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    Bayan marvel kamalaaaaa
  • Howard, Venompool, or Groot. Whichever has more votes.
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    Colossus could be a lil more interesting to play, he's pretty solid but lacks any sort of "flashyness" to his gameplay
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    I have 2 2015 mutant 3-4 rotting in inventory. Even if collosus just becomes a decent champ, id be quite content to use one of my 3-4 on him.

    The other will be saved for the eventual release of wolverine or redpool.
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    Too many people thinking the list is still open for additions and subtractions. It’s fixed already for this go. There’s tons who need a buff sure... for this vote, there’s 7 options, no more no less. That being said...

    Choosing colossus really does benefit players both with a useless colossus and the mutant 2015 gem. I don’t have a 2015 mutant gem, I was lucky to get others, but is currently a death sentence to pull for many others. 2nd choice groot... make him a beast mode defender! Currently limber is the only defensive attribute he has.. (shrugging stun)
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    Groot is the best, I think. However, if you can update a other hero, I hope Civil Warier. He is made by mixing ironman & captain america, but he too weak. Please help him.
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    leave colossus and get venompool up
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    Old Man Logan
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    Batsii said:


    Not this time!
    Ya because no one is asking again and again to give justice to magneto. Right kabam ?
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    Magneto. Idc that you're not considering him. This is my opinion.
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    Comrade COLOSSUS!!!!!!!
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    edited May 2019

    OLD MAN LOGAN : I'm the best there is at what I do !

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    Where is deadpool x force? Or are you guys buff him also anyway. There are people quite the game if they pull him as a 6*
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    I know nobodys gonna react to this but i think it should be Groot:
    I mean, how can Kabam just destroy such a beautiful and profound Hero from Marvel by making him such a trash Tier Champion??? He is like the coolest guy ever, but his Version in Kabam is simply meeemeeee.
    So my Top 1 is Groot (and i dont even have him)
    My top 2 is old man logan cause i could awaken him ^^ but i dont nthe only one i really wish an update for is groot!
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★

    What's wrong with Venompool? And I mean that seriously, yes he ain't a so-called godtier champ, goodtier, besttier, goodtire, whatever tier, but I think he's pretty fun to use.

    In comparison to many other champs he is at much of a win if you draft him. But me too i have fun playin him. As much as i have fun playin collossus, third ability be like "Smack that, all on the floor" xD
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★

    @IDoge We are Groot

    We are all groot <3
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    Magneto should obviously be on the list! He is extremely powerful in the movies/comics. If you buff Magneto then i’ll pick Colossus.
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    I say Old man Logan!!! 🤷🏾‍♂️
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    I read like the first 5 pages, and it's half of people trying to actually do what the post says and convince others on why they should choose a champ from the list and the other half are just complaining as to why a champ is not there. Y'all act like you have never been in these forums before. Rarely does Kabam change it's mind, so just focus on the champs on the list and hopefully we'll get Magneto and the other champs that need a re-work next time.

    Anyway......I'd say Groot or Old Man Logan. Although if I think about it, Wolvie and X-23 are already pretty good champs, and Groot doesn't have any other version of him except King Groot which is boring I'd say Groot more. Maybe even Venompool as second place then OML.
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    I really see venompool as upgraded version
  • BrudixTreeBrudixTree Posts: 801 ★★

    Belfigor said:


    Kabam fully admit these 7 are complete TRASH, but they will only buff ONE !!
    pure BS
    and then they force the decision on the community so they can say "IT WAS YOUR CHOICE DON'T BLAME US"

    This . They deleted similar comment from me but that is the truth
    And why is this bad? I mean ist cool to be in the Position to decide as community who should they rework, isnt it? Its right that kabam isnt perfect in all their decisions, but why would you blame them for that?
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    Gotta say Groot. He's probably the worst champ in the game and the most boring to play. His pacifism never triggers even if you let yourself get beat to death. He's awful. He's also an ongoing character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

    After that I think I'd say Iron Patriot. He's always been a meme for the four years I've been playing this game. He's just trash and no one has ever liked pulling him. Further the tech class seems to be the weakest out of this list of options here so another strong champ would be good.

    I know he gets a lot of hate now but I remember a time when Colossus used to be considered a good champ. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing him upgraded but he did recently get a synergy boost whereas IP and Groot got nothing. Also Mutant class is pretty stacked at the moment.

    Regardless whoever gets buffed should be a 2015 champ so anyone who pulls a 2015 rank up gem from the Variant quests will have a better chance of having a good champ to use them on.
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    I say we leave Colossus how he is. Anybody with me?

  • old man Logan
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