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Community's Choice: Champion Update



  • Buccaneer02Buccaneer02 Posts: 5
    From the list Groot and Venompool

    But AGENT Venom should also be on the list Venom plus special forces dangerous combo

    Just saying
  • Dominator0412Dominator0412 Posts: 16
    Also thanks for doing this again! Very much needed!
  • DukeZmanDukeZman Posts: 604 ★★★
    Hulkbuster is definitely a worthy addition to this list. He’s worthless. And he shouldn’t be. He can defeat and contain an effing Hulk. He shouldn’t be so meh
  • Mr_WiffMr_Wiff Posts: 244
    Both Daredevils and Karnak need a bit of a tune up
  • KillSwitchKillSwitch Posts: 185 ★★
    Hulkbuster, Magneto (OG), Rhino, and KANG!!! (KANG needs a drastic improvement for being such a rare champ to attain)
  • QuantumBobQuantumBob Posts: 154
    Magento. How has he been left off the list? Haha. Need to buff the 2015 champs as a priority as those variant 2015 gems van potentially be a slap in the face.
  • The_OneThe_One Posts: 2,936 ★★★★
    It should be Groot but Colossus will win it
  • revanth98revanth98 Posts: 1
    Hulkbuster.. he is supposed to be stronger version of ironman...
  • JohnmaharajaJohnmaharaja Posts: 4
    Collosus & Groot pls..
  • Darkness82Darkness82 Posts: 275
  • Tasty_Yum_YumsTasty_Yum_Yums Posts: 409 ★★★
    Would have liked to see DPX and Iron Fist on the list
  • DukeZmanDukeZman Posts: 604 ★★★

    How about the Original Avengers
    - Ironman
    - Captain America (OG)
    - Black Widow
    - Hulk
    - Hawkeye

    - Joe Fixit
    - Iron Patriot

    HE is fine. He’s fantastic already. I wouldn’t say not to a buff, but it’s not needed.
    OG Cap, yes.
    BW got nerfed a while back. Doubt they’ll reverse that.
    Hulk is fine, like HE he’s already pretty decent (HE is better). I’d take buff, but I think he already had one,
    IM yes. But doubt they’ll do it with IMIW already being pretty good.
  • ThatboytjThatboytj Posts: 4
    Sir Miike of Kabam. Your champion known as Colossus has been a failure for many moon. I offer him up as Tribute.
  • KossukoseKossukose Posts: 48
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 316
    Venompool is an awesome champ that should get a rework like Venom did. He deserves to be brought into the current meta of the game. He’s a fun one to fight with. Make him a spider slayer too!
  • ElwalyElwaly Posts: 3
    Where is rhino ???
  • DukeZmanDukeZman Posts: 604 ★★★

    Colossus and Groot. They should inflict armor break when taking critical hits.

    Why when getting hit? Since the name of the game is “don’t get hit”.
  • Tiger360Tiger360 Posts: 1,691 ★★★★
    Where are people like Magneto, Gambit etc?
  • CrkwestCrkwest Posts: 371 ★★★
    Please let it be Groot guys
  • X_Factor_AgentX_Factor_Agent Posts: 2,854 ★★★★★

    @Kabam Miike I would like to see cable, vision (AOU), nightcrawler, wolverine, agent venom, spider-man classic, spider-man symbiote, miles morales, moonknight, gambit, black panther both classic and civil war version get an update. These are some of the most underrated champions in the game but they are very fun to play with, and they have some uses in the game. Venompool should have been updated during the beta tests with Venom and Carnage, but why does only Venom have the ability to ignore all of the spider-verse heroes evades but not Carnage? Carnage is very fun to play with and also very useful in some scenarios. @Kabam Miike you should have made Carnage equaled to Venom including Venompool and Agent Venom. As for the spider-verse heroes, they should get some nerf and buff in their abilities like how Spider-Gwen did.

    NC is good where he is
  • Chadpool1Chadpool1 Posts: 316
    I’m with the people that say xforce Deadpool should get a rework too. Almost everyone has him and he should be reworked as well.
  • Kurama05Kurama05 Posts: 5
    I Hope for Phoenix.
  • vish04vish04 Posts: 52
    What's wrong @Kabam Miike y not magneto in the list he really needs upgrade

    Pls consider him.
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