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  • @UmbertoDelRio - Oh now your saying you play this game extremely actively! What does the fact that you don't spend any funds in this game have anything to do with your point of view of what you want in this game? Also I said I spent money on ot…
  • "UmbertoDelRio Said - To me personally that is irrelevant. Neither do I play this game competitively, especially the roster building aspect, nor could I not afford it. 50-100$ a month is an absolute joke by the way, I don't know why you even br…
  • For the record of this discussion I’m just going to post this for record and reference: (Image)
  • Here is another testament of how they change what they want to sell a few weeks back I did buy a bundle worth $50 bucks but they were 5 crystals also promoting a 3* drop rate at 40% to 50%. Now no 3* but $50 bucks for only one more than likely not …
  • I don’t understand how many still prefer to have 3* in a Cavalier crystal it’s obvious that Kabam has it set as a pay to play. If I’m paying for something I want the best out of it not get ripped off by a conman at a casino. If you think this is no…
  • @The_Jagga - My point exactly (DIALOGUES on Sentry Quest Last month) Was I searching for Sentry posts or dialogues? If you had read earlier from another conversation I said I was searching for Ghost rider Posts. What does Sentry have anything to do …
  • @The_Jagga - You obviously missed the concept of the post I give two **** about Sentry my comments were toward Ghost Rider. So no didn't pay attention to any Sentry posts.
  • Agree with your post very heavily, Not sure If Kabam made this game for kids or adults but it seems the adults spend more money than the kids. So all these bundles and sales not sure who they want to catch but if I'm an adult then they need to decid…
  • @will-o-wisp - Well then I owe you an apology or a beer. But when I searched for GR comments or post on my phone nothing showed up from the website. But I only searched as Ghost Rider for any topics.
  • @will-o-wisp - I did search for other Ghost Rider comments and none showed up so I created one. If they talked about it including another champ within those conversations than it wasn't properly addressed as a conversation piece. It was just a rando…
  • @will-o-wisp - that comment though (Image)
  • @SpiritOfVengeance - That's actually a great idea fire would not hurt him and would convert that to power for his specials. But you have to think how many Champs have the ability to give fire damage there aren't that many.
  • So it sounds the more you spend the maybe you get a nice pull.
  • @Player well technically if Wolverine does slice at him he will bleed. But getting shot at then bleeds something is definitely wrong with his armor.
  • @SpiritOfVengeance - I'd prefer to go all the way and not half ass it he either gets burned or not healing would be a nice option just saying. A demon surrounded by hell fire come on; his gone up against heavy hitters. (Image)
  • Heck I’m just trying to make sense even the synergy’s are out of wack. I’d have had a synergy with Ghost Rider, Mr. Fixit, Spider-Man, and a Wolverine as New Fantastic Four. Or Synergy for Hearts of Darkness Ghost Rider, Wolverine, & Punisher. B…