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  • Well my 6* luck in my alt is definitely worse than yours. Cap WWI and Sup IM. It’s just tragic but they might get a buff one day. Your list is pretty good. I think you should get 1 in 10 god tier and 1 in 4 decent champ. You have so many good 5*s, your pulls is definitely above average. Your Hercules, torch, Kingpin, doom,…
    in NOOOOOO Comment by SammyDe September 26
  • Not a Quaker, so Ultron for me. No need to worry about the combo meter like G2099 and don’t have spacing skills for Tigra. I have all except for Tigra. Only Ultron is rank 5 for me.
  • 40% of your roster but probably 67% of your fights while you have Hercules.
  • That’s a pretty nice roster. I have a rank 3 Prof X and only took me 8 months to learn his rotation / his versatility. He is quite op once you power lock your opponent…
  • Dragonman is on my wish list. Congrats. I pulled a 6* black cat just a few minutes ago from a basic. So pretty happy. Now I just have to work out how to use her. With only 52 6*, I don’t think the dual crystal is for me just yet. I have around 115 5*, so I go for the 5* featured if there’s 3-5 old champs that I don’t have…
  • Well, I am bad even with the best counters. At least the offered champ can tick two objectives. I did use HM in week one as I already got him as a 5* and bought the week 2 offer because I don’t have Colossus yet. Used AA and Doom for that. Luckily I already have a 6* Odin and just rank 3 him for this fight (he is my 3rd…
  • You will get there @BowTieJohn, you are just one pull away from a god tier champ in my opinion.
  • Thanks guys, yeah I been wanting a Colossus for a long, long time and will eventually rank 5 him. But I will get some nuggets first… If it is Kitty tomorrow, I will still buy the deal…
  • Just glad they don’t do this based on shoe sizes!
    in Size Comment by SammyDe September 12
  • I suppose Apoc needs it more as Kitty is broken at rank 3… Vendemiaire insights really helped.
  • Feels like the game don’t want you to travel overseas or go camping out of cell range. Luckily I love my couch and WiFi too much! Sorry to see that mate, always sucks to miss those juiciest milestones. Wish I can give you my spare sunglasses.
  • Well, it’s either hoarding or let them expire, right? I have almost 80 4* AG crystals from the supreme solo crystals and my inventory is almost full with barely any champs to use them on. At least let us trade in for some 5* sig stones or something. I really don’t want to hoard but also don’t want things to go to waste.
  • Can I ask how many energy refills / units did you guys spend to do your runs? Thanks.
  • Congrats! I will just stick to someone that helps me with Act 7/8. Well I only got 2 rank 3s now, so it’s between Professor X and Apoc… Unless I pull a top tier 6* between now and the next EOP reward.
  • Quake and Ghost - more of a skill gap on my end than anything. Maybe Stealthy and Domino because I don’t like the double contact mediums…
  • Gets a lot more complicated when you consider there are different types of crystals which gives different odds like SQ, featured, dual class, seasonal deal, Abyss nexus, gifting crystals (r.i.p.). I have 49 champs from 58 pulls which is heavily skewed towards Science: Science 21 (1 from dual class) Cosmic 11 Skill 9 Mutant…
  • 8 SQ this month - new 6* Thing 13 Cav nexus from EQ / Sunday TB - 2 new 6* (But it is Sentry and Moon Knight) 4 legendary - 3 5* 2 new & 1 dupe 6 featured 5* - all new Omega Sentinel, 2x Void and Magik (went 0 for 15 for Void before this) Mythic crystal - new 5* Longshot Mutant 6* nexus - new Psylocke So 5* is really great…
  • I got 8 crystals from 4 weeks, got a brand new 6* Thing. Should I shelf my 5* rank 4 sig 100 Thing?
  • Congrats on your paragon title and godly pulls. At least I know where my luck went… my EOP mutant nexus had Beast, OML and Psylocke.
  • This is painful but I am almost there, opened the crystals and got 8 new out of 15. Both my thumbs and joints are so sore, I missed a couple of dex against the AQ boss yesterday. I don’t remember this arena last year, was still new to the game. Think I only got uncollected by the last week of the summer camp, then had a…
  • I like your idea but where do I get 90 revives? Seem like a lot of farming to me. Silly question, I don’t farm, but if I want to, do you have to complete the quest to get the item(s)? Or do you just end the quest after you reach the said item(s)?
  • I just know the next god tier 6* is coming out of that mythic crystal to some lucky summoners. Good luck to you all!
  • Can a 5* Diablo do it?
  • Only done it last week because of the overflow revives expiring. I had to literally pull a 5* Nick Fury last week to attempt the last TB milestone. I totally sucked at my first EOP. Bought all the EQ potion deals last month and almost used them all. I really wished I had the god tier counters and skills to do these type of…
  • How many Max sig crystals did you use?
  • Yep, this month’s SQ dialogue is hilarious!
    in Week 3 Comment by SammyDe August 19
  • The PI is already on the champ’s icon, it is better with sig level ordering. A switch would be nice but not absolutely necessary in my opinion. You either have a champ in mind or you just want to max sig the next closet champ to increase the odds of max sig crystals. I thought the iso screen in the overflow already have…
  • Yeah, I forgot Maw, Mojo and Terrax. I supposed there’s also Thing, Korg and Weapon X that will needs proper counters (at least for me anyway).
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  • Not everyone can dex Doom’s sp1/2. The chip damage alone will KO you. Kitty is dangerous as well and the only winnable one is Hercules. To OP, I think with the rank 4 skewing the algorithms, I noticed in the last few months, death matches trigger more for me too. I never put 3 rank 1s in there myself but that’s because I…
    in Just why Comment by SammyDe August 16
  • Just hang in there mate. I believe you get god tier 1 out of 10 times, so you are only 2 6* away from your next dream pull… good luck!