Summoners, we are aware of an issue where the Summoner Sigil's Golden Circle Quest is not available to all players. We are continuing to investigate this. We will be sure to compensate for any missed Gold once we have fixed the issue.



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  • Crashing and restarting the game fixed it for now.
  • @"Kabam Miike" With the milestones right-sized, would you guys please consider giving us all another crack at Mister Negative in the near future? For those that like to have their rosters collection filled out, it would be good to have an opportunity to get 3* Mister Negative at the new 2M point level vs the out-of-reach…
  • Thank you very much for evaluating and addressing this major issue. I look forward to seeing how these changes feel when compared to pre-Shang Chi area.
  • I started out okay - Doc Oc and Nebula were my first two 6*. My next two were a pool of **** - Venompool and Deadpool X -Force. I hope my luck turns around with them soon because they are too few and far between to keep getting the very bottom of the barrel.
  • Please fix this already. There are solutions that don’t require weeks of redevelopment, such as recalibrating the rewards to be equal to the same amount of grind as pre-launch. We are losing precious time to bank units for July 4th. These changes and solution delays are not user friendly whatsoever.
  • @Monk1... @DNA3000 is completely correct about the ACTUAL purpose of arenas. It's to keep us engaged when we are waiting for energy to rebuild in quest-based content. For the employees and executives at Kabam, the biggest KPIs are: number of app downloads, number of active users, time-spent per user, and real-world…
  • Whale accounts aside, we've all worked hard to get where we are. It's not that people aren't willing to put in the time. It's that Kabam made it twice as hard to get what you used to get for X amount of time spent. And they advertise it as some great thing. That is a giant middle finger to the community.
  • Getting news champs just became way more time consuming they nerfed that purpose along with unit farming. Before, while the targets were undefined and varied depending on how many people made runs at the champs, you could get a basic for 1.5M-2M points and a featured for 2.3M-3M. Now you have to go higher...way…
  • ABORT!!! ABORT!!! ABORT!!! Reset to the old arena structure next week and reassess the milestone rewards (or the refresh rates, or the point structures, or whatever you need to flex to maintain the old reward-to-time ratio)
  • THIS THIS THIS!! At the announcement, I was excited for the change and hoped for the best. There were some good ideas. However, the execution and the "very shallow point of view" in the milestone rewards structure, made me not give a **** about arenas anymore. After an hour in each of them, it's clear that arenas are now a…
  • You literally just stacked the arenas in complete favor of the whales and the players that have built up enormously deep 5* & 6* champ rosters over years. I've been playing for 11 months and just achieved Uncollected. I have been able to accumulate 25 5* and 3 6* champs in that time. And I've only been able to meaningfully…