What is the most powerful Special 3



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    Saiyan said:

    The correct answer is Guillitone for this question. Proxima has a cap at some point. Guilly doesn't. If there was an every with 100 million health and no damage cap, she's be the only champ in game to one shot said champ in one SP3.

    Every soul does 2% of health in damage no matter the health pool. A few years ago this wasn't practical to get done but with her synergies, you can do this a lot easier than any time before. A 2 star Guilly took off 60% health from ROL WS as a test.

    The damage cap in LOL and AOL wasn't created for someone like Proxima even tho it makes sense, it's for people not to use Guilly and kill everything easy.

    He's not wrong.

    Haven't tried with a 2* yet, but it's actually quite fun doing this. 350 hits, all in. Not too bad for a 3* 3/30...

    The key synergies are Morningstar, Gamora and Ronin. Then you've a choice; personally I add Night Thrasher for extra critical rating.
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    It’s relative to the circumstances, if you’ve got a 100 plus combo & you’re using a maxed sig Aegon he’s probably best but under different circumstances there are harder sp3s in the game.
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    @RichiesDad79 why only 9 ;D ?? i think my highest was 11
  • Mysterio and havok has really great sp3
  • Bawa69Bawa69 Posts: 355 ★★★
    CAP IW with a diverse team and kinetic charged...smacks you into oblivion...also proxima after all missions done no chance of survival...
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    Ramped up Cull easily beats Havok. Never been much of a proxima user so unsure there
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    Just in terms of some other champs: Venom's is pretty sick. Kingpin does a lot of damage. Hood is a surprise beastly sp3.
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    Havok with 10 plasma charges can do an insane amount of damage.
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    Havok with 10 plasma charges
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    some of these hits are bananas
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    Nitro422 said:


    You do realize it's no longer 2015, right?
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    G2099. She does the max possible damage when they are at 5% health.
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    Proxima and havok. But honestly the collector and grandmaster instant k.o
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    Batman! :)
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    The collector... OH KO... other than that I feel Havok and Namor... Havok SP3 does insane damage
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    Proxima Midnight.
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    G2099 without the damage ca
    mdsub said:

    It’s relative to the circumstances, if you’ve got a 100 plus combo & you’re using a maxed sig Aegon he’s probably best but under different circumstances there are harder sp3s in the game.

    Aegon’s sp3 is not a hard hitting sp3, hits as hard at 1 combo as at 999 combo unless you fire it if you just got hit and have 6 furies but then it isn’t even close to the hardest hitting sp3
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    The hardest hitting sp3 is always guillotine: without a damage cap she can kill a 10 mil opponent with one sp3 if you get enough souls
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    Ghost can survive collector's special 3 if she is phasing and has hood on her team.

    Not anymore. They patched it a while ago
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    Killmonger for me just keep building them bleed charges as much as you can and unleash his S3.
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    Hulk... Only if you are on receiving end you'll notice it 😉
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    Paul Walker’s. I’m still feelin that to this day
  • ScottryanScottryan Posts: 374
    gilly 2099 has the strongest. she is the reason you see people with 999 999 damage in one hit
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