Awakening Gem. Omega Red or Namor?

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I got a 5* R5 Omega Red that i was waiting for a while to awaken, but i recently pulled Namor which is known to be one of the best in the game, now im not sure who to awaken. Who would benefit the most from duppe?

Awakening Gem. Omega Red or Namor? 69 votes

Omega Red
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    Very tough call, both are amazing champions and both require a lot of signature levels. Their uses are very similar too, I'd say go with who you enjoy the most, you can't go wrong with any of them.
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    Definitely depends how many signs ston u hav
  • Omega Red
    Omega, and get him to sig 200
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    Omega Red
    omega is better, namor has higher prestige. I have both at 5/65, almost never use namor though he's an excellent champ. Both require suicides
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    Omega Red at sig200 melts Korg and can melt Thing too..
    a very solid example is Legacy AW gameplay.. he has both Namor and Omega Red but who does he bring to AW often.. Omega Red.

    But more so who do you like using more, before you use the awakening gem, use the champion against other champions in duel or quest, even variant.. who has more utility? Omega Red is useful at sig100 but benefit more at sig200, while Namor really needs to be awaken and sig200 to get full 100% coverage of damage received, so he can return it back later... at sig100, Namor might not be as good still. Remember this is your account, choose a champion you can use, you can always pull the other champion later. Good luck and play on.
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    Lots of different questions to ask.

    Do you have lots of stones? Both require high sig.
    Are you a suicide user? This is required for Omega.
    Is prestige a concern? If so, namor.
    If not, omega.

    Another point is we arent out of the clear on potential namor balance change. Omega seems much more safe at this point. Not saying namor will 100% be adjusted but its possible.

    Having said that as 5/65 omega user, hes such a beast.

    Got quite a lot of stones to spare, not enough for 200 tough

    No, i hate suicides

    I value utility over prestige atm

    With all those feedbacks, im leaning towards OR indeed
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    Utility and use aside, who do you enjoy playing with most? Namor is very special 3 dependent, and it’s a long animation (cool, but long) if you prefer a faster paced game then you don’t need to pop 2-3 back to back 30 second sp3 in a fight with Omega. If this doesn’t bother you I think that Namor is probably more useful if you don’t use suicides as he can deal with 90% of the BS that can be thrown your way simply by throwing it back.

    Also, prestige is going to help you climb into higher tier alliances and will net you more points in AQ so don’t dismiss it out of hand. Having the 2nd highest prestige champ maxed out early on will ease any potential concerns about being booted from an alliance because of low prestige (think higher quality map5-6 alliance sort of level).
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