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  • Thanks!
  • Hi Kabam Jax, Those your play time stats incrased or dicrased? One of our guys out of 13 games won 2... I barely play. I really had so much fun playing it before with 3° 4°. Maybe you could create like you do from time time Arenas - you could create a 2nd deck (not for 1000 units) and max 4° (limitations are easy to do).…
  • I believe with current system you will experience drop in hours played by users. Conclusion: is not about fair rules, is about fun and hours which you play the game. That converts in some instances in units (coz you want to do better in league charts etc). EA is very good at it: your BG was nothing else then Fifa Mobile…
  • OMG ;) i was thinking that i had to do September ones, which are already gone.....thanks Ace2319... is just not super clear ;)
  • i admire creativity of the game designers and is a great thing that you trying to make content more atractive, but that comes with reliability. Same thing with CGR crystal.... never got it in a first place neighter. I mean ...siriously....?!
  • im sorry, but i was playing whole month and never recieved those objectives neighter. i checked on youtube they were quite cool. those that means that whole month i can not play side quest? i mean with all do respect, you do want people to retire from the game or what?
  • Modok hotel is live. i used my daily key to open EPIC and content is to hard! will you try to keep some certain balance between the contests? i could easily do Red Room on Epic, but this one with those indexes + buffs...who is it made for? Because top players they not gonna be satisfy with the rewards.. if it suppose to be…
  • hi Everyone, my first post here. Im a very happy guy Today, coz i got my Mutant awakening gem. ;) Before the Red Army i was debating between Archangel and Namor, but Today 3days left i was hoping for miracle to not stop playing game for good. and it happens ,;)so i wish you all the right ones!;] and game have to be fun and…