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  • Masteries will help you a ton when you get into that kind of content. Surprised that's all you've done with your masteries being that far. Don't buy crystals. You may get lucky. But more than likely you won't. Buy crystals only when you're done with your masteries. You can use your glory and loyalty for alliance pots as…
  • This is only exciting to me if we don't have to do heroic and master first to unlock the uncollected difficulty. That's just too much. Make it something we can jump straight into and I'm all for it. I'm not spending 300 units just to pass over heroic when the rewards are worth it for how easy it is.
  • They should raise the cap on all materials if they're not going give more alphas. 75% of my alliance is bottlenecked by alphas. The ones that aren't don't have a 5* roster worth ranking yet. This is an issue for people wanting to progress that have the gold and rank up materials and are having to wait. We run map 5 so we…
  • This I agree with. I always wondered why they don't offer things like that with a limit of one. 1 4* for half the shards. 1000 instead of 2000. A 5* crystal at 25% off. Or something like that. Now that I think about it, people would probably complain if they didn't have enough shards for the offer.
  • Even without doing the heavy attack charge and not using aftershock, quake has pretty high damage output. I see a lot of crits on medium attacks hitting around 1900-2100 at r5 and that was without suicides. She's a strong champ without question. And way better than she hulk. Plus you can win a fight without hitting the…
  • Don't be surprised if the only way you get t5b is by fully exploring act 5. Maybe by just finishing 5.4 but that's at the least. No way they release that kind of rank up material as a $ offer only first.
  • I don't see them announcing that event without the intentions of doing it anyways. Don't be surprised to see a post that says, "unfortunately, we didn't make our goal. But we're doing the arena event and the 1$ crystal anyways!" Or something of that nature.
  • I'm having the same issue. Although I know the arena is an avenue it shouldn't be the only avenue. I don't have time to run arena consistently, so I'm only able to rank one 5* a month basically. There should be other ways to gain gold. We shouldn't receive the same amount of gold for finishing a fight on the last chapter…
  • It really depends on what you want, your skill and how you play. If you depend on blocking to get you through paths than you go ww2. He's pretty bland besides his s2 though. Yj has utility. I have an unduped 5* YJ at r3 and I quest with him constantly. If you're good at baiting specials or if you're not good at baiting…
  • Can I move it? Or does a mod have to do that?
  • I also want to add that the fatigue is turned into poison. And you don't have fatigue and poisons at the same time. Reducing willnpower of course.
  • Something that rewards skill sounds nice. Like an achievement list in some kind of quest realm that gives rewards for using skills you use everyday but using them in different ways or combinations. I like that. Also, nodes that don't require us to degenerate our health without being hit sounds nice as well. There have to…
  • I'm not buying the crystals anymore. They aren't worth it either. I'm level 60 and I keep getting xp boosts I just burn them on item use. But I agree the crystal could use a refresh as well
  • We run 5x5, counting loyalty from aw I keep accumulating it with nothing to spend it on. We're not ready for map 6 yet although we're contemplating doing it day one soon. I have almost a mil in loyalty and level 2 pots don't really do much these days.
  • Anything. A new champ. New boosts. Ways to gather more class specific ISO on certain days. A crystal that awards shards or fragments. T1 alphas maybe? Seeing as some middle to high alliances are having more difficulty obtaining them now. Maybe offer full t1 class cats or partial t2 class cats. Just maybe a little refresher.
  • For the record bro, I don't feel like that amount of work is worth one 5* crystal. I understand that having those units already would seem like a decent deal. We only get about one 5* a month, I think it should start to be a bit more than that soon. I'm sure I could get more if I spent a bit more time in the arena so I…
  • I've noticed this too. Used to get those fragments from the other map crystals in milestones. Now only getting map5/6 crystals has forced us to buy them. We only get a few a week from events. I was the same way. Used to sell 12 at least monthly now I'm having to horde them.
  • Not bad Doc, I'm really disappointed with my 5* duped red clops. He's r3 and his damage is puny. I had a 50 hit streak in act 5 and had no crits and no damage over 875 on all 3 beams. That's just ridiculous. Something has to be done about him.