Compensation for people getting 2-3 AQ rewards?

These AQ rewards bugs are creating a huge disadvantage to summoners in the contest. That's loads of map 5 and 6 crystals, which give out T2A. People have been posting that they get aq rewards multiple times. This isn't fair to people who havent gotten them multiple times. Is there going to be any compensation? Are the affected summoners getting rewards removed?


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    I got 3 of them, wondering whats gonna happen...
  • hurricanthurricant Posts: 435

    We are looking into this situation now, and will determine what actions need to be taken when we have a better handle on the scope of this issue.

    Fair enough, thank you
  • Those who got 3x rewards means they have done like 3 weeks of AQ,some of my alli got and yea they have now alot more of etc glory. So is it fair?
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    @Kabam Miike they are talking that some get aq rewards multiple times, but in mi case i I did not even receive what corresponds to me in aq & sa rewards
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    An advantage for some isn’t a disadvantage for others... those who got only the rewards they are due got the rewards they are due. Those that got extra got an advantage, but that is not the same as a disadvantage for everyone else...

    A disadvantage would be the android update issues. iOS users didn’t gain an advantage: they got what they were supposed to when they were supposed to... just Android users were at a disadvantage

    If something is an advantage to one group of people, then it is a disadvantage by definition to another group. And I don't know what ios versus android has anything to do with this. stop derailing the thread.
  • So does this mean we all get compensated for Aq and war because of the game outage.. so everyone wins and 100%'s..
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    What the. I never get t2a fragments from Map 6 crystals!
  • hurricanthurricant Posts: 435

    What the. I never get t2a fragments from Map 6 crystals!

    i get them literally every time I open 10.
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427
    hurricant said:

    What the. I never get t2a fragments from Map 6 crystals!

    i get them literally every time I open 10.
    I got a fully-formed t1a. I was robbed!
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    I don't think it's an advantage/disadvantage thing but more of a jealousy thing. Is it much different than people getting god 5*s while others get **** ones? Even the duped rewards was a form of RNG as it wasn't a set list or trait that got some extras since people in the same alliance still didn't get them.

    Why can't yall just be humble, say dang y'all got lucky with that, congrats. My luck cane in the form of these sick 5/6* pulls or pulling a full T2A instead of 400 frags.

    Ok imagine act 6 had a t5cc as a reward for 100% so you can 3:45 one 6* champion but suddenly a person games glitches and they get two t5cc somehow. Now they may not get the t5cc they need but it still puts them at an advantage
  • @Presticles im pretty sure u got 2-3 times AQ rewards
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    Explain how pulling epic champions over someone who doesn't isnt a disadvantage as well? Again, maybe if you weren't biased because of anger you didn't get extras you'd see it's the same randomness that gives advantages/disadvantages.

    I think I'm disadvantaged because I pulled a 5* IM and Rhino while an alliance member pulled a Blade and Capt IW. He'll be able to do much more content than me.

    The extra rewards were all randomly given, much like pulling better champs, or getting full Cats over frags
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    I agree that, in this case, an advantage to some does not equate to a disadvantage for everyone else. Are some of the duplicate rewards going to end-game players in Plat 1 alliances? Probably. But they're also going to players in alliances that can barely clear Map 2 every week. Like @Presticles said, is it a disadvantage to everyone else if one summoner is lucky enough to pull amazing 6*s every time? If whole alliances were getting the duplicate rewards, that would be a different story. And even then it wouldn't be as big of a problem, if everyone would remember this is just a game - regardless of how much money you have whaled in, helping to feed Kabam's families.
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    Some People got Today double AW rewards...
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