it’s like first. C ur point about the help for sure and don’t get me wrong the game has loads of little things that would help us all but as this thread was about auto…
  • 😂 me and I were defo ur most prominent words there mate. Not everything in the game is about u or I. If it helps others then that is also a good thing right? And they already did the help 10 ages ago.
  • Got to say that it’s really cool to hear that zero gets in early and does this stuff that he thinks will help us all in his own time, defo deserves some props and appreciation. Can’t wait for the arena change too. Thx man 👍
  • My boy (and me sometimes😁) plays a game that has a simple system that works. Not sure if I am allowed to say the names of things In here but it’s one that he adopts, trades and grows pets. Like said above if u want to give for free then u just place a pet and the other player accepts without placing anything. U have 3…
  • Done my trades. Thx to ign squatchkillerz. 👍
  • Looking to trade up to 20. Done a few In here already. In game name is zeus420god 👍
  • Many thx for the gift kabam. Merry Christmas to all
  • Yeah would b cool if it was safer. 👍
  • Some players have been playing with friends for years that they obvs trust but the friends just want milestones or r not gifting this year. We all have different situations and some find it hard to find people to trade with and r never going to change alli for it. This thread is helpful for some and seems to b legit so far.
  • Just traded with @ivigoo 👆 and he was good for his word. Thx mate 👍. My in game name is zeus420god.
  • Yeah this is great. I have been affected more than once so really happy about this. Great work kabam. 👍
  • Bro, don’t worry about the haters. U could say a desert is dry and some will disagree in here. Loads have got involved and I didn’t realise there was a limit anyway.
  • Totally agree with op’s point of view with this. I am 1 away with no way to make it up. I spend my 5* awakening gems on the solo class advancements so I can get arena resources which will have to stop now as I’m not going to risk loosing the most important thing in the whole game to me again. I have mystic advancement in…
  • This should b done before we get them. I won’t rank any new/buffed champ as u r right that we should wait for our own sakes but we shouldn’t need to if they have been realised to us in game. This ain’t the creator server and I’m disappointed too as I was really excited and he looked like a champ I would invest In but now…
  • It’s pretty simple in my eyes… side quests should b based on skill and knowledge, aimed at each players level of progression and b fun with fair to good rewards (also matched to players progression). They should defo not b a pain point for players and should not need specific new champs to get it t done (giving us a 3 star…
  • Don’t put t it down in here or we will never get them 😉. What r we gonna chase if we have the missing pieces. I need groot and cap ww2 😁😈 Only messing obvs, I need a doom.
  • I’m really hoping that the solo mode comes out ASAP and makes a difference to this game because I think it can save it but they gotta make it worth while and adding new champs to that (as long as it’s available for all in some way so ftp can progress too) could make it fun again and keep it competitive.
  • What about just releasing 1 champ per month for 6/8 months of the year and 2 on special occasions (Halloween, just before deals etc)? It would give them more time to get the champs right, get real buffs that r useful done and open up more arena spots as u could have double the arenas for that champ (or maybe 1 extra round…
  • I was grinding arena so was planning to get units for that and brought all deals in one go at the start as they were released and got 3 crystals as comp. can’t honestly remember what I pulled though.
  • I got 3 and brought all the deals 😂
  • As above lads. Done it 7 times and can’t do it again so all looks cool.
  • Oh we have 2 from uk and in from us 😁