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    BigDog6219BigDog6219 Posts: 57
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    @kabammike if you want to make AW more skill based I think there needs to be more different nodes; instead of 3 power gain and crit nodes, that would help different champs. Someone said having an awakened node and maybe throw in a role reversal node. Also, I think it would be fun, at least to try, instead of having officers moving defenders around have people place there champs on a list detailing the node they want to use and then at the start of war they are randomly placed and the node details are hidden. 1 area that really seems to be lacking with the developers is keeping the game fun. I'm not a fan of NERFING, every game has strong and weak characters, so for example bringing Blade against a 1 unknown bleed immune and role reversed node could be trouble but not kill players entire rosters. Hopefully this makes sense and doesn't go on deaf ears.
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    NojokejaymNojokejaym Posts: 3,925 ★★★★★
    NoOnexRO wrote: »
    Kabam, you have good intentions with these changes but maybe there is something simpler than rotating buffs in order to get that full roster use and not just the use of top heroes.

    5 days cool down for all heroes placed in AW.

    Each week there are 3 wars. So in these 3 wars force the players to use each time different heroes.
    Not with nodes but with a cool down system similar to the one that is present in the Arenas.

    that will screw so many people who dont have that much characters ranked up
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    Magic regens rverb damage with limbo and ahe kills him 10/10 times if sou r skilled enough

    maybe in tier 3 and 4 nobody is one shotting that r5 km sig 200 7/10 in tier 1 with a magik, nobody. a good leader wont allow it cause corvus should easily get the 10/10 hence not allowing the magik to take path especially when shes needed on node 30. if your running a magik up path 5 there is also other issues and i can faruntee your not any higher than p2 maybe low p1 but your not competing at the higher lwvels running magik up path 5 regularly yea maybe every couple alliance got 1 guy whos got the magik timing down so well he can one shot her more often than not but corvus is onw shotting him everytime unless he messes up magiks pee has passed shes a poor
    ans attacker these days, shes only for those that dont have a sparky blade ghost corvus champion yea her power lock is still nice but her damage is meh compared to alot of the newer champions

    We literally one shot every single KM on 29 with Magik last season lmao. Poor attacker? thats funny
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    So i was wondering about your increased "effort" for punishing cheating/ piloting/ account sharing alliances.
    If you would be really serious about it you would commit to it in 200 percent.
    Which means that if we look at the example from previous war season you started with punishments mid season after 5 or 6 wars if I'm not mistaken, which means that those punished already played that many wars and could have cheated in all of those and lets say they won all thanks to cheating.
    So you reduce their points and rating, drop them in some low tier but you NEVER compensate the points OR the rewards for winning a war to the alliance that went against this punished alliance which at the end of the season could decide the placement and the rewards.
    And if you are lucky enough that you go against same alliance twice and both times they win lets say due to piloting you are out of rewards for wars and out season points for two wars and after a day or week you see they been kicked down but it doesnt really help you or your alliance since they didbt really commit to resolving the problem they way they could
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    R4GE wrote: »
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    They're not nerfs. They're obstacles to certain Abilities. The game is full of counters, either Nodes or Champs. There isn't an End-Game Champ. There won't be one that we Rank who is unchallenged no matter what. If that happens, the game will likely end.

    Please look up the word “nerf” it means to weaken the effectiveness of something or a change that effects a certain thing, it’s a nerf. Directly or indirectly.
    People are just trying to make comments and not wanting you to jump on everything please.

    Its not a nerf. If thats what you think a nerf is then that would mean the existing bleed immune nodes and paths in all game modes plus bleed immune champs are nerfs to any bleed champ. Its a counter if anything to bleed champs. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Google it

    In gaming terms it means to change the fundamental functions of a champ. Blade is unchanged. Not a nerf.

    Blade is nerf for AW season 5. His effectiveness is reduced by removing his bleed ability. Therefore a nerf in by far the most important game mode. Temporary, but still a nerf.

    And please stop saying you can use champs in other game modes. Been seeing that a lot since this discussion started and is nonesense. This game revolves around AW and other game modes just help you get items necessary to be successful in AW. Eliminate AW from this game and lets see whats left of it 😂

    So what you are saying is I can't use Blade or other champs in other game modes? How does that make any sense at all?

    You can do as you wish with your champs, you can even use your bleed champs in AW still, but this thread is about AW and not story quests. After everything you have rambled on about you are yet to prove that bleed champs effectiveness has changed, and arguing the opposite would take a complete moron with nothing better to do with their time. If a Bleed champ can no longer bleed opponents, effectiveness has changed and to be considered a nerf to that particular content. Which is the main argument with Blade in particular. Does Blade still have other utility to be desired, absolutely. But that doesn't change anything in regards to people arguing bleed champs have lost value and been nerfed.

    Now, you gonna try to argue AA has value within AW next?

    Not to mention this:

    The most popular part of the game isn’t even the story mode or monthly events. Most top tier (which is where Kabam makes their money)only spend on energy to clear any content outside of AW. I don’t even have Blade as a 5* and can clear most content without revives, boosts and pots.

    So, claiming it isn’t a nerf because Blade is not impacted for the parts of the game Kabam makes the least amount of money is hysterical. It is factually dishonest, as it blatnently ignores the fact that top tiers spend the most on AW. The only other aspect is LOL, but after you 100% that, no more spending needed.

    AW continues to be the 3x a week cash cow... and Kabam is looking for ways to make it harder as to only complete by spending to develop rosters.

    The fact was pointed out that most players only have 1-2 r5 5* champs... when you get to platinum it is 2-4. People ranked mainly for AW and AW alone. Even r4’s are litmited outside of Master and Platinum 1 due to the scarcity or T2A.

    While it is a temporary limitation as of now, it can easily become permanent. It isn’t just Blade. I use BP classic for AW. He helps versus healing buff nodes with despair. Very few champs can ramp up enough debuffs to counter regen. How many IF and Cosmic Spideys do we se rank r4 and r5.

    Instead of bleed immune, Kabam could have done a bleed efficient reduction. Make a global node that reduces bleed damage by 50%-75%, but allows for other dependent powers and masteries to still work as intended.

    By making ever node bleed immune, it renders SEVERAL champs as null and void.

    As for people laughing at complaints for the player base... Why do you think Kabam posted this post and delayed season 5? They knew there would be blow back. They are wanting players to weigh in and debate (though respectfully).
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    MEKA5MEKA5 Posts: 344 ★★
    You use nice words, but at the end what I hear is: "Even if you collected a few great champions and ranked them up over the last 3 years, you still need to grind or buy those terrible new featured crystals to keep going!"

    The solution would be to balance all champs in game! No more meh tier, every champ should be at least awesome/ low demi god...that's the way people will use more champs and rotate defenders and attackers possibly!
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    Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Kabam has created the problem between the "haves and have nots" because they release God tier champs and leave many of the other champs in "useless" tier. Of course people who get the god tier champs are going to rank them up! How thick can you get? If you want to bring more diversity to the game, bring more balance to the champs. Between Iron Pat and Domino, who do you think people are going to rank up????
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