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  • I knew that it was RNG going in, had the units, was hoping to dupe Captain Marvel Movie, and decided to just risk it and I pulled Cosmic Ghost Rider from the Cosmic/Tech crystal, so it worked for me. My situation is just plain luck and it was not an objectively great offer for the majority, though.
  • I do not find it difficult, but it is definitely monotonous.
  • Got the 5000 6-star shards from the side event, opened a basic crystal last night and pulled Dr. Doom.
  • My luck has been good, I have gotten around 20,000 5-star shards and 1,500 6-star shards plus a 5-star nexus crystal. Most of the rest have been T2 alpha crystals and other stuff I have plenty of. That said, I have had better luck than the epoch shard crystals (1 5-star dupe was the highest pull). I prefer non-RNG events…
  • I said 8/10 because, objectively, she is very good but requires skill. I have her duped as a 5 star and she is very effective once you learn her. That said, the score really should be 9/10 or 10/10, subjectively, because considering all the garbage champs polluting the 6 star crystal pool, getting even a decent champ from…
  • I got Human Torch, first time I got him, so it was a decent pull from free shards. I got Masacre for the first time yesterday on crystals I saved up, so two new good champs.
  • Awakened Wasp as the 5 star and awakened Venom the Duck as a 4 star.
  • I got a 4 star Venom the Duck. I would have preferred a 5 star, but at least it was a decent champion and one I had not gotten as a 4 star, yet. I do think for the hardest difficulty, and requiring specific champions for certain paths and you only get the one legendary crystal for the whole month of playing all 12 paths,…
  • I finally finished the Uncollected EQ for the first time ever and got enough 5 star crystals and then pulled Symbiote Supreme from the basic pool, which gave me the 5 star spiderverse character objective completion.
  • Go to the Store and then click on the Souvenir tab and there are 5 levels of permission slips.
  • "If the Auto-fight AI becomes anywhere near as good as the Computer AI, think how easy it'd make arena grinding. Kabam can't have that, can they?" You can't use auto-fight in arena, so bringing the quest AI up to arena AI standards would have no impact on arena grinding.
  • They should just do what they do with Karnak, make the character both so that level ups require a mix of class catalysts when they have a mixed origin.
  • 5 star Iron Man Infinity War