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  • If it's that short of a break, I'm imagining a whole lotta people going to extend it on their own
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    Not really willing to just give up. But am def waiting to hear a final word. Usually, when they go silent without deleting/shutting down threads... It's because they're working out a plan. This is asinine tbh. Those will be the las…
  • Huh... That's weird. I use him often in war bc I'm awful vs evaders haha. Apologies if it's a stupid question... But you're evading a special and immediately rushing in to punish them right? I've found if I'm late on the counter attack, it doesn't p…
  • It's a timing thing. I never really have much trouble getting ts vs anyone unless I'm off on timing... Evading late, that sort of thing. There are champs that make it harder to do without utilizing the unstoppables. But spidey, modok, medusa (those …
  • Dear god no lol. Need more time off
  • I'm still waiting on a third response from support or a rational one from a mod here. Kabam screwed up, time to fix this.
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    They've literally done exactly that every other time. It's beyond laughable to blame this on the customer's failure to read minds properly.
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    Guess who else wasn't available in the game until they were released in a crystal and explained in an in game mail? Pretty much ever champ of the past year. That's how things work. Will cap iw be a 6*? How about iwim, domino, Corvu…
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    I have blade at sig 150. Stop assuming you know anything at all. X23, venom, gwenpool, killmonger, etc etc... I have them all.

    It IS 100% a case of what was listed not being in the crystal. 5* war machine and 5* Joe Fix…
  • Why is everyone not flipping out about this?

    They offered something that wasn't there then told us to take a hike and deal with it. Support tickets are being answered with "yeah sorry, too bad". How is this company still allowed to do bu…
  • In the past, they've made it clear in the mail and crystal description when a champ they mentioned wasn't available as a 5*. This mail and crystal description didn't lay that out. I want my money back or I want some sort of equal compensation. Kabam…
  • I do hope you're right.
  • There's zero reason to assume the data isn't all right there just waiting to be viewed. No company gets rid of data except for in some extreme situation. The data is too valuable.

    The questions at this point (like so many times before) a…
  • Who's got something to gain here? That's where you start. Some of what you've seen is real. Some isn't. The only thing I'm concerned about is if the real stuff is going to lead to a real investigation. Prior experience and the alli in question makes…
  • Tbh, there has been a lot of trolling and "fun" being had with one particular alliance. That shouldn't undermine the real pics and conversations but it most definitely will. Some people that got lowered are trying to ensure others get the same treat…
  • Not enough as a punishment and not enough as a deterrent. And I'm still not convinced kabam will have any due diligence in respect to monitoring alliances' past and future wars.

    This particular issue was discovered because of a leaked sc…
  • Can't wait til i see a thread entitled "we agreed to a 2* war with x alliance and they placed 5*s instead. Give us the win". Reading that would make laugh for days.
  • All wars aren't done yet. Hoping when it's officially down time, things get handled properly. It'd be absolutely ridiculous for this to be swept under a rug.
  • My war is done. What time should I expect the adjustments for the cheaters?
  • Never really have issues with it here... But I'd be surprised if you could do it vs iwim. He seems specifically designed to counter km true strike unless you're using ws synergy.
  • Hahaha yeah I saw that one for sure. And yes I wish kabam would go thru each and every one for master and platinum. It should be done by default imo
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    Keep it up imo. I've seen comments about all that. Tbf, I've seen allegations against your alliance as well but have seen no proof.. And in the end, if we're here asking for kabam to really clean this mess up... We'll need all the …
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    Well. I'm clean. No piloting or piloted. No fixed matches. No collusion of any kind. No mods. Just straight up match when it's open, play the best we can. P1 trying like hell to break into master but ok with p1 if it ends up that w…