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  • It was fine yesterday, so whatever change was made at the start of this AQ. Can confirm it’s happening to several people in our alliance.
    in AQ Timeout Comment by KhalDJ May 2020
  • Please, enlighten us on what is “healthy behavior” for the game.
  • How much easier can they make this? You don’t even need to PLACE the defenders. All you need to do is lock in your team. The system already places them on random open spots if you didn’t do your own placement.
  • There is definitely something wrong with the tiers this season. In two of our wars, we came in the match-up as the higher rated alliance, but we received a lower multiplier than the opposing team. I understand this whole 50/50 business when the alliance is on the cusp of the next tier but it makes no sense to be receiving…
  • So as we all know, the first war of the season was bugged in that it did not grant a win bonus, nor count points towards the season. But for those of you on the cusp between tiers, did you notice that the 2nd war did not grant a correct multiplier? I've been going back and forth with Kabam Support on this and they've been…
  • Line: khaldj AQ 5X5, AW T3, Plat 3 top 50
  • Regal is P3, with T3/4 wars. AQ 5X5 is around top 300. No event mins, we just hit the milestones through regular play. We are looking for one. Please add khaldj on Line if you’re interested. Thanks!
  • P3, AQ 5X5 ranks around top 300. Looking for someone to run Path 6/7, and Path 9. Let me know if you are able to handle one or the other. Line ID: khaldj
  • P3, AQ 5X5 around top 300. Looking for one to run either Path 6/7 or Path 9. Let me know if interested. Line ID: khaldj
  • Let me know if you’re still looking. Line: khaldj T3/4 wars. Plat 3 this season is the target. Like you, we’re not looking to grind hard for Plat 1. Deaths in war will happen; they suck but we’re not gonna yell at anyone over it. It is a game after all. AQ 655, scoring 150M+ for a comfortable top 500. Our Map 6 BG is set…
  • I can vouch for Ground Round’s. :) I’m run my main in Map 6, T3-4 alliance. My smaller side account runs with Ground Round’s crew, and I’ve been with them for over half a year now. The officers keep things organized in AQ and War, and there is strong communication across the players. They ranked Gold 2 last season which…
  • Line ID: khaldj Ally tag: IN-H We’re floating between T3 and T4. AQ starting prestige is 7.2K, 5X5 puts us in the top 500. What we’re looking for: a full bg that can score an average attack bonus of 158-160 out of 165, to keep pace with our other two. Let me know if you guys are interested and we can chat. Thanks!
  • Looking for 2 before AQ starts today Current starting prestige is 7100+ War rating is 2270, so we will bounce around T3/T4. No assigned lanes for AQ, but war lanes will be assigned depending on what you have in your roster and matched up with the minibosses. Our Map 6 BG is optional, so if you’re tired of it, we can fit…
  • Sounds good man, I’m watching the game right now too.
  • AQ 5X5, score around 125M. Clear every week with hours to spare - none of that last minute tagging people to move. Line ID: khaldj IGN: Khal DJ Alternatively you can also look up my ally mate: Line ID: idocnole IGN: idochashi We’re both active and will respond to any inquiries you may have. Thanks!
  • Hey there, add me on Line if you’re interested: khaldj We are Gold 1, war tier 4-5. AQ 5X5. Events are pretty standard: Item Use and Completion. No arena required but we do have a few grinders among us. We’re very organized, so we get our stuff done while still being able to prioritize work/family/life.
  • Hi there, We may fit your criteria if you're still looking for an alliance. AQ 5x5, war 3 times a week with all 3 BGs. Assigned lanes for war and AQ depending on who you have in your roster and your skillset. War tier is between 4-6, currently at the top of Gold 1, and we'll let you know which defenders to bring. You may…
  • She gains Cruelty against naturally bleed immune opponents, i.e. Vision, Luke Cage, Ultron. It doesn't work when it's a debuff immune node. It's the same thing for bleed immune war nodes.
  • Punisher 2099 heal blocks when there's a regeneration buff active, such as Iron Man, Ultron, Wolverine. He's not able to block passive healing on champs like Mephisto, Magik, Old Man Logan, etc.
  • It's the Unfazed mastery. They have x% chance to throw an Unstoppable after you evade.