To prevent exploitation, we will prevent new Accounts from being able to Gift enlistment crystals. We will also be taking action on those who are using 3rd Party Sellers, Bots and other farms to gift themselves mass amounts of Enlistment Crystals. Lastly, we will be adding an expiration timer to Enlistment Crystals. All unopened Enlistment Crystals will expire on Oct 18 @ 17:00 UTC. For more information, please see this post: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/346104/updates-to-enlistment-gifting-event
We have adjusted the node placement of the new AW maps to better allow path traversal. As a result, defender placements have been reset. Please, take a moment to re-place your defender setup. We will be pushing out a message in-game shortly.

Witness the Great Revival! Act 6 Chapter 1 - Coming March 13th

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Carina has awoken. For ages she’s been trapped in her crystal prison, but with the support of Ægon, The Collector finally has his daughter back, but she’s not interested in standing still. Keen to find her place in The Battlerealm, Carina begins to understand her power and explore the fringes of the unknown, but Carina’s rebirth has reminded the Elders that the scars of their past have yet to fully heal. Taneleer Tivan and En Dwi Gast must jockey for Carina’s attention as they both attempt to mold her into the Elder they think she ought to be. Unfortunately for the both of them, Carina is as rebellious as she is powerful, and her defiant nature might just prove too much for the old Elders to handle…

Join Carina, Ægon, The Collector, and The Grandmaster when the final episode in the Elder Saga begins in ACT 6: REBIRTH!

Act 6 Chapter 1: Great Revival releases on MARCH 13TH for all who have completed Act 5: ELDER’S WAR to enjoy.

Alongside this release, we’re happy to announce a Legends Run for Chapter 1! This Legends run will begin the moment you start Act 6 Chapter 1, and end the moment you 100% explore all Quests in the Chapter. You’ll have until April 13th at 10:00:00 AM PDT to log a time. The rewards for the Legends run of Act 6 Chapter 1 are:

Rank 1-5
10x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystals (2% each of a random Tier 5 Class Catalyst)
22,500x Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
2x Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts

Rank 6-100
5x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystals (2% each of a random Tier 5 Class Catalyst)
11,250x Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
1x Tier 2 Alpha Catalysts

In a new turn of events, we’ll also be featuring a Legends Run for all Chapters of Act 6, and a special Act Legends Reward throughout the release of Act 6! The top times for each Chapter’s Legends will be collected, and awarded with a new 6-Star Champion never before owned by any Summoner!

In order to win the Act Legends Reward, you’ll need to place in the top times of each Chapter, as follows:

Chapter 1 - Top 20 Times
Chapter 2 - Top 40 Times
Chapter 3 - Top 60 Times
Chapter 4 - Top 100 Times

If you happen to qualify for all 4 Chapters, you’ll receive the Champion 4 times, meaning you can Awaken them this way! We will have more to reveal about each Chapter’s and the Act Legends rewards in the future, but that’s all we have for you for now.

Act 6 is some of the most challenging content to date, and the perils within require only the strongest Champions of The Contest. Chapter 1 will contain CHAMPION REQUIREMENTS that will restrict the Champions you use to ONLY 5 and 6-Star Champions.

There are 7 new buffs making an appearance in Act 6 Chapter 1. Each Quest features one or more of these Buffs as Global effects, so you’ll need to bring your best. See below for each Buff and a little description of our intentions with it.

NO RETREAT! - When the Attacker dashes back, they gain Degen Timer for 1.2 seconds. Dashing back again while the Degen Timer is active causes a Passive Degen, dealing 200% of the Defender's Attack as direct damage over 6 seconds.
This Buff is meant to impose the mentality of its title: Do not retreat. While other similar Buffs like Caltrops can be easily countered with an Immunity, No Retreat requires careful planning and execution on playstyle to overcome. No Retreat was designed to be possible - but challenging - to avoid.

Special Delivery - The Attacker begins the fight with 15 Combo charges. Each landed basic attack decreases the Combo charges by 1, and launching a Special Attack will reset the charges. If all charges are removed, they are reset, and the Attacker suffers a Passive Degen equal to 100% of the Defender's Attack Rating over 4 seconds.
Similar to fighting Thor Ragnarok, this Buff will require you to make sure you have a Special Attack at the ready, but there are sure to be challenges to that strategy strewn throughout…

Combo Party - For every 10 hits of the Combo Meter, the Attacker gains a permanent Cruelty Buff, granting +500 Crit Damage Rating. When struck, the Attacker loses all Cruelty Buffs if their combo meter is lost and takes 40% of the Defender's attack as direct damage for each Buff removed this way.
This buff is generally quite simple, and is intended to create a “ride the line” feeling - you want to get your combo count up, but losing it will cost you dearly.

Long Distance Relationship - While close to the Defender, the Attacker gains a Weakness Debuff every 3 seconds, reducing their attack by 10% permanently. Staying far away from the Defender causes these Weakness effects to fall off.
The goal here is to encourage you to find “openings” to deal as much damage as possible. Waste those openings, or just spend too long near the opponent, and you’ll need to back off in order to gain your damage back. If you’re pinned in a corner, you’ll want to use your abilities to create some space and start dealing damage again.

Close Encounters - While close to the Defender the Attacker Regenerates 1% of their Max Health every second. While far away from the Defender, the Attack Degenerates 3% of their Max Health every second.
Sort of the inverse of Long Distance Relationship, Close Encounters encourages you to stay as close to the Defender as possible, and being efficient as you bait specials or get out of the way of abilities that could cause trouble up close (like Mephisto or Omega Red).

Power Struggle - The Attacker cannot gain Power during the fight through normal means. Each time the Defender reaches a full bar of Power, the Attacker is granted one as well and whenever the Defender launches a Special Attack, the Attacker loses an equal amount of Power.
This one is all about a “use it or lose it” mentality - you’ll want to make sure you’re keeping an eye on your Opponent’s power and how it relates to your own. Characters who can control power using their specials, like Vision or Magik, will excel here.

Hurt Locker - Using the same type of Special Attack twice in a row gives the Attacker a Delayed Blast charge for 5 seconds which may be removed by landing a Heavy Attack. If the Blast expires, the Attacker takes 50% of their Health as direct damage.
This one is (as the name might suggest) focused on creating a “bomb defusal” moment while you play. If you make a mistake, you’ll have a small window to correct it before your mistake comes back to bite you. Rest assured there will be challenges that will threaten to trip you up…

Keep in mind these are approximate - there is some variation around the values but in general, this is what you can expect:

Quest 1
Paths: ~22,500-28,000 PI
Boss: ~ 55,000 PI
Quest 2
Paths: ~23,000-30,500 PI
Boss: ~ 58,500 PI
Quest 3
Paths: ~23,500-30,500 PI
Boss: ~ 50,000 PI
Quest 4
Paths: ~23,500-35,500 PI
Boss: ~ 54,000 PI
Quest 5
Paths: ~27,000-31,000 PI
Boss: ~ 66,000 PI
Quest 6
Paths: ~28,000-39,000 PI
Boss: ~ 72,000 PI

In general, quests in Chapter 1 have a consistent energy requirement the whole way through. On average, All quests in Chapter 1 will have:

3 Energy Per Step
~ 9-10 paths
~ 600 Energy for Quest Mastery

Of course, we know that any announcement of new Story content wouldn’t be complete without some nice rewards for your efforts. Here’s what you can expect:

Quest 1 - 6 (Completion + Exploration)

30x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystals
180,000x Gold
63,000x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
50x Units

Chapter 1 Completion
9,000x Tier 5 Basic Fragments
2,000x 6-Star Shards
5,000x 5-Star Shards
1x 5-Star Rank up Gem Crystal (2-3)
1x Tier 4 Basic Catalyst
1x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
500,000x Gold

Chapter 1 Mastery
1x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal (25%)
1x 5-Star Rank up Gem Crystal (3-4)
Tier 5 Basic Catalyst
4,000x 6-Star Shards
8,000x 5-Star Shards
3x Tier 4 Basic Catalysts
3x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystals
1,000,000x Gold

Chapter Total (all of the above)

1x Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal (25%) (Note: This is a Special Crystal, and not the regular Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystal)
1x 5-Star Rank up Gem Crystal (2-3)
1x 5-Star Rank up Gem Crystal (3-4)
13,000x 5-Star Shards
30x 5-Star Signature Stone Crystals
6,000x 6-Star Shards
1,680,000x Gold
63,000x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst Fragments
4x Tier 4 Basic Catalysts
4x Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystals
1x Tier 5 Basic Catalysts
9,000 Tier 5 Basic Catalyst Fragments
540x Units

A new Act, a new Progression point! Summoners that complete Act 6 Chapter 1 will gain the new designation of “Cavalier”!

This designation is not as game changing as Uncollected, and is a step up similar in scope to becoming Contender, Proven or Conqueror.

Cavaliers will have access to a brand new Cavalier Crystal that guarantees at least a 3-Star Champion with a 38% chance at a 4-Star Champion, an 11% chance at a 5-Star Champions, and a rare 1% chance of a 6 Star Champion! These Crystals will be available for 200 units each.

Cavaliers will also have access to:

- A 25 Unit Discount on Grandmaster Crystals
- A new Cavalier Calendar in place of the Grandmaster Calendar that will grant a Grandmaster Crystal over 7 days, instead of 14
- An upgraded Daily Crystal that contains a rare chance of T5B Fragments, 5-Star Shards, or 6-Star Shards, and double the amount of - T2A Fragments, T4CC Fragments, and T4B Fragments!
- A slightly upgraded Free (4-hour) Crystal with more Gold!

This is the next step after becoming Uncollected, and we plan to continue to add more as the Story progresses!
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  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    edited March 2019
    The new Cavalier Crystal looks crazy! Does the new 7 day calendar grant a GMC or the new Cavalier Crystal? Hard to determine.
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    5.4.6 Ultron's PI is 40,050. This looks intense.
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,136 ★★★★★
    How to get the tilile only one part as normal or need to be 100 ?
  • Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
    Looks like a solid challenge, curious to see how these buffs stack up.
  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 2,060 ★★★★★
    Looking forward to all the "too hard" complaints...
  • BatsiiBatsii Posts: 167
    Start farming potions folks. It ll get dirty...
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,136 ★★★★★
    573739 said:

    Caltrops was cheap as you acknowledged so it was removed, but degen on a dex is a ok? 😂 just ask everyone for their card info.

    Dont find it good either
  • benshbbenshb Posts: 754 ★★★★
    edited March 2019
    kinda sad that there is no 5* class awakening gem, but interested. I hope it won't be an other act 4 in terms of energy needs and paths
  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    The new nodes look creative and it’s nice to see more nodes that benefit the attackers too. Ones like combo party where if you have the skill to keep a combo it benefits you but also punishes you if you don’t pay attention. Not sure how I feel about no retreat though. And close encounters looks tricky. I’m sure I’m going to brain fart with hurt locker too.
  • The_Boss9The_Boss9 Posts: 1,390 ★★★
    Gamer said:

    How to get the tilile only one part as normal or need to be 100 ?

    It's only completion
  • GamerGamer Posts: 9,136 ★★★★★
    The_Boss9 said:

    Gamer said:

    How to get the tilile only one part as normal or need to be 100 ?

    It's only completion
    Thx. Was alot to read truget
  • ThatGrootGrootThatGrootGroot Posts: 427 ★★
    Jestress said:

    garbage rewards

    Remember how Act 5 progressed.
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