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    Magik’s brother please!!
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    Kamala Khan would be soooo much better if they just switched her mechanics. Charging her heavy attack to gain fury was the worst and killed her from the start. Unlike characters like Quake who have a built in evade, you're a sitting duck charging her heavy and it makes her abilities worthless. If they simply switched the mechanics to holding block to charge fury she'd be better. 2c
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    come on guys! let's boost our old pal GROOT!! "I AM GROOT"!!! #teamgroot #boostgroot #letsmakegrootgreatagain
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    This should go to old man Logan.
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  • HygghuHygghu Posts: 146
    And he is the only one that killed all the HULKS no one els could of done that..OLD MAN LOGAN SHOULD BE BEYOND god tier.
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    Groot or Howard the Duck
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    Collosus..I didn't realize his has synergy with some good players on my roster
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    Colossus please. He’a been out since the beginning of the game and he’s needed a buff forever. When Venompool got released, people complained about colossus. Venompool was more highly regarded than colossus. Every one of these champs had some kind of upside while colossus never did. Colossus needs it the most
  • Venompool, Venom will be getting a sequel. Colossus is dead with Ryan R saying there won't be another stand alone deadpool movie
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    Colossus would be great to get reworked, the guys pretty much useless and supposed to be a top notch to see some of his specials changed, maybe something with some distance or some cool grappling moves like a powerbomb, press slam or something built for a hero with his size and strength...not a weak drop kick or spinning closeline. He definitely is in need of some TLC, plus with that update you could add the new buffs/moves to unstoppable colossus as well....kill two birds with one stone. Shoot that wrestler up with some steroids and make him more useful in the game, I’m sure everyone has him.
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    Selfishly I’ll vote IP. I’m glad that we are being given the chance to be heard in such a direct way by Kabam. This is awesome no matter who wins.
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    Venom, NT and Captain Marvel don't need a buff. They're solid as they are.
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    Grootpool? XD
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    Colossus is my vote. His armor is supposed to be one of the toughest in the Marvel universe. His defenses should be at par with Thing, Korg, and White Queen at least. He should be immune to poison, shock, incinerate. And he should be immune from stun inflicted from champions of smaller size than him. He should also reflect some damage back, after all he is the unmoveable counter to the Unstoppable juggernaut.
    Colossus with a Phoenix mode?

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    What about OG Cap America? He's so slow and predictable.
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    Colossus and old man logan. No cosmic hype medusa angela CM Venom gamora proxima thor the champion haimdall and corvus do a math. U need imun
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    Colossus all the damn way!!!
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    V1PER1987 said:

    DNA3000 said:

    V1PER1987 said:

    DNA3000 said:

    V1PER1987 said:

    I’m sure this will sound cynical and has already been mentioned but it seems like the focus is on the horrible champs without 6* versions. Magneto is by far one of the most requested buffs, but the fact he’s a 6* I guess you guys don’t want to give us too much. You guys did buff LC, Rulk, and Gamora which are 6* and those were good but at this point I think you should focus on champs with long term longevity, 6* versions. There’s plenty of those you can uff including Magneto, DD, IF, Jane, HB, Rhino, and Antman. It’s really disconcerting to see this list of champs you guys picked.

    Also I didn’t see it mentioned but why only one champ now? Is the timeline for doing one champ per buff now quicker than 2 champs? You guys have done just fine buffing 2 champs at a time and even did 3 with SG, Shula, and Gamora. Just not understanding the reasoning.

    This is a no-win situation for Kabam. If they release Groot as a 6* now, they will be accused of releasing a meme champ into the 6* pool. But if they buff Groot now, they will be accused of buffing a champ with no 6* version. Since the backlash would be roughly the same regardless of the order of events, there's nothing to be gained by Kabam incorporating this knowledge into their champion buff priorities.
    That doesn’t really address my curiosity on why not just buff 6* champs that are already in the pool like Magneto, HB, Rhino, etc. The overwhelming backlash already happened for when they got added so they might as well redeem themselves and buff some of them.
    Because it only delays the inevitable. If the list they provided are among the lowest performing champs, ignoring them completely to buff higher performing champs that have already been released in the 6* crystal would be defeating the purpose of buffing the lowest performing champs, and in the meantime you still would be faced with the deadlock between buffing a champ not in the 6* crystal, or adding a low performing champ to the 6* crystal.

    You said it yourself: the "backlash" for champs like Magneto has already occurred. Any "redemption" they might get for buffing him will happen whenever that buff happens, but they aren't really losing anything by not doing it now. Since there's no net gain buffing Magneto today or tomorrow, they might as well continue to proceed as they originally intended.

    Or to put it another way: the question isn't "why not" but "why?" They have a normal process for buffing that involves whatever internal process they use to select those champs. Abandoning it to divert attention to lower performing champs in the 6* crystal gains nothing in the long run, so there's no compelling reason to change strategy.
    Well if you want to go down the “why?” route why even do buffs in the first place? Buffs are mainly, if not entirely, to please the player base. They don’t really gain anything by buffing any champ.
    There's an element to pleasing your customer base - which includes factoring in benefiting prospective customers as well as existing ones - that hangs over everything you do when what you do is deliver entertainment. But game balancing changes generally have objective methodological reasons for doing them. I could argue what those are, but it is important to note that it doesn't matter what you think or what I think when it comes to what a third party will do. What matters is what they think, and from game developers' point of view, your statement that there's nothing to gain by buffing these champs except some form of customer appreciation benefit is simply false.

    These lists generally do not come from developer gut instinct. The game tells them to do this. Every game does this a little differently, but every game also does this basically the same.
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    Where do we actually vote?

    Colossus needs the buff more than any champ in the game as of now.
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    Ms.Marvel or Venompool
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    Iron Patriot - the White Trash version of iron man - becomes god tier, on the level of blade...... Imagine that.
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    CPT_Smash said:

    Where do we actually vote?

    Colossus needs the buff more than any champ in the game as of now.

    I think hes even of a bigger usage then Groot ^^
    So i'd say that Groot Needs it more
    And collossus should be a meme forever or it wont be fun to have him :neutral:
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