Gold Event did not reset [Merged Threads]

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Should be reset today but still 100%

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  • ERockHDERockHD Posts: 13
    After Reset Solo Not Rewarding Gold
  • Same here... the gold event appears as 100% done..
  • Same with me... please help...
  • SquishyjrThe_4THSquishyjrThe_4TH Posts: 2,614 ★★★★
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    I just logged on and checked have not even entered the quest
  • ljballer22ljballer22 Posts: 81
    Same thing here.
  • GamerMalidosGamerMalidos Posts: 23
    Same here
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 950 ★★★
  • bdsmith269bdsmith269 Posts: 3
    Same here!
  • I had the same issue, just ran through it after 'reset' and got no rewards
  • Harvey_HJHarvey_HJ Posts: 5
    Yeah my gold quest with the summoner sigil hasn't reset is this a bug that will be fixed soon or am i the only one experiencing this?

  • Same with me as well
  • JaiPacholtesJaiPacholtes Posts: 10
    Same here
  • Woody15Woody15 Posts: 178
    So unlike other posts that I've read, my Gold Realm Quest reset. However when I finished it I did not get any rewards. Did anybody else have this issue?

  • Greedo12Greedo12 Posts: 3
    No it's happened to me too , not happy I've paid my subscription already, come Kabam please sort it out
  • Woody15Woody15 Posts: 178
    My Gold Realm Quest reset, but it didn't give the rewards
  • I had this issue a well, got no gold after completion
  • SempaidavidSempaidavid Posts: 41
    Same issue here
  • Viktor252Viktor252 Posts: 32
    Problems on both of my accounts. One it reset but didn't give any gold the other it said 100% even though i didn't run it after the timer reset.
  • Willjackson16Willjackson16 Posts: 281 ★★
  • Kabam LyraKabam Lyra Posts: 2,357 ★★★
    We are looking into this issue with the Golden Circle reset right now. Apologies for the delay!
  • gannicus0830gannicus0830 Posts: 284 ★★★
    The timer reset, but it still shows 100% completion even before I've run it. Tried to run it and received no rewards.
    This was the main reason I went for the sigil and even it's bugged.
  • gannicus0830gannicus0830 Posts: 284 ★★★

  • gannicus0830gannicus0830 Posts: 284 ★★★
    Same. So glad I bought the sigil....
  • Deacon03Deacon03 Posts: 73
    The weekly gold quest for summoners Sig did not reset
  • Colinwhitworth69Colinwhitworth69 Posts: 950 ★★★

    We are looking into this issue with the Golden Circle reset right now. Apologies for the delay!

    Not sure but I think the solo event Test of the Uncollected also did not reset correctly. Seemed like it kept my previous score, gave me the rewards again, and added to it.
  • RamizRamiz Posts: 7

  • James_1681James_1681 Posts: 16
    Does kabam actually play test anything or do we just go with a let's wing it approach and wait for complaints?
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