[iOS] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



  • CovoidCovoid Posts: 9
    I almost bought an iPad air today, because my phone is old (but allegedly still supported.. HA!), but after reading the previous comments I'll save my money until Kabam gets their act together, IF they ever get it together. Seriously, they have oodles of money to fix this game, but instead choose to alienate their core players. I hope someone in upper management reads this, because the devs appear that they couldn't care less based on the deflection and non-response here in the forums. I'm deeply saddened that I finally found a game that appeals to all my pleasure centers when it works, yet lately fails miserably 90% of the time, especially when it counts like in AQ and AW. How is stealing half my champ's life fair due to a crash in AW or AQ game modes? Why can't a "game recovered" feature be used in these modes? I think I read something about players cheating by taking advantage of these crashes somehow, but now that it crashes all the time what the hell difference does it make? Here's a novel idea, how about addressing the crashes themselves? Please stop with the bells and whistles Kabam and get the game working again. If you can't do that make another version of the game that doesn't require a Cray supercomputer to play it. Nuff' said.
  • Venus_215Venus_215 Posts: 1
    In-game name: [ejes] Venus~215
    Device and model: IPad (6th generation)
    Device operating system: iOS 14.4.2
    Cellular or WIFI: WIFI
    Game version installed: 31.0
    Game mode: AQ – AW – Incursions – Story Quests
    Description of the issue: It crashes very often, mostly when I start the fight and during the fight. In both cases the game restarts and my champ, he loses 50% of health while the opponent doesn´t lose any. It seems to happen when a message or the calendar prices come. Playing incursion sometimes the game freezes at the beginning and the end of the fight.
    I hope you find a solution because in AQ and AW it has big consequences in the results. In incursions does not allow to enjoy this game mode because I lose 50% of health and the fight, then I must wait a few days to play again with those champs.
  • TigerphilTigerphil Posts: 9
    In game name: Tigerphil1980
    Device and model: iPhone 11 Pro Max
    iOS: 14.5
    Current game version

    Dexterity and parry stopped working during incursion. Left the incursion due to losing all three champs almost at full health. Spent over 100 units reviving but did not matter.

    Left and went to aq where I lost 2 champs on mid boss. Used two revives by did not waste any additional units. Logged out of the game and logged back in and masteries seem to be working again. Very frustrating bug.
  • Mag277Mag277 Posts: 5
    I use Oneplus 8
    Fw 11
    Memory 6/126 gb
    Never before I faced lag in game, after updating it the game lags, eventhough mcoc is the only app open
  • MarioImpactMarioImpact Posts: 6
    Covoid said:

    yet lately fails miserably 90% of the time, especially when it counts like in AQ and AW. How is stealing half my champ's life fair due to a crash in AW or AQ game modes? Why can't a "game recovered" feature be used in these modes? .

    Covoid, there is a work around AQ...it sucks because it's time consuming but it works for me. If you start the game, and go straight to the Alliance Quest (don't open crystals or help, or anything). You can always do 1 fight without crashing. After your first one, leave MCOC and open another game for 5 seconds. I find Clash of Clan works great for me. Then go back to MCOC. As long as it's the Marvel logo (loading from beginning), you will be safe for another fight. So you just have to repeat over and over, When you died in a fight, you don't need to reload, for some reason, it doesn't crash with your 2nd champion. It sucks but it's better than loosing 50% of health.
  • DaveGreroDaveGrero Posts: 1
    I have already submitted 2 tickets on 23rd April and 29th April about this crashing issue. I've done everything as Kabam said. Non of their replies gave me a solution to fix this problem. Even after the new update, the problem still remains. Myself and everyone are expecting for a fix with the new update. Before the fix, I was able to do around 2-3 fights without getting crashed. After the new update, every fight keeps on crashing. When is this rubbish gonna get fixed??? Really frustrated on these rubbish work.
  • Eric_rode10Eric_rode10 Posts: 3
    Iphone 6 latest software,did a run on cav side quest,game bommed out 6times,noooooooooooooooooooo wtf, seriously kabam can you sort this out ASAP
    100m fibre connection,its been like this for 6 months,you gonna sort this?
    I deleted game and re-installed 4 times already,ive been playing 5 years and this is just the pits,get your VM’s and software sorted.
    Eric rode
  • Speeds80Speeds80 Posts: 1,791 ★★★★
    Haven’t seen the alliance this unmotivated for the game since 12.0, most of us are having erratic dropped blocks lag, whiffing etc. in gold 1 t7-8 we haven’t fought a full alliance yet and we have had retirements in the off season for the first time in ages, my spending is turned off and I’ve stopped running arena at all, serious problem here guys, game needs fixing ASAP
  • WhitewindWhitewind Posts: 18
    Phone: Iphone X
    Name: Whitewind
    Software: IOS 14.5.1
    MCOC Version: Shang Chi update

    I Phone X user. Overheating was a problem before but seems even more so now and quickly. Get about 30 min of play before game starts crashing or game starts moving at 5 frames per second...
  • totheendoftotheendof Posts: 18
    Thousands of comments over months complaining about crashes and no real fix. I keep losing half of health in AW and AQ when the game crashes before the fight even starts. How about fixing this and stop stealing my health, Kabam?
  • Santa_PsycheSanta_Psyche Posts: 93
    Wonder when they'll fix this,been a month since the crashes and yet no response lmao. And apart from normal crashes while playing arena, incursion, aw's, aq's , story quests, eq's and side eq's , the game's also crashing when I'm up against thing's sp1 and sp2, silver surfer's sp 3, psycho man's sp 1, cgr's sp 2 and sp 3, dooms sp2 etc. Looking forward to the day when I can play for 2 hours straight without these crashes and lags . huh.
  • Xnmfjx_13Xnmfjx_13 Posts: 5
    I have an IPhone 12 Pro
    iOS is 14.4

    I am having issues with Perry mastery in AQ my Perry’s aren’t registering when activated against the so sayith doom modification
  • FtpbcboredFtpbcbored Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: Ftpbcbored
    Device and Model: iPhone 8
    Device Operating System: IOS 14.4.2
    Cellular or WiFi: Both, AT&T
    Game Version Installed: Latest
    Game Mode: All
    Description of the Issue: The game constantly overheats and crashes after about an hour or so of playing. Once it fully cools off, it crashes after another hour or so. The lag gets continuously worse as the phone overheats during the hour or so.
  • Taira89Taira89 Posts: 15
    After this new update the game is unplayable, the game constantly freeze, lag input, sometimes parry not working, crash while on war or aq, and on top of that i have to close the game every 5 or 6 fight because it starts to drop fps. Really a maintenance is needed because i'm bored to play right next to the modem and see the lag icon
  • AJC_1870AJC_1870 Posts: 39
    edited May 8
    Device: IPad 6th Gen
    Version of game: Newest update
    In game name: AJC~18
    Software: Current

    SO tired of lags, load screens, disconnections. 20+ times in three days, happening randomly in arenas, AQ and AW while in battle, and that really needs to be addressed before new content is pushed out, and since this latest update, it’s been happening a lot more.

    What’s the problem, it’s been years that some of us have been complaining about this now.
  • AJC_1870AJC_1870 Posts: 39

    Lag, lag and more lag. Defenders are like stop action characters — defender action is very ‘jerky’, not smooth motion. They jerk across the screen making them massively more difficult to block or intercept when this happens, if we can even do it at all. Alliance mates have mentioned experiencing the same problem (across devices/operating systems).

    This kind of lag has been happening for a long time now. It definitely happens more near the beginning of the month, which indicates your network or servers don’t have enough capacity to deal with a more crowded game when new content comes out. By the end of the month, that issue is typically reduced but never fully goes away.

    I have yet to experience lag in any of the other games I play on this iPad.

    Pretty please address this. There have been innumerable posts asking you guys to fix your lag, but nothing seems to change.


  • AJC_1870AJC_1870 Posts: 39
    edited May 9
    Started Tournament play, kicked off four times in a row, kicked off 8 times total in arenas as well in less than a hour and I’m literally sitting in front of my router! WTF?
  • djpelochodjpelocho Posts: 3
    Hi Kabam!
    I believe , you need to reimburse to me my 6 stars crystal, i opened 6 star crystal, i didnt click on the screen yet . i spined it. Gam crashed , after i restarted. i got Wasp.
    i dont want what it happened like this, as if you gave specific champion to exactly player that you want, like to be controlled!
    Please check it. im seriously!!!
    i appreciate very much if you reimburse me 6* crystal .
    my game account: griffin.31
  • Midias12Midias12 Posts: 15
    It's not just iOS Android is having issues too
  • Will3808Will3808 Posts: 2,771 ★★★★
    iPhone 7
    iOS 14.5
    Both cellular and wifi
    Game version 31.0.1
    All game modes
    The game is crashing way more than normal. I get on, do a few fights, and then the screen goes black and after a second kicks me out. Then the cycle repeats. This started right after the last update and is driving me crazy. I normally wouldn’t say anything about it but I’ve been kicked out of multiple war fights which is really frustrating.
  • Cdw1981Cdw1981 Posts: 17
    iPhone 12
    iOS 14.4.2
    4G and wifi

    Same as what others are experiencing; log on, do 5-6 rounds of arena, game crashes and just boots me out. Restart the game & the cycle just keeps repeating itself.
    Have to force close and restart before AW fights, as conscious of the LOVELY 'lose 50% health' mechanic through no fault of my own when the game decides to randomly crash.

    This has been happening since April's game update and hasn't been resolved with May's. Sort it out, you melts
  • Santa_PsycheSanta_Psyche Posts: 93
    Well the same thing happened to my game and now I finally know why .Kabam isn't at fault,at least in my case.Make sure your device has more than 1 GB RAM , if it just has 1 GB RAM then the device isn't compatible with the game .
    Since I'm using Ipad air,my device is no longer compatible with the game's latest and upcoming updates,exactly why my game's experiencing constant crashing.
  • Username8923Username8923 Posts: 43
    And that’s not Kabam’s fault because you made changes to how much RAM is used?

    No, that was Kabam
  • Username8923Username8923 Posts: 43
    edited May 13
    This morning I tried to fight in AQ with a full health 6 star Guillotine 2099. The game crashed. I reopened and immediately tried to go back into AQ. At the start of the fight— crash.

    And again.

    And again.

    A total of 5 crashes trying to start 1 fight and I can’t even start the fight. But of course I’m so low in health I couldn’t survive a single blocked hit.

  • alegka312alegka312 Posts: 26
    iPhone XR
    iOS 14.5

    Game is lagging! I’m telling about it from January, I can’t play game, I can’t enjoy the game. Frames dropping, stutters comes and I can’t evade bots attacks, sometimes i can’t parry them. After 5 months of lags and crashes, cavalier quest is harder today, i have no idea how to play this game.
  • Webhead_28Webhead_28 Posts: 1
    plzz anyone tell me i am shifting from ios to android and i have used game center as login now how do i login on android
  • Ronnyman889Ronnyman889 Posts: 155

    plzz anyone tell me i am shifting from ios to android and i have used game center as login now how do i login on android

    Just click on the gear symbol when you’re logged in on your iOS device, select login options and create or login with your kabam ID to save your game in the kabam server. Then go to your Android device and login to the same kabam ID and you’re good to go

  • Hello @Ronnyman889. Thank you for helping out the fellow summoner with your insightful response.

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