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  • Sorry, maybe that is fun and interactive. What do I know?
  • Was the expected interaction, for a path that doesnt penalize science, but does penalize everyone else, with gulk against his friend dormy, to need a 500+ combo to win?
  • My r4 Venom (not science, so 50% attack reduction) does more damage than r5 gulk. So yes this path is ducked.
  • The answer is venom. Dont over think it. If you dont start with armor up, heavy until you do.
  • In that scenario, when hit 1 kills, that wouldnt count either from my testing. But, yes, keep calm and combo on.
  • You will be asked to be Kabams QA here. So try and post a video (i think it requires putting it on youtube, no idea...) so please do their job for no comp. Also, dont expect a lositive outcome. Happy Spring!!
  • This is dumber than dumb threads I have started. 3.1 will always have 6 paths. One of them this time was extra easy. Jump on the bugs, and lack of clarity. And lack of accountability, and acknowledgement, and all other things!!! But not this.
  • Was using S2 my man.
  • Well, I actually double down on my original statement. Using Gulk vs Mordo on this same path, with no FaceMe active, I was doing 3x damage than vs Dormy with Face me active. Something wonky is going on. But I am not being paid enough to be QA, and in reality the bugs of the past 2-3 months habent earned NetMarble goodwill…
  • It worked every time. Against ultron too. Looking at you act 5 ultron boss. Drax is how I beat him every time.
  • OP, this whole game has become an incoherent mess. WTF are we doing Signed, person that loved drax pre drax killing evaders nerf, someone that spent far too much but is done with that, and end game player you would think netmarble would cater to. And mother of dragons and breaker of chains.
  • Although, using medusa, when I have furies up and cause bleed, the bleeds are doing ticks in the teens. So, it is like the node resets base attack. Her bleeds with furies shouldnt be nerfed. This whole game is turning to ****.
  • I read nodes man. Guess I had a dyslexic moment. Descriptions need more commas. Nothing to see here. Move on....
  • ****. Thanks....damnit. i read that to be the opposite
  • OMG, how do I load a video... In 6.1.6, there is a path with caustic temper, that poisons you when hit. And all classes but Science see 50% attack reduction. This is after the split past Heimdall, first fight is dormy (Samsung Galaxy s10, android 9.0, 23.0.1 or whatever version up to date on 5/15/19) I used 5* 5/65 sig 150…
  • I have a video, @"Kabam Miike" Sorry, I know tagging is against forum rules. But I also know it is the only way to gain traction.
  • BTW, when your combo meter is correct, to get the carry over combo, I would bet it is because a bleed tick did the kill....
  • Hmm, just beat MK in 6.1.6 with aegon. Last hit was finisher. So 111 combo * .75 should be 83.25. Round down to 83. But 82 carried over. But if I dont count the finisher, so my combo is 110 *.75 = 82.5. So accurate rounded down to 82. I think its working as intended. Wish Kabam didnt treat us as employees though building…
  • This is interesting. I use him a lot and end fights with the 5 hit S1 in first fights building a combo. Will try to catch this interaction. Likely right that the finishing blow plus other hits do not count. Just like a rogue s1 finishing blow doesnt give you health, and similar interactions.
  • @"Kabam Lyra" This was listed as a known bug in April, with an expected fix in 23.0.1. But it was clearly not fixed, and also didn't make it to the updated May known bugs (and thanks to the team for being more diligent updating it). Can you confirm, and add this back to the current known bugs, to create some visibilty and…
  • How does peteify interact? That just reduces the chance their regen procs, and effectiveness. I guess if petrify is maxed, regen should be less, so reverse heal would be less. But you dont need petrify for despair to work, unless I am missing something.
  • But, it also isnt an immediate full reversal. If you have it maxed, and have 10 debuffs on, should reverse it by 50%. So, a 2k heal would do 1k damage. This used to stack (15+15+15) and not be... the other way which would cap it (15% + 15%*1.15 + N*1.15)
  • You can reverse regen with just the despair mastery. Or at least you could in the past. This is how I got past LOL X23 using VooDoo. If Kabam changed this to cap at 100% (so no reversal) it was a silent change, and probably really unfair to players that havent done certain content yet.
  • That broken clock would be right more times then NetMarbles QA team.
  • I never noticed the limber description from variant was different. Damn Kabam should call it something else. I actually think Dom should still het her extra second with massacre. But its an order of operations question, and Kabam is terrible at giving visibility into stuff like that.
  • You mean, since they introduced acknowledged bugs. Said they would be fixed in future updates, didnt fix, and have since ignored? Yes, less. First time I havent bought an AG offer.
  • The known bugs list is still incorrect. Also, Sentinels S1 is not fixed. I read some comments about the timing just being different. Which is then still an unannounced change post 22.0 that should he reverted with lack of communication.
  • They took it out of the known bugs list, with the anticipation that 23.0.1 would fix it. And have failed to add it back to the bugs list and acknowledge its still broken. (Among other things, like sentinels S1 and thei interrupting your attack or hitting in to block with a special) Dont waste pots. Just hope they fix it in…
  • Whichever one steps up to take better accountability of the known bugs list.