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Witness the Great Revival! Act 6 Chapter 1 - Coming March 13th



  • Fred_JoeityFred_Joeity Posts: 1,168 ★★★
    Besides, there’s always Colossus if you’re desperate
  • AkhilxcxAkhilxcx Posts: 255 ★★
    Thespus said:

    never said I don’t have any good champs. Just that my immunity options suck and that playing through biohazard Cb will cost me a lot more than those who have had better luck. I’d be better off using 4*s

    I’ll probably end up using suicides, boosting fully, and paying my way through using ultron and nebula who both hit like toddlers.

    i think i was screwed by rng gods but after seeing your roster some of those pulls in 5* and 6* would have made me quit this game. my condolences bro hope you get some god tier champs soon.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 7,180 ★★★★★
    Thespus said:

    You have a Morningstar... stopped looking further down your roster after that.

    Notuped. Can you ramp her up unduped? I’ve never been able to.

    Yes you can. Her duped ability is mainly for D and that headstart on the soul.
    AndiYTDE said:

    xNig said:

    You have a Morningstar... stopped looking further down your roster after that.

    Tried CB with my 6* Morningstar. You cannot get any souls in the quest as that would mean taking a SP3 hit. Thus, Morningstar´s Sp1 cannot do enough damage to outdamage Vigor
    Makes sense. Forgot about the global node.

  • ReizueReizue Posts: 7

    Hey Everybody,

    We wanted to touch on the availability of 5-Star (and 6-Star) Champions. They have been and will continue to be a focus of the Content this year

    Similar to Uncollected, reaching Cavalier is going to be major milestone for Summoners. After introducing Uncollected in Act 5 Ch 2, we rolled out content with rewards that helped Summoners reach that progress point, and from there have been adding content and rewards that have (and will) help Summoners reach Cavalier.

    As part of the introduction of Act 6 and Cavalier, we will also be introducing more content that will help Summoners gain 5 and 6-Star Champions. Some of that content will include, Champion Challenges, several large meta-events and Event Quests as well as, the next iteration of Back Issues. Additionally, we are taking a look at Arenas to see if we can make 5-Star Champions more accessible.

    In preparation to the release of Act 6 we have accelerated the rate at which players can gain 5-Star Shards and the materials to Rank them up. Love Is a Battlerealm, Nick Fury's Recon Initiatives, special events like the Road to Greatness Arena, and Monthly Calendars were designed with 5-Star escalation in mind.

    Also, we are slowly adding older Characters as 5-Star Champions, while ensuring that overall game balance is factored into the Champion selection.

    The requirements in Chapter 1 are set as a primer for rest of Act 6. Act 6 Chapter 2 and beyond will also have Champion Requirements, including some more stringent ones like paths that have Class Requirements for your entire team, and Rarity requirements where you must bring [X] amount of 5-Star or 6-Star Champions to complete the quest path.

    Thank you all for your continued feedback!

    Are you trying to make everybody quit
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