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Community's Choice: Champion Update



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    Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 1,696 ★★★★
    One love, one heart
    Let's get together and buff mutant
    Hear the summoners crying (One love)
    Hear the summoners crying (One heart)
    Sayin', "Give thanks and praise to KABAM and I will feel all right
    Sayin', "Let's get together and buff mutant
    Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa
    Bob Marley - One Love
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    Tonylima14Tonylima14 Posts: 1
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    Ram_SarkarRam_Sarkar Posts: 13
    #BuffColossus but where is Deadpool-XF
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    Venompool or magneto
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    RapRap Posts: 3,203 ★★★★
    Black widow.
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    alin_pandurualin_panduru Posts: 9
    He is the most powerful mutant and must be treated better. The is no other mutant more powerful than magneto.
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    DJMNHDJMNH Posts: 721 ★★★
    honestly i would say leave it as it is, buffing certain weak characters and making it strong will actually dis-balance the entire game fun.. i too have 4* Iron Patriot Duped, Groot Duped and worst of all Daredevil 5*.. Imagine after waiting for weeks and collecting crystals and you get Useless daredevil that too 5*. But there is nothing to complain.

    In a game there can be weak and strong characters, making every characters strong will make the game less fun. @Kabam Miike
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    GraenolfGraenolf Posts: 10
    honestly i like using venompool so i might go with . him
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    Lupo_Lupo_ Posts: 2
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    groot doesn't need rework he need synergy to stack his charges faster, something like getting pacifism from his own special attacks or crit.
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    Henrique3243Henrique3243 Posts: 5


    It’s time for us to start working on our next Champion update, but we need your help on choosing which Champion will be next! We’ve created a short list of Champions we want to address, and want to put the power to decide which of these Champions will get the re-work treatment first in your hands!

    Below, you’ll find a short list of Champions we’re looking to address in the future. This list is not indicative of every Champion that’s on our Radar for an update, just the ones we want to address first.

    How do we get to decide?

    Starting May 9th at 10am PT, and running until May 10th at 10am PT, there will be a poll on our Forums where you can vote for which Champion you would like to see receive an update. The poll is only open for 24 hours! So make sure that you’ve decided in advance which Champion you’d like to see get the update.

    Which Champions are on the List?

    We’ve shortlisted the following Champions based on their utilization and performance in content across the Contest, and player feedback through our many channels.

    • Venompool
    • Old Man Logan
    • Groot
    • Colossus
    • Howard the Duck
    • Iron Patriot
    • Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)

    If you think that a deserving Champion has been left off the list, don’t worry! This is a list of the Champions we want to address first, and doesn’t not necessarily indicate that other Champions won’t also be addressed in the future.

    I really want to make sure my choice wins!

    Then start your campaigning! Start discussions on why you think your Champion should be the one that others select! Now is your time to convince other Summoners to join you in voting for the Champion you want to see Buffed the most!

    When will this updated Champion be released?

    Our plan is to take this Champion update through the full rework process. That means we’ll take about 2 months to rework the Champion’s abilities and tuning, then put them through a Beta test. Those typically last a couple weeks, and then we’ll address the feedback that is received.

    We’ve learned from our last couple Champion Beta Tests that we require a little more time between the end of the test and releasing the update to analyze feedback, data, and implement any further changes that might be necessary.

    Barring any changes to the schedule, this Champion will be updated and released in early Fall.

    Voting Day Approaches!

    The time to decide is coming soon! Start thinking of who you want to see updated, and start spreading the word! Voting day is May 9th-10th!
    groot colossu
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    Henrique3243Henrique3243 Posts: 5
    colossus groot
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    StikyStiky Posts: 79
    Colossus is the most useless one in this game so he'll ya I'll vote for him. I saw many summoners get depressed by pulling Colossus.
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    ごんごごんご Posts: 1
    Ms Marvel (Kamala Khan)!!!
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    Ezra7676Ezra7676 Posts: 670 ★★
    edited May 2019
    Colossus with armor similar to IMIW or maybe iceman?

    Venompool would be nice too so I could do v2 😁
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    aiktow4uaiktow4u Posts: 72
    as always, offer an inch, they expect a mile...the list stands because its kabams list, choose one, hope for the best, and hopefully see another list following this buff update, y'all expect every choice to be added and its not how things work. Kabam has OFFERED these few champs for your consideration. While we all have a personal one we would like to have added, or suggested ways to better them, we all fall to the mercy of those who have the control.
    If every champ were equal, it wouldnt be a contest , it would be a dull and uneventful walk through the quests and your our best champs would be as bad as our worst ones.
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    TravkaTravka Posts: 1
    @Kabam Miike Why not Magneto?
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    EthanGamerEthanGamer Posts: 357
    Don’t buff Howard the duck because the sounds of his specials are awful and if he is buffed more people have to listen to that sound
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    ReferenceReference Posts: 2,899 ★★★★★
    I’d suggest Antman, Iron Patriot and Hulkbuster.
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    Liss_Bliss_Liss_Bliss_ Posts: 1,779 ★★★★★
    I have them all!!! Some duped some not. But if it’s anything like previous ones even if not awakened they are leaps and bounds better I’ll be happy for any of them.
    But I am really hoping for Colossus.

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    Donn1Donn1 Posts: 48
    Why are champ updates so infrequent? The content is always improving and increasing in difficulty and old champs just get left. If you released a small amount of champ updates with every update, certain champs wouldn’t be so useless. Rank up options are at a bare minimum because 80% of champs have no use for current content. Really disappointing and certainly ruins the game.
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    Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,176 ★★★
    Why is that only 1 champ will get buffed? Why not 2? They were doing 2 champs till now. Why do 1 now? That too they are going to take 2 months? This way the whole list to get buffed will take how many 2 years? That's silly.
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    slayer6slayer6 Posts: 377 ★★
    Really a fans choice? All these champs need a major overhaul and 2 of the worst in game havnt even been mentioned deadpool x-force should be an absolute beast instead his pure trash.
    Drax is another absolute junk but should be a tank.
    Oldman logan is a joke also, and venom got a revamp but venompool got nothing.
    If ya want players to enjoy the game keep buffing old champs that new guys get before they give up and quit
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    gadgetfanaticgadgetfanatic Posts: 326
    1 - Colossus
    2 - Groot
    3 - OML

    My suggested changes...

    Colossus : tank that can perform high damage specials if he has enough armor.
    Simply...stacking armor...at certain number of stacks of armor...he activates defensive abilities. when he uses his specials he consumes a number of armor for additional offensive effects or damage.

    Groot : highly defensive with utility. can deal spike damage when timed right.
    1) berserk change - make his buffs when he goes berserk longer in duration. can be weak in effect.
    2) Have the number of pacifism charges (i suggest 1-3 pacifism charges) activate additional defensive / healing abilities as he finishes his specials. if he has offensive buffs on him when he uses his specials, he can also activate additional offensive effects. (this can have an interesting effect with heimdall-angela/hela)

    OML : offensive character but requires some set up.
    1) berserk change - buffs when he goes berserk should have the buffs instantly in effect. the buffs should be stronger in effect.
    2) pacifism change - he gains charges for every special thrown at him. max 3. he goes berserk on the fourth special thrown at him. (let us remove the RNG in activating his berserk)
    3) sig change - if he is able to use specials within 1-3 secs after being berserk, he activates highly offensive abilities depending on the special. (special 1 - activates a precision buff or his attacks are guaranteed critical hits for his special and for the next 5-10 seconds. special 2 - pops his claws for the special and the next 10-20 seconds. with x% to bleed on crits. special 3 - extends the time he is berserk or you can suggest something better.)
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    Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★

    I’ve sort of changed my mind. Tech class is kinda pathetic with like 5 good champs. Mutant and cosmic have tons of insanely great champs.
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    ddomddom Posts: 572 ★★
    I think groot has the most potential to be super fun so Id vote groot
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    NCB_ptNCB_pt Posts: 291
    edited May 2019
    Piotr Rasputin - a hero.
    Brother of Magik.
    And sacrificing receiving the Juggernaut demon, becomes The unstopable.

    So if we choose Colossus, kabam have to buff too unstopable Colossus, otherwise dont make sense.
    We chose One for two buffs..... (?)

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    _IceBurger_IceBurger Posts: 10
    I would say vote for Venompool!! If he will be buffed in the true sense then his abilities will surpass the abilities of Venom. He should have the absolute power of new Venom + Amazing Regeneration of Deadpool OG.
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