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  • Kamala Kahn will be joining the MCU soon, get her a long overdue buff before that happens.
  • Why was that vote even a thing, if Kabam knows all of those champs are garbage why not fix them all. That said, I'm glad Colossus won, need somebody to use my 2015 mutant gem on
    en Colossus Comentario por OKAYGang junio 2019
  • Haven't seen any in a few hours now. Am I the only one?
  • Just now saw the other post sorry it was nowhere near the top and didn't see it before I wrote this.
  • Any chance this leads to removing the summoner level 60 cap and we can start progressing again? I would love to see and complete an objective set for say reaching summoner level 61, 62, 63, ....... Anyways good idea regardless of the answer to my question but it could be better. I will also reiterate that current solo and…
  • Don't be afraid to ask your alliance mates to gift you a revive if you get stuck either.... Oh wait nevermind. More seriously though can we get a response on the 2015 gem problem? Many of us are running out of 2015 champions in various classes to rank up to R4. Is there some way to trade these gems in the works or are we…
  • This is a great idea, players like myself who've actually been playing since 2015 already had quite a few 2015 champs ranked up even before the first Variant. We are running out of options, especially in the mutants. Storm was my first ever R4 5* and I never ranked her down when I had the opportunity because as many have…
  • You're missing the point. Problem is most people in a position to get these gems already have most or in some cases all of those characters at R4.
  • So new players can see what those of us who have been here since the beginning had to deal with three-four years ago. And you thought the monthly quest rewards were bad now? Welcome to the past. Yes these were the actual monthly quests and the actual rewards then. There was no difficulty above heroic either.
  • Yeah this a problem, I am running out of Cosmic 2015 champs to rank Because of Kabam's Crappy RNG. Would be nice if it were 2016 champs or later this time or if Kabam would release OG Thor as a 5* so I have something to use the inevitable Cosmic 2015 gem coming my way when I complete this.
  • Not really cause you probably didn't roll UC and bought him with Loyalty.
  • Meant, LoL if it wasn't obvious already. I also want to add when I did RTTL it was mostly with 4/40 4* champs. 5/50 4* were still somewhat rare then, 5* were brand new and most summoners tackling RTTL were lucky to have one or two at R3 very few summoners in the entire game had an R4 5* at that point and R5 5* or any 6*…
  • RTTL isn't that hard, you need to learn how to use the right champs for each fight. If I was able to do it when it released way back when with relative ease, it should be even easier now with so many more viable options (new champs) added to the game since then. Also if you think this is too hard, wait until you get to…
  • By my initial reply "true story bro" all I meant yeah this is what is really happening for the people who are still clueless and don't understand what led Kabam to this decision. I have no opinion on resource mercs, I've known of their existence for a long time but have never personally used them. I think we can all agree…
  • as far as AW defense he is not great but does best on nodes that increase his stun frequency and duration during his full moon phase, like all abilities occur 20% more often or nodes that have %chance to stun or stun on every so many hits. Note this is only during the full moon phase and even then he is still just so so as…
  • If you need to learn how to intercept he is good for that because of his long reach and quickness. He is not going to clear most end game content for you but he is a good champ to learn and sharpen your skills with. During the full moon phase he can also be useful in some end game content if he is awakened as he can stun…
  • I think what you said is spot on Except they are probably selling the gifted items purchased with the stolen info at a discount on the black market.
  • So curious why is this Kabam's problem at all then and not the App Store's responsibility? I could see Kabam cooperating with an app store investigation by limiting gifting to alliance mates only for a while but permantly disabling gifting for everyone seems a bit much when as you stated This is due to real world info and…
  • I do and I don't use 4* at all unless I have to. By have to I mean they are required. I have enough 5* on my roster that I don't need to use a single 4* in any arenas to hit all milestones where 5*/6* are able to be used. I only hit milestones, I don't grind for champs in rank rewards.
  • Were there any other mistakes associated with this message going out? I did not buy the offer either but I did get this message, and my T5b inventory looks a little short. Were any catalyst fragments or items removed from our accounts by mistake?
    en T5B mail Comentario por OKAYGang marzo 2019
  • People opening Cavalier crystals typically find 4* champs useless, 3* are just laughable at this point, so yeah remove the bad jokes from the crystals.
  • The introduction of 6* champs decreased their value dramatically as well. As 6* champions are ranked up that trend will only continue. An R5 5* is not going to be a match for an R 3-5 6* when the game progresses to those levels, and the release of act 6 has just kicked that process off.
  • The AW awards (per war, not season) are pretty outdated also and could be increased at all tiers also.
  • Smart Hulk sounds interesting too btw
  • I have no idea who Rodin is so I want him. Ronin would be cool too though.
  • I'd add BW and DS in there also but they were released as 5* on a limited basis for those who like to gamble on GM Feature crystals. That said I personally don't have them as 5* so I don't use them anymore either. I'm sure some of the lucky (or wealthy) summoners who spin crystals and pulled them as 5* still do.