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  • yeah and i just got a deathmatch using that team now. few weeks ago i havent because the stronger players used to have only two r5 5*. now they have 3 maxed 5* so starting this arena there's a low chance of getting deathmatches with that team. so to…
  • the formula changed again because stronger players have 3 maxed 5* already. the lowest team you can do is 1 r3 and 2 r4 4*.
  • People were complaining about certain champs not able to block in time after evading. Before the "fix", starky, BW, ultron and other evade champs were safely blocking fast projectiles like sp2 of WS or punisher, then an evade procs and sud…
  • idk how much in total but i was able to buy 5 t4cc crystal and the 4* AG. i'm just curious if we could still get infinity dusts through this ranking rewards.
  • the way kabam works, they will just add new characters and buff magneto with synergy. they might release prof X or mystique and they will add those buffs.
  • i've done it in rttl using bishop. still takes time but quicker with other champs.
  • i used bishop with his prowess synergies and a couple of power gain synergy. whenever bishop parries, he gains extra power. and if you could finish the fight with around 90% maxed power, you could start your next fight with 1 full bar of power.
    in Today’s VB Comment by txthree May 2018
  • we run map55333
  • @Shrinidhi you have low pi. i guess it is in your mastery build. and you dont have good defenders sorry.
  • @Shrinidhi can you post a screenshot of your roster?
  • @DukeZman, there were some changes in the formula with the minimum pi rating to avoid deathmatches. It was because of the strongest players getting 2 r5 65/65 5* in their rosters. I always get a deathmatch when my team is below 10,500 or when i use …
  • Sorry mate, but what do you mean by challenge rating? and how do i know the challenge rating of my team?
  • Or just use a duped iceman
  • so what's the new safezone in infinite streak? i keep getting deathmatches in match 14 to 16. that was used to be the thanos and kang matches. i used 2 r4 40/40 and 1 r5 50/50 with high pi. probably around 18k and still got a deathmatch. and in matc…
    in Arena Comment by txthree May 2018
  • i'm grinding in 4* featured arena and i'm in 50+ streak already. i used drax, punisher and abomination with a total of around 10k. and i got a deathmatch. i used this same team last night in my early streak and i didnt get any deathmatch and today i…
  • i also got a death match earlier but it's in 4* featured. i was using drax, punisher and abom, all of them are r3 4* 30/30. I ran suicides so their pi is around 3.5k, 3.2k for abom. i had no problems using them yesterday, but today i got a deathmat…
  • Can we please have some compensation from your emergency maintenance? a lot of resources were wasted because of this and we're not getting anything from you. AQ and AW energies were not utilized at its fullest, boosts were not use for its full durat…
  • I like the idea on ironman, Arc overload cannot be interrupted if i know like ultron, but they can atleast increase the hp threshhold of it to 25% since it can be blocked by assassin like most of the time. Hulkbuster needs a huge buff. He's the ult…
  • i think they can make a workaround wherein they can still earn money from it, like training credits or bundles, practice mode will only be available like 5 times a day like duel and they can sell those credits on units. i dont think it will reduce t…
  • im still in chap 4.1 in rttl and still havent tried to explore it as of now. the nc boss nodes there would be nice for practice maybe but havent reached there yet. will give it a try after i explore 4.3 in story quest. im practicing in ROL actually…