[iOS] Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation



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    LoveOnlyOneGalLoveOnlyOneGal Posts: 2
    After the latest update, the game will suddenly enter into the "Updating" loading screen which renders you unable to do anything. Even after restarting the game, it will still be there even when you tried to go back into the same game mode.

    Kabam support, please do something about this issue as its rather annoying and disappointing.
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    DarthTaulDarthTaul Posts: 11
    IPhone 14 Pro
    IOS 16.4.1(a)
    MCOC 39.0.0
    I launched a heavy with my left thumb while trying to block, then heavies didn’t work for rest of the fight. Block, parry, & dex don’t always work (I’ve played enough to know when I’ve timed it badly & when it’s my fault). Champs dash forward when hitting block, opponents interrupt combos with specials, right tap cause dash back instead of light attack.
    Several times my champ has “paused” briefly just BEFORE defender starts an attack (not stunned and not “idle” like if I weren’t touching controls)
    In Battlegrounds I was stuck after round 1 so long that when it finally let me out it had already picked my defender for me and moved onto my attacker. And was 1-1 going into round 3 and it just spun until it said it ended. Showed us each with one round with no mark for round 3 but counted it as a loss for me.

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    Honestly i spent way much Elder Mark & energy and these bugs and crashing game middle of bg fight and free wins to others.

    All i wish now to get benefit from this bugs because its an opponent who is getting the free pass to climb to next level by having free win because of it.

    I have many photo and video but all i want is relief from these bugs and dominant roaster from match making.
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    Mostly bugs, game crashed, unwanted champion selection automatically & when you feel this everything is gonna be fine than you get bad match making like its one sided match in battleground.

    I never complained but this time i came to forum with the peak of exhaustion just because investing time effort & resources to loss mostly because of bugs.

    All i am doing now a days get exhausted and shut down the game if it stay like this i am done with the game even though i am playing it from years.

    Please fix this if you guys care about us all playing mcoc nothing take weeks to be fixed.
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    PhidoggPhidogg Posts: 37

    In-Game Name: Pharaoh40220
    Device and Model: iPhone 13 ProMax
    Device Operating System: 16.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Cellular, AT&T
    Game Version Installed: 39.0.0
    Game Mode: All game modes
    Description of the Issue: The game freezes up whenever I was trying to add signature stones to any of my champions, whenever I was adding boost to my champions in Alliance War, or trying to use a revive. The game freezes and I have to close the game and restart it. Once I have done so, what I was trying to do is done but the point of having to close the game and re-open it, is frustrating and time consuming. I have a video of the game freezing so not know if I can add it here, but I will try. Thanks in advance for working on this issue.

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    I was in the middle of a Battleground match when the server just disconnected. It reported me as losing the match and took my elders mark. I should be compensated for this because I used units for the elders mark. These haven't been the only incidents either this one is just a costly one that cost me gifts that I earned. This game has been in shambles for the last year now I'm not sure what changed but it has been a little frustrating.
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    Kano84Kano84 Posts: 55

    What's happen whith this
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    KritkoKritko Posts: 6
    Still can‘t do anything in bg‘s. Frozen screen, no block even though i have my thunb on the left side of the screen the whole time. It‘s so annoying to lose matches because of this
    ****. And still nothing from kabam. :)
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    Battlegrounds is making me want to uninstall this garbage and stick to PS5. Terrible development company. No more spending from me. I'm just gunna hang around and claim all the freebies that get dropped.
    So thanks I guess.
    Avoid anything with kabams name on it.
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    JackejfnerjJackejfnerj Posts: 2
    iPad 8th gen
    Latest iOS
    Wi-Fi connection
    Latest game version
    Loading into game
    Goes to second loading screen and continues loading, waited for 20 mins and still not loading, not freezing either as circle is spinning. Wanted to come back the the game and been trying on and off to get it working for about a week.
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    CurrynRhysCurrynRhys Posts: 2
    edited May 2023
    In game name: Currynrhys
    Device and model: Iphone 14 pro
    Device operating system: ios 16.4.1
    Wifi or mobile data: both
    Game version installed: 39.0.1
    What game mode: all game modes
    Problem: really bad lag which leads to incorrect movements especially with heavies
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    MaledracMaledrac Posts: 93
    Profile: more then one
    Device and model: Iphone 14 pro
    Device operating system: ios 16.5
    Wifi or mobile data: both
    Game version installed: 1283562 39.0.1
    What game mode: all game modes

    parrying and dexterity is totally broken . above all, the problem occurs in any mode after the opponent starts a combo and when I close the combo. it is as if he detects a few too many touches and the defendant is disconnected from the one actually given. forcing to lower the visual update reduces the problem slightly! totally unplayable

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    alegka312alegka312 Posts: 67
    Someone have some frame drops and stutters in fights? My iPhone 11 got this, idk why! Other games like pubg runs on highest settings with 60 fps on, can’t believe my phone can’t do mcoc in 30 frames. Any idea?
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    DcaballeroDcaballero Posts: 1
    One Plus 12
    Android 12
    WiFi and Phone
    Last Version 25.0
    Arenas and Quests
    Game freezes, have to close game and start all over.
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    noregrets100noregrets100 Posts: 28
    iPad 10th Generation
    iPhone 13 Pro Max
    Two accounts

    Game freezing while in the middle of fights. Most notably in 8.2 and Escape from Titan.
    This makes the game unplayable.

    Please address.
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    IshamaelIshamael Posts: 43
    In game name: Ishamael
    Device and model: IPhone 13 Pro Max
    Device operating system: ios 16.4.1
    Wifi or mobile data: both
    Game version installed: 40.0.0
    What game mode: Featured Item Store

    7* Crystal shows up as 15k instead of 10k. @Kabam Miike @Kabam Zibiit @Kabam Porthos @Kabam Vydious @Kabam Lyra
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    KritkoKritko Posts: 6
    More than 2 month that all these issues are known and still nothing happened. No block, freezing screen, connection lost in in the middle of a bg match and because of that it‘s lost.

    No communication with the players. Thanks 4 really doing nothing and just taking the fun of the game.
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    DakhagedDakhaged Posts: 9
    My alliance is in defense placement phase of war #10. It says we are tier 6 with 3.4 multiplier and tier 6 war rewards. But it we are playing a tier 5 map. Had to choose bans and everything. We have already had 2 wars this season where we lost Enlistment after or during matchmaking phase and made two tickets on the problem. Now we have this issue that we will get only tier 6 rewards and points but play a tier 5 war. Please help?!?!

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    DJ_SergyDJ_Sergy Posts: 40
    Another update and yet kabam remains silent about controls issues. I’m tired of their excuses. They even closed the thread they made about how difficult it is to fix input issues. Of course is difficult when y’all don’t make it a priority. Free to play for me until they fix this nonesense. Y’all don’t need any detailed bug submission. You know what the hell is wrong. Miss parries. We input block but the damn game registers a dash forward and we get wrecked. Miss inputs on heavy. Come on kabam we deserve a better game
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    Clipz27Clipz27 Posts: 17
    IPhone XR
    IOS 16.4.1
    Occurred in Battlegrounds.

    I had won 1 round and this was the last round and I was winning with Cgr against Kate Bishop in Diamond 1, but my game crashed and my fight restarted with only 50 seconds left. I could have won this easily, very disappointed. Here are 2 images for proof…

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    MattstafariMattstafari Posts: 690 ★★★
    edited June 2023
    In-Game Name: Mattstafari
    Device and Model: iPhone 13
    Device Operating System: iOS 16.5
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi and O2 cellular
    Game Version: 40.0.0
    Game Mode: Battlegrounds and AQ
    Description of the Issue: After clicking the fight button the game crashes and I have to reopen it. Often I don't lose health and I can re-enter the fight but sometimes I lose half in AQ and I lose time in Battlegrounds or just lose the fight.
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