Due to issues affecting Alliance Quests, we will be cancelling the current series of Alliance Quests. For more information, including compensation information, read more here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/320306/cancelling-alliance-quests-november-24-2022/


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  • Try change ur team but depending on ur star and rank. if u have a 5 star r4 blade i wud use him compare to many others. Thanos is marked as Villain.. Hyperion there is some kind of bug (think its mention in bug section about hyperion/thanos/general, After u use a sp3 with hyperion he keep punchin after the animation is…
  • This and many other things made me go into semi / basicly retire ally. too hard to get champs. And too expensive to "gamble". Took me 2 years to get a 4 star BW around same time i finally pulled SW and DS.. after couple month they had the 12.0 update and Booom useless DS and nerfed SW, and many many other nerfs. Took me 4…
  • very good pulls Very good champs Spark Gwenpool Imiw Good X23 Luke Hawkey NC MS Meh hulkbuster Antman (only good for synergi with Ghost and wasp) Punisher 2099
  • welcome to Being **** took me 1½ year to get Black Widow.. when i started (she was a 4 star) took me 2 years to get me a Dr strange and almost right after he got nerf. Still havent a Hyperion 4 star or even a 4 star SL. got both as 3 star couple month ago.. Played this game for about 4 years now.. and im cavillier and…
  • which star aye they ? if all are the same star and rank its between Luke and Hawkey for most used Luke during his bleed immuni and if debuff on opponent he hit ok hard. Hawkey is a good underrated champ. I like his sp1. Taskmaster is fun to play just wish Kabam wud make his the ability he make a bit longer.. the time…
  • Blade is worth it. with his danger sense u have a champ that have increase dmg and ability reduce to all villian. Put in Mephisto and u get it to all mystic champs. (altho most mystic are either dimension beings or villians those who Arent are easy target.) He will save u a tons of pots ;)
  • I wud say: most champs actually Domino Medusa Cap Void Im more interesting why / what do u have a hard time against him =? The node, dodge his sp, or more general ?
  • If u asking for champions to rank. i wud say work on following champs 5stars: Rogue = she can gain heal and power drain, W´hen u dupe her she can heal around dobbelt the amount. the other 5 star i wudnt rank,. 4 stars champs u got some to work with here Ghost = its ghost. she can be a little diff to play with but she is…
  • Mordo.. hold heavy gain fury + up to 1 power bar. Fire sp1 against buffed champs and still see thme take dmg sp2 against buffed champs just to watch them melt from it.. and the dmg increase while hold heavye and build fury. SP3 gain fury/hp .. This guy got me throught act 5
  • Go far away from him when he have 1 sp ready. He will normally use his Sp1 right away. When he shoots the first web.. dex it, i will sometimes get hit my 1 of the following web but then he wont get near me at all and just finish his att from distance
  • Emma cuz she looks better :smiley:
    en 6* R2 Comentario por NguyenDau marzo 2019
  • @Drat32 nice roaster. i expect u finish it =) Ayway just notice ur Arent in a ally howcome :)
  • Mordo he got me throught act 5. After the many godtie dmg dealer he almost retired.. Im still time to time use him just to Hold heavy. get 10 stack fury and att.. and still see his dmg is lower than spark with 1 poise..
  • No rank who ever u like to play with. u cant go wrong with any of the champps u mentions above. Iceman : triple immunity and his coldsnap is funny and try to place so many as possible GP : grit high and bleed, her armor break is just WOW Quake is a little diff. her playstyle is mostly charge heave and parry. still fun and…
  • Love diablo but here is my story aswell. I played diablo 3 aswell Same as @GroundedWisdom and wife got pregnant so i had to quit diablo 3. as a marathon waitingtime at hospital i decide to read Facebook (which i normal never are on) i saw the game and just wanted to kill some waiting time.. and bang almost 4 years later…
  • Spark is enhanced Blade is danger Corvus is critical
  • with mcoc normal with out mcoc normal. dont make a game effect ur real life if it does u need to leave it. :)
  • I have plenty of 5 stars but u can ran into specifik champs u desire for long time and suddenly 3-4 of them.. But u might not know whos is best for AW/ LOL or any harder contest cuz u dont have em in ur roaster. Since gold, ressource are also harder to get i wud totally understand why some players ask for some advice if i…
  • The champs ur fighting is Ragnarok Hulk (AA do nuffing) Iceman (trible immune Jugg AA can be used I agree with OP but with the 4 stars he have and Theoricly Imiw works.. but u have to play... Medium all way and its really hard to do so. Blade is and options... How: Parry inflict bleed do it till 1 power bare sp1.. rinse…
  • i dont know if voodoo ability reduce wprks but give that a try ? Sp1 on odd combo to reduce ability.. Similar to BW that can prevent some of the thorns back..
  • Dawkhawk himself aint bad to fight against and easier than many other event that been around. The thing about this event is the lag.. a whole thread about it, Extreme lag that makes u unable to move start at fight. and fight vs Darkhawk in uncoll ur koed instantly. If ur looking for tip how to beat him: (can only tell from…
  • There is a bug / lag section. Its already been mention several times.. Dunno what they gonna do about it. Uncollected one killed u in the combo if it lags. The only method i have been able to do is : each kill he does to my champion each time it lags less.. SO i can start with my weakess champ and get koed instantly.. next…
  • I think u cud do it.. many players before didnt even had those champs like today. Synergi, higher dmg champs. and was still able to finish it.
    en Why Comentario por NguyenDau diciembre 2018
  • i pressed wait but if ur asking of the 5 who is best/ depends what quest ur missing. Hela can do massive dmg if u can build that fury stacks up WASP can convert som hp reg, and can hit pretty hard. (good synergi aswell with Ghost BPCW .. mostly a defender/areana champ Captain America is a tank and can block without taken…
  • Lovely lol Make me lauught alot. and also just confirm how boring arena is
  • hard words but i agree that many dont read the issues here.. The issue is not if NC is hard or not,. the issue/problem is the bug that is back..NC wont switch combat mode even he shud (YES it have happen before)
  • Think he already know other ways just a proof there is a bug with NC. =)
  • explored act 5. - 100% Now next goal is to save up and do 1 path in LoL. (takes some time since i barely do arenas) Only finish 1 path in the first chapter in Ultron and then heard of many bugs in the next 2 i will wait.. dont wanna rush into a bugged boss.