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  • These rewards are awesome cause they don’t make me feel like I have to play more than I want to.
  • IPhoneX iOS 11.4 Game lags and glitches like never before and phone gets so hot that it hurts to hold it
  • I may be missing a thread about this here but has everyone forgotten about the massive server outages last week? The ones that only involved groups of players and not everyone? I was on track to finish my Corvus grind without burning Too many more u…
  • 4 hours now. can we get an update please?
  • nightmaernightmarenightmaeirnightmaaeirnightmaernightmiernighatmatetnightmarenightmiernightmaiernightmaierghnightmariernmgihgtmaiernmiahggmaeifnightmarenightmierarenmightmamerenightmarenightnaremmnightnmaernightnaermnightmearenightmarenighmarenighmi…
  • iOs iphone X tried on two different stable wifi connections and on LTE been locked out for over an hour now goodby sweet corvus tried reinstalling app have force quit multiple times no results please help
  • This mode has really made me lose a great deal of faith in the contest. I have near 8K prestige and around 800K player rating. Last night it took me 5 hours to reach the last milestone because of bugs and silly mistakes my friends made which didn’t …
  • 100% agree. The concept is really cool but just extend the milestone requirement to 7 day cycle 14K and reduce the cost of items in the store. Simple fix.
  • @"Kabam Miike" @Ad0ra @Ad0ra_ @"Kabam Wolf" can someone please at least acknowledge this is a pretty annoying issue? This isn’t my first time posting about this and I don’t want to spam but I haven’t heard anything in regards to …
  • Please consider integrating t1a and T4B Into milestones With 12 million as the last milestone it’s gonna be really hard to get T4B and t1a along side this arena. On top of that we’re going to need a significantly larger amount of these resources giv…
  • Change the premiums for GMC in the milestones. PHCs are an insult.
  • @1haunted_memory I am aware of what the post says. I’d just like some more confirmation as to when we might be able to expect and can we be sure as there are only 22 minutes left to attempt for a feature in the event that there has been some lapse.
  • Everyone that has enough shards to get a 6 star character has worked really hard on difficult content to have the resources to get one. I feel like it would make sense to award these players with a definite chance to pull a decent champ. It wouldn’t…
  • Any info on when we might be seeing more t5b catalysts? This would effect rank up decisions and determining how to use t2a in the foreseeable future.
  • @"Kabam Miike" any info on this by chance?
  • Thanks so very much. @"Kabam Miike" this means it’s safe to rank our sentry and other received 5* champs from that window yesterday or do we need to keep our champs unranked until voids are received
  • Can we please get some information on this today?
  • @"Kabam Miike" any news for us today regarding this old fashioned Mix up?
  • Can we expect this to be resolved today? The outcome of this situation will greatly effect how I choose to proceed with crystal opening.
  • Thanks very much @"Kabam Miike" Reassuring to know this is still on the table and the radar. Much appreciate being heard/understood
  • Now, we have not yet decided what actions we are going to take, but since the problem has been resolved, we can start those conversations. That was the last thing said by an administrator. Since that statement people have just been arguing with one…
  • @DarkestDestroyer that void was not pulled from a void crystal. It was pulled from a sentry Crystal shortly after the void Crystal was mistakenly taken down. Void was not available in the void crystal. @"Kabam Miike" confirmed that they ma…
  • If we can’t have a discussion about this on both ends can we at least know when we can expect to have an answer so we can play plan and progress accordingly. Please.
  • Can we please get an update on what will be done amend the mistake of adding the wrong feature crystal today? Many of us summoners were extremely excited to acquire a 5* void so we attempted for him as soon as the crystal was available. This means t…
  • You should have at least reduced the cost of the feature crystal if you’re going to reduce the chance of pulling a desired champ. More people will go for 15K if they want even 30% of the champs which is unlikely given the inconsistency of new champs…
  • ThanzBro flexflexflex
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  • Yes you can call the American dental association to find a dentist that accepts your insurance if you have it or a doctor near you that can help you with your needs. 312 440 2500 As for me I need help with getting battlechips and it's too time consu…