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Community's Choice: Champion Update



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    Cranmer00Cranmer00 Posts: 527 ★★
    Honestly any 2015 mutant class

    Every single one of the mutants is garbage..

    Colossus , cyclops, storm, Magneto

    Magneto and cyclops more


    Iron fist

    I don’t care if IP gets an update because all the iron mans suck... IP can’t outdo OG Ironman and war machine

    Ww2 cap, there’s too many to name
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    Go for Patriot as patriot, iron man classic, superior iron man have same abilities except patriot 3rd special attack so go for patriot add a buff or go for colossus any how that metal man have a good defence no body could understand its potential so plz go for patriot plz mike
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    Warboy_007Warboy_007 Posts: 16
    @IDoge We are Groot
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    HanedogHanedog Posts: 6
    Colossus. Make his Spec 3 the fastball special with Wolverine. Completely redo Spec 1. Any time Colossus would Bleed he gains a Fury
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    Spurgeon14Spurgeon14 Posts: 1,665 ★★★★
    Groot, Iron Patriot, and Colossus are the worst on this list. I lean towards Groot the most just because I love his character in the movies and would like to see what he could do, but these 3 really are all terrible. I think they are the bottom 3 in the game.
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    MagrailothosMagrailothos Posts: 5,598 ★★★★★
    edited May 2019

    So, my vote is definitely going to be Colossus. I've personally been pitching a rework for him for quite some time that would give him a little more attack power, but really amp up his defensive capabilities. I'm not designer though, so I doubt that my idea would make it.

    Why do I think Colossus should win? Partially just because he is one of my favourite Marvel Characters. I remember seeing him appear on the old Cartoon for the first time. This big metal man with a heart of gold, and all he wanted to do was protect his village and his sister (spoiler alert: It's Magik, even though she never used her powers in the show).

    Then in X-Men vs Avengers, when he takes on part of the Phoenix Force, he became part of the Phoenix 5, which are still one of my favourite iterations of the Mutant team.

    Fast Forward to Deadpool (his roles in the other X-Men films were sometimes cool but never at the forefront of the film), and there's Colossus again, once again the big metal man with the heart of gold. Only now, he's ready to kick ass, which he really gets into in Deadpool 2.

    Anyways, game wise, I think he could be a great tanky defender, but personally, I just want to buff up one of my favourites.

    PS. In case of a tie, I get to cast the tie breaking vote, and if it's a tie with Colossus... You've all been warned :tongue:

    You know Miike, I don't know if Porthos hasn't mentioned it, but there's a thread here that you could post your ideas in...
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    DerekchuDerekchu Posts: 1
    Iron patriot please
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    Agent_GhostAgent_Ghost Posts: 40

    How about the Original Avengers
    - Ironman
    - Captain America (OG)
    - Black Widow
    - Hulk
    - Hawkeye

    Also I choose:
    - COLOSSUS and fix his uniform. That uniform is so weird. #BringBackTheLeotard lol
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    I am Groot!
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    GramGram Posts: 9
    Jane Foster
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    anubhavdivinegameranubhavdivinegamer Posts: 33
    edited May 2019
    Colossus is already buffed by his synergies why people are rooting for him. People get lots of kamala and Logan, they would be the best choice. Also 2015 gem will only help endgame players which won't do any good to them but we need buffs for newer players so that they can improve.
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    FyrintenimarFyrintenimar Posts: 53
    Clearly, the champ most in need of a rework is Howard the Duck. I am clearly not biased at all by the fact he is the only one of the listed champs I have as a 5*.
    He’s fun to use, but his skill set is too unfocused to hold reliable utility and his damage is too meh to make him a reliable dps champ. Also, his sound effects are one of the reasons I play this game with the sound turned off.
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    FyrintenimarFyrintenimar Posts: 53

    What's wrong with Venompool? And I mean that seriously, yes he ain't a so-called godtier champ, goodtier, besttier, goodtire, whatever tier, but I think he's pretty fun to use.

    He’s one of the better champs of the ones they listed. To be honest, the only thing “wrong” with him is that he’s overshadowed by the god and Demi god champs... a victim of power creep. As long as they don’t break what makes him fun to use, I wouldn’t object to seeing them make him even better.
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    dot_dittodot_ditto Posts: 1,442 ★★★★

    I just can’t believe that we’re only getting 1 champion fixed. At this rate they’ll fix everyone on the list 3 years from now! That pace has never been quicker, team.

    All sarcasm aside, why is it only one champion? We had been getting 2 a time for a little while now.

    I would rather Kabam dedicate time and resources form one month to bring the old champions up to speed, instead of releasing another event quest during that month’s time and releasing 2 new game breaking characters.
    This route doesn’t make sense to me in it’s current form, and it is frustrating.

    I agree with this idea ..

    or even if they moved to an alternating pattern ..

    1 month: new champ
    1 month: revamp old champ
    1 month: new champ
    ... etc.

    (probably wouldn't make them as much money though .. :P LOL )
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    Legendary_MZ15Legendary_MZ15 Posts: 22
    I vote colossus
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    FhfjghhggggjfhfjgFhfjghhggggjfhfjg Posts: 4,492 ★★★★★
    Anark1ng said:

    No one from that list, classic Wolverine should get reworked, he is one of the main and most deadly Marvel characters but as a champ he is just mediocre

    No point buffing a champ thats only available as a 4* and lower
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    LoanFLoanF Posts: 1
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    Charlie_SceneCharlie_Scene Posts: 44
    No Hulkbuster??
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    Blue_Jean_BoyBlue_Jean_Boy Posts: 4
    Iron Patriot in my opinion should be way more powerful based on his comic book character. So should colossus. However I am voting Iron Patriot because I just pulled him as my fourth five star.
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    Guriqbal_BajwaGuriqbal_Bajwa Posts: 12
    Groot ... He is garbage at the moment!
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    BuffyBuffy Posts: 1
    I say buff colossus. Just make his buff duration longer and let armor buffs really really stack. He cant bleed and is not a villian, so would love to see blade time outs in AW.
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    GryphonGryphon Posts: 28
    edited May 2019
    My very first 5* was Iron Patriot. I wasn't happy, but hey, back then any 5* was better than none. Then, withmy second crystal I duped him. There weren't any 6* shards at the time, so I got skimp rewards for the dupe, and I was LIVID. As a somewhat casual player, I don't get 5*s often so that was like a kick in the gut. He remains my only duped 5*.

    Please. For the love of Cheezits, make my story have a happy ending 😂😂
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    LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,656 ★★★★★
    Asadistic said:

    How is magneto not on that list? How?

    It's a shame. I feel like he would have won in a landslide.
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    MarcotartaMarcotarta Posts: 1
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    HydarkosHydarkos Posts: 1
    I would say Groot first, then Colossus in second and Old Man Logan in third.
    Will kabam rework another champ during 2019, or the result of this poll will be the only one ?
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    Colossus and UC both desperately need a buff. They both are original character in the contest and deserve some love the most. Also, UC is not the easiest champ in the world to get, especially the 5* version. He deserves a rework on par to the scale that was done to Rulk
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    Iron Patriot
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    MintGreyMintGrey Posts: 1
    edited May 2019
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    solmyrairsolmyrair Posts: 388
    To be fair I think even colossus is better than Groot..
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