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  • No contest? So who you sayin?
  • Yes, I have an 5* R4 Domino and didnt know much difference when I pulled her a second time and duped her. She gets her power from synergies not from her sig. I'd hold onto that unlock for Sunsport, Omega Red, Archangel or Namor.
    dans Domino Question Commentaire de RichS816 juin 2020
  • I agree with Shadow. Solid offensive fighter with crit damage and evade is helpful but limited utility overall.
  • Doc Voodoo is my goto mystic. His two power control options on SP2 make him a great power control champ so you can keep the opponent from hitting big shots. His auto-regen at the start of each fight lets you recoup the damage if you do take a serious hit or two.
  • That surprises me too. With her Red Hulk synergy she does monster incinerate damage plus bleed and crit.
  • My first five stars were Ant-Man, Black Panther Civil War, Iron Man OG and Black Panther OG. Took awhile but now my top fives are all awakened Nick Fury, Magik, Doc Voodoo, Domino, Cap IW, Cage, Havok and Ghost. After years of playing finally got my first 6 star... Loki. A few months later, I got my second - Juggernaut.…
    dans 5 Star Bad Luck Commentaire de RichS816 février 2020
  • Congratulations. Happy with my four star only because I didnt have him at all and it was making my OCD twitch.
    dans login crystal Commentaire de RichS816 février 2020
  • Agree with typgh 100%.
    dans Rank ups Commentaire de RichS816 février 2020
  • For me, the key to Uncollected was power control, regen and some bleed/burn damage,. My awakened Doc Voodoo and Magik to be key players for me mostly because of the power control. If you can't bait specials and dodge you will take some serious damage throughout. Power locking with Magik or power burn with Doc V kept me…
  • I agree with Sentinel. Invisible Girl is a solid character if you can get the hang of her but I'm not sure she'd be much help for Act 5.
  • Tony Stark died to save the world. Vote O.G. Iron Man!!
  • Thanks. I love Angela but ghost and domino seems like the smartest play. I have the hang of Ghost but still learning Domino. I don’t have Masacre but have a four star Red Hulk. I do have a five star AntMan and four star Hood for Ghost synergies.
  • Agree. Ghost Rider has the one two punch of power control and regen which makes him an option to go the distance in any quest
    dans Ghost rider? Commentaire de RichS816 septembre 2019
  • These are also pretty solid options but I’d give the nod to Cap IW and Hyperion.
    dans Who to awaken Commentaire de RichS816 septembre 2019
  • I’d vote for marvel and Magik also. I’d also consider symbiote supreme although I don’t have much experience with him personally. Colossus is a big question mark to me so it may be worth waiting to see how his new updates go.
  • 33 total 5s 8 mystic (24%) 8 tech (24%) 5 cosmic (15%) 6 mutant (18%) 3 skill (9%) 3 science (9%) I don’t think I’d expect an even distribution because each class has a different amount of five star heroes which would skew the percentages.
  • Agree with Cage, especially with a 99 wig. He’s a tank and his indestructible has saved me from specials I couldn’t bait more than a few times
  • My Hawkeye is R4 and he is definitely underrated. With power drain and bleed with a chance to hemorrhage on special 1, he can wreck a lot of opponents and keep them from hitting any major damage. Use him all the time.
  • To put my work hat on, I’m betting that the game polls the server for updates when you access those screens. If it didn’t, they could have issues with people going offline and using resources. Caps probably help the server load and makes sure it doesn’t take the user forever to get to that screen. After all, mobile…
  • They’ve done 30 minutes clocks before and I always liked it. If they make it permanent I’d like to see them make the map longer tho. The downside was finishing early and having to wait so long to play again.
  • Maybe they were saving her for a tie-In with a release of a new season of the show but help off for all the movi releases. Even tho the shows cancelled, I hope they bring her in. As for Surfer, my guess is he’ll be playable. There’s been a lot of promo and I don’t think having another character with a board mechanic added…
  • I’m literally in the exact same boat with the exact same class. I didn’t think the 80 would be the same class so I assumed I’d get some I could use. If it had said they would be the same class I’d have skipped it since I’m almost maxed on tech and mutant too. I have no unlocked cosmic so I can literally do nothing about…
  • I like your choice. Mine is only R3 and she’s quickly becoming one of my favorites.
    dans Getting close!! Commentaire de RichS816 février 2019
  • She Hulk was my first four star and her stun helped me get to the next level in Story mode early on. Glad to hear they might be giving her an update.
  • iPhone 8+ or an iPad mini 4. I used to play on a google nexus 7 and it was crazy slow
  • If you use the right team, it’s doable but the advantage a five gets over a four makes it harder
  • Of the choices given, I’d go with CG. Overall cosmic, tho, has to be Hyperion or Angela. Once duped, you will believe the Hype.
  • Thought you could do it one leg at a time but I was wrong. Agreed, it would be nice if you could split up heavyweight. Seems challenging but it’s supposed to be.
  • You’re right, CG is the better move to make. Aegon is in his sweet spot right now. Invest in CG